Overview of IDAP ICO – It’s International Digital Asset Platform !

Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges is gaining momentum. Each platform tries to surprise its users with something special. The authors of the IDAP project did not stand aside, presenting their own creation to the public.

Introduce for IDAP ICO

IDAP is a decentralized exchange for trading digital currencies based on the blockchain technology. The developers analyzed most of the well-known exchanges, including crypto-exchanges, and collected the most effective and useful tools in one platform.The company offers a wide range of trading opportunities. Modern professional traders are interested in the possibility to protect themselves in every way by hedging cryptocurrency assets. This is due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Experienced traders use all the opportunities of the exchange to the maximum, trading both on the “bear” and “bull” markets, and occupy “long” and “short” positions. They diversify risks, optimize their positions-all this becomes possible in the IDAP platform. Traders are presented with a variety of tools to work with derivatives – futures, spreads, swaps, options and crypto-indices.

All this makes IDAP the first cryptocurrency exchange to trade derivatives. The platform includes: the IDAP exchange itself, an application with many functions and a set of tools for trading or investing in cryptocurrency derivatives. The application is planned to be released with support for mobile devices based on Android and iOS, as well as desktop and web applications.

The platform is developed with the emphasis on ensuring minimum latency, large bandwidth and reliable health system.

IDAP has developed its own token (1 IDAP = 0,03$) on the Ethereum blockchain. In total, it is planned to issue 1 billion tokens. Token holders are provided with a lot of interesting bonuses that can make working on the exchange profitable and convenient. So customers who have bought more than 20,000 tokens, have the opportunity to trade with zero Commission. Moreover, if you pay fees with IDAP token, you get a 50% discount, which can be increased thanks to constant promotions and bonuses.

Advantages of IDAP ICO


  • Many tools for traders;
  • The best action for the owners of the token;
  • Increase market liquidity due to the variability of trading instruments;
  • User-friendly application with many different functions;
  • Low fees and commissions;
  • The possibility of P2P lending;
  • Secure cold storage with cold wallet management capability.

An experienced team of developers consists of experts in the field of blockchain technologies, professional traders and analysts. The WhitePaper of the project details the identity of all project participants, which can not but be trusted. WhitePaper itself is written in clear but professional language. Anyone who has ever engaged in trading on the stock exchange, will appreciate the innovative idea that the authors laid in their platform.

Team members



The project is worthy of attention for many reasons. First of all, the team of developers 24/7 is ready to help users and they declare this on their website. This is very important for modern ICO. A working prototype of the platform has already been created and can be found in early access, tested independently and draw conclusions in its functionality. Project leaders are successful businessmen and have a good idea of what is needed to create a successful project. The startup is already involved in many crypto-projects and actively manifests itself in various conferences and forums. The company has already signed contracts with large companies.

All these factors show us that the project has all the chances of success. According to the roadmap, a beta launch of the platform is planned at the end of 2018 and users will be able to fully assess the quality of the development and the uniqueness of the project. Quality of service, a variety of functional tools and quality Analytics – that’s what will lead the company to success.

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