Overview of ICO Sharevest

The ShareWatch platform sets out traditional forms of capital raising. We combine companies that are underfunded by the fact that banks are moving away from lending and linking them with a bank of global investors. ShareVest is built on a secure, distributed registration platform that allows you to use global investment lists and instant ownership transfer using electronic certificates.

Our platform is an asset market specifically designed to facilitate private equity investment globally in the primary and secondary markets. Sharevest partners are startups, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as growing venture capital companies with several benefits for both parties. We strive to use the capabilities of social networks and implement them in the Sharevest platform to create a dynamic social networking network. Users will be able to track investors’ interests or track companies. This feature brings a new and exciting feature to traditional investment for both companies and investors.

Companies can manage investment circles, having access to investors all over the world in one place. Meanwhile, investors can open, track, and invest in companies of interest, access to Sharevest’s global registrar. The platform also provides both parties with the appropriate tools to promote the most productive link and transparency.

How does Sharevest work?

What is Sharevest?

Our platform allows growing companies to manage multiple investment circles, while investors can open and invest in business. Blocking Sharevest means that we can make stock transfers in real time and automate the processing of fully compatible documents. Our stocks with stocks and electronic certificates of shares make the transfer of shares between the two parties, fast, transparent and trustworthy.

Our Technologies are Blockchain

Our platform of digital assets maximizes the lock to replace the complex intermediaries that dominate the securities market. View the general register, shareholder management, reporting and much more can be done in real time through our tokenizirovannoy system. In essence, the digitization of stock registries allows companies to capitalize on their non-listing shares and the management potential of the parties concerned.

Why do you need Sharevest?

Our goal in Sharevest is to develop a financial ecosystem that will support companies at all stages of their life cycle. We have combined symbolic equity and a system of electronic stock certificates that simplifies the transfer of shares. Our primary and secondary markets are interchangeable, which reduces legal documentation and costs when attracting capital.


In the pre-sale round, the target price per unit was $ 0.24 (twenty four cents) for tokens with a 10% distribution of token pools. The token price for ICO will increase by 60%, and will cost $ 0.36 per unit (thirty six cents). As for the remaining 21%: 20% are distributed to the shareholders of the company and early investors; 10% allocated to team members; 5% of the allocations for the referral scheme of the community of the Sharevest platform, 3% on Bounty and 2% of the fees for legal and consulting expenses.

Distribution of tokens

Road map

Project team

To contribute and know the progress of this campaign, you can visit some of the following links:

WEBSITE: https: //sharevest.co/
WHITE PAPER: https: //sharevest.co/whitepaper.pdf
ANN THREAD: https: //bitcointalk.org/index.php? Topic = 4475492.0
TELEGRAPH: https://telegram.me/sharevestX
FACEBOOK: https: //www.facebook.com/sharevestx/
TWITTER: https: //twitter.com/sharevestX
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@sharevestX

Bitcointalk username: skillman11

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