Overview of BitScreener Ico – It’s Financial Data and Content Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain!

We all know that modern society is closely connected with money and the entire financial economy as a whole. Since without proper regulation of all these processes, the world will turn into a chaotic space. That is why many experts pay special attention to the study and analysis of the entire financial sector in order to avoid any information ducks that can cause strong fluctuations in the financial world. To do this, analysts are studying a huge amount of information to make the right decision in the future in a particular issue.

This is the topic that I will focus on today’s review, or to be more precise – a project that was developed specifically for market analysis and rapid transmission of genuine data.

What is BitScreener?

BitScreener platform is a crypto platform that will help you stay informed of everything that is in the crypto currency industry. Not only that, the app claims that some of the most accurate information you will find anywhere, but it also works globally to help you get the internal knowledge you need to absolutely dominate it with your investments. They built the entire platform, based on the findings of an international team of data and finance professionals who are also engineers and software developers. Quite a lot of specialists who brought you BitScreener.

This platform is called-BitScreener and acts as a kind of aggregator, with which each user will be able to track various stocks and jumps cryptocurrency. Simply put, this platform is designed to combine all the analytical information about stocks and cryptocurrencies into one single ecosystem. This approach will allow various experts, investors and traders to quickly maneuver in the world of Finance, as well as easily and quickly view the invested capital.

The main goal of the project is the ability to provide real-time data on more than 1,000 shares and 2,000 cryptocurrencies. The main feature of the project is the fact that various specialists are free to make adjustments to the created information content. After that, BitScreener will encourage a reward system for all users whose content will be valuable and effective. Thus, the project developers intend to encourage users to quality content, creating all conditions for this.

 Mission of the project is very simple:

  • first, the platform’s developers are aimed at informing their users about the most accurate and relevant situation of the financial market here and now. To each participant of the system BitScreener had data from around the world in one resource;
  • secondly, this project is supported from outside by a large international team, which consists of financial market specialists, as well as engineers and analysts, whose work is to analyze a large amount of information regarding the market and its state;
  • third, the information on the platform is constantly updated, making it lively and constantly evolving. At the same time, BitScreener platform provides detailed information on each share and cryptocurrency, creating its own quality assessment based on the existing list of criteria. This allows all users to get informed and detailed information about each existing and newly added stock or cryptocurrency in the BitScreener system.


The Internet is just a huge information pit, where every day there is a huge amount of content, both useful and not very. Information regarding the financial market is no exception. You can meet a lot of false and biased information that can not be verified, and worst of all, you can not track the source of the publication or its author. This in turn leads to very sad consequences. Since many beginners do not understand the true motive of the published article and act as it is written there, buy some “promising” shares or cryptocurrencies that should in the future bring him a good income. And in the end it turns out exactly the opposite, instead of profit, loss of equity.

To change this situation and protect the financial world from such incidents, the creators of the project and present to the world its decentralized platform BitScreener, which guarantees full transparency of the entire ecosystem. What I think is very commendable, and most importantly in demand!


How does BitScreener work?

The application works to filter and screen the crypto currency in a new way. It also provides some of the most comprehensive data and information on more than twelve hundred different crypto-currencies. And on top of that, BitScreener is constantly updated. Each coin available in the app is valued by hundreds and hundreds of different market criteria. For example, they evaluate volume, supply, performance, and other factors, and this is done to ensure that the user receives optimal data levels to help improve their portfolio.

With the information they provide you, the hope is that you can finally make the smartest, most informed decisions that will allow you to succeed in the shortest time. The best part of BitScreener is that it is designed for use by currency traders of any level of experience. Even the first bitlock users can move and use the application to optimize their buying and selling trends. This is a powerful tool that anyone can use, for charts their crypto currency. And as they grow, there will be more improvements for the platform.

Explain for the platform

To somehow organize a huge pool of information, the developers have divided the entire system into a number of sections in which to focus information on various issues. This principle is easy to use and will create an information order in the head of each user.

Within the framework of the platform, you can find a section in which you will see the overall picture of the crypto-currency market, its capitalization, as well as the upward or downward movement of the value of a coin. In this case, you will be available to a detailed chart and prices on the fluctuations of the course, as the most popular coins, and just added to the system. At the same time, the dynamics of the most popular currencies will be shown in different sections, as well as the section with the most popular cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the analytical data on the platform, you will find a lot of information material that will cover the latest news and provide Analytics of the current situation in the market. Which is convenient. Everything you need and in one place. You should only write the word you need in the search box. It can be anything, the capitalization of a currency, its growth dynamics, the maximum supply, the price at the current time, as well as a different algorithm and growth dynamics. In General, all you need in BitScreener is!

To be honest, I’m pleasantly surprised, high-quality study of this resource and I want to note that the developers have tried their best and created the most simple and intuitive resource for everyone! And it does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional.


Advantages of BitScreener

In fact, the benefits are not so much, but they are still there:

  • the first and most important advantage is the presence of a decentralized system built on modern Blockchain technology. With the help of which the developers of the project intend to control the generated information of the content to trace its origins and to encourage authors in their publication;
  • the second advantage of BitScreener, over other systems, is the availability of analytical data, as well as any information not only about cryptocurrencies, but also about securities and shares;
  • the third advantage can be considered the system BitScreener, which is so versatile and deployed that it is possible to find absolutely any information. Whether it’s some charts and analytical schemes or information articles on current topics.

ICO project tokens

BitScreener intends to encourage its users who take an active part in the development, creation and editing of information content published within the framework of this ecosystem. Since the system is decentralized, the founders of the project have developed their own token, which will serve as a value for all participants of the platform.

A total of 450 000 000 BITX tokens will be issued for the normal and dynamic development of the project. Of these, 139 000 000 will be available for sale, the rest will remain in reserve for future years. These tokens are developed on the basis of Ethereum. And their main advantage is the fact that they will not be subject to inflation. Since the cost of 7154 BITX = 1 ETH.

At the moment, the private token sale is coming to an end, which will officially end on June 26, 2018. The minimum investment amount is 0.2 ETH. ICO of this project will start on June 27 and will last until July 4, 2018. It should be noted that the project has almost collected the entire amount of Hard Cap, which is neither more nor less, but equal to 15 000 ETH!

Symbol: BITX
Price: 1 BITX = 0.00018 ETH
Soft cap 1,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 15,000 ETH
Date ICO: June 27, 2018 – July 4, 2018


Estimates in the App Store and Google Play

Check below links;

App Store    Google Play    Web App

 Team members

The team has several partners, which consist of different organizations in the world of crypto-currencies and the technical industry. These include sites and companies such as Pura, Biocoin, Infinity Economics, Nner Magazine, Cream.com and Crowd Painting among several other partners. Even Sugar and Brixby, as well as Bee Socials, some of the partners that support the new application.


Project conclusion

I want to highlight this project among the others. Since the work of the project worked international team that objectively assesses the whole situation and the financial market. Thus offering its universal product, which will bring this sector to a new, high-quality level.  To study the project in more detail, I suggest you get acquainted with all the technical documentation of the project yourself. As well as view their social resources. Then make your own decision about further participation in the development of the project. Since BitScreener is really a cool assistant in the world of Finance for many professionals, traders and investors.

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