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We all know that nowadays any information that each of us can provide is actively used. And according to numerous forecasts, this figure is constantly increasing. Everything leads to the fact that the personal data market will soon reach a large scale in monetary terms. Here, digital processes that prevail over physical transactions are of great importance. This is not surprising, since many people want to satisfy their needs through the opportunities offered by the digital world, as it is convenient and economical at the same time. As a result of the development of the digital sphere, various marketing companies are beginning to use it, and those users who provide their data do not receive any benefit from it.Today I would like to talk about a project that, from my point of view, has a good potential and prospects to become successful in the cryptocurrency field of activity, since this project opens wide spaces for the reorganization of all cryptocurrency exchanges. The project is called IOVO.The project’s feature is that it primarily offers unique features that are related to the protection of human information and will make it confidential. In addition, each user will be able to earn that his data will be used by third parties.

Features of the IOVO project for users:

The IOVO project creates a platform that allows individuals to independently manage their own data. The project also offers many benefits to the regular market. Among such advantages are the following: the uniqueness of the collected data, transparency and reliability, the data verification scheme is guaranteed by the blockchain and the smart contract and ease of access to resources. The IOVO platform is perceived as the first decentralized network that aims to satisfy human values, which gives people power over the data they generate. The project will be a global open network database with the ability to store and exchange information using any type of asset with a specific value for it. As a result of the project’s activities, it can be said that a single base will be created in which all the values of the people they created will be placed. If earlier marketing companies, using the data of people for their own purposes, could do it without any efforts, now they cannot do it without the permission of the creator. IOVO intends to preserve human values ​​through the accumulation of personal data. The project for a person, therefore, becomes very important, as he will decide how to manage his personal data – payment information, insurance data and bills, credit history.

Terms of the ICO project:

Token Name: IOVO
Standard: erc-20
Total number of tokens issued: 1 000 000 000 IOVO
The number of tokens allocated for sale: 400 000 000 IOVO
The period of the stage of Private Sale: 10.25.2018 – 12.01.2018
Token price at this stage: 1 IOVO = $ 0.06
The period of the stage Public Sale: 12.20.2018 – 12.31.2018
Token price at this stage: 1 IOVO = $ 0.096 – $ 0.12
Soft Cap: $ 18 000 000
Hard Cap: $ 29 000 000


Thus, as a result of the IOVO project’s activity, each person will have the opportunity to gain control over their data, as well as the opportunity to earn money on it. Personally, my opinion on this project is a positive one, and I believe that the platform can become a leader in this industry. As for the principle of the project, I will discuss this in the next article.

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