Overview of COINECT – It’s Investment made easy with the Help of Artificial Intelligence and Blockch

 Introduce for COINECT Project

Investment is always risky; the only task you get is finding ways to minimize the risks. Playing on your strength is a key component in the winner’s dictionary. Cryptocurrency wave is sweeping the world, and people are investing millions of dollars for high returns. They do not care or understand about the underlying technology and its future applications. Many have already made their fortune in the cryptocurrency space, and they are quick to flaunt it.

Lack of reliable and transparent voices in the cryptocurrency world has given rise to many scammers and fraud coins that are always looking for their new target. Tools for analyzing the market conditions are required for the success of any investment platform. Bringing technology with insights will help people effectively manage their portfolio, and the crypto world at large. Do you think we can create such an ecosystem which is transparent and reliable for the investors?

Project solution

COINECT has developed an automated trading system based on arbitrage algorithm. It is a self-learning system which automatically detects arbitrage opportunities across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges utilizing more than 200 financial instruments. They have already integrated more than twenty cryptocurrency exchanges into their ecosystem. Utilizing the machine learning system reduces the need for human intervention in the trading activities. Traders can conduct multiple arbitrage actions simultaneously on the platform.

The system offers many services to the traders for maximizing their profit in the market. The algorithm on the platform calculates median costs of the financial instruments to decide the arbitrage action or find an opportunity in the market. Historical statistics and expected value also help in deciding the selection of arbitrage action on the platform for optimal profit. The real value of the platform will be providing the users with an opportunity to earn with the help of artificial intelligence.


25,000,000 COI Tokens are available for sale in the ICO. The token sale will start on June 25, 2018, and continue until July 24, 2018. The funds will be spent on the development of the platform. The team working on the project is experienced in the blockchain application development and marketing.



 Many cryptocurrency investment platforms have emerged in the markets who are offering quick solutions. But little did they realize that there is no shortcut in this space. Investment in the cryptocurrency is very risky, and anyone investing in it must be very careful about it. People are currently riding on the crypto frenzy wave which cannot last long if the real-life applications are not presented in the market.The platform offers investment and trading opportunities to the people who are beginners and thinking of investing in the crypto assets. They are running different types of campaigns to market their solution. Those who believe in the power of technology will be thrilled to find the application of technology at crucial points on the platform.  

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