Overview of the Moneto platform

Картинки по запросу moneto ico
World interest in bitcoin is enormous. The market becomes more regulated and convenient payment instrument. There are large players, such as Goldman Sachs, Soros, Rothschild, and Rockefeller – these funds are going to begin to trade in cryptocurrency.
According to experts the bitcoin continues to develop activities and is capable of exceeding a mark of $50,000. The tendency specifies that the digital currency can attract even more investment.
Many investors and traders concerning bitcoin choose a long-term strategy which is known as “HODL”. The bitcoin ideally is suitable for these purposes, is not subject to inflation because of the limited issue, and at the expense of the decentralized system, neither the states nor the third parties can influence her.

Purpose and Benefits

The primary task of Moneto – to give a chance to the registered users to take currency on credit for a specific term, and then with the minimum transactional costs to return. All loans in the system are provided. For this reason ample opportunities for potential investors open.
In comparison with traditional financial institutions which issue the credits Moneto has the following advantages:
  • Solvency test of the borrower is not required.
  • There is no huge staff.
  • Issuance of credit is performed instantly and in constant currency of the client.
  • Low transactional costs
In the company several credit products depending on needs of the client are developed:
  • Big loan amount – an opportunity to take money to 70% of the total cost of providing.
  • The standard loan – the client, receives up to 40% of the total cost of providing. A crediting is more loyal in comparison with the first option.
  • The floating rate loan – depending on an exchange rate of bitcoin, a credit amount is determined on 50%. Thus the floating interest rate according to the investment is inversely proportional values to the credit.
The project is designed for a broad audience:
  • Professional traders.
  • Miners.
  • The ordinary users prefer to keep a part of means in bitcoin.
  • Private investors.
  • Owners of pools of cryptocurrency.
  • The organizations are providing services of investment of the capital into virtual currencies.
  • Hedge funds.
Considering high volatility of bitcoin, developers created a system of calculation of the risks connected with the changing exchange rate of virtual currencies. In case of the highly risky loan during a loan term, service calculates the relation of borrowed funds and providing.
When the coefficient decreases to 70%, the system will send the warning to the borrower of the changes in the price of cryptocurrency. After that, the user will have to either refill balance of providing or sell a part of digital assets. If the borrower does not answer in time, the platform will automatically sell a portion of delivering at the current exchange rate for ensuring transaction of the loan. Thanks to this mechanism the system will be able to protect investments from possible losses, and borrowers will be able to redeem providing.
Картинки по запросу moneto ico

Details of ICO


  • Duration of PRE-ICO makes 30 days.
  • The beginning of PRE-ICO — on April 17, 2018;
  • Minimum amount — 0.008 ETH or its equivalent;
  • The accepted currency — ETH;
  • The preliminary price of a token of PRE-ICO — 1 MTO = 0.0008 ETH;
  • Hard Cap for PRE-ICO — 1 500 ETH.


  • Duration of ICO makes 30 days.
  • The beginning of ICO — on June 10 20:18;
  • The minimum contribution — 0.001 ETH;
  • The accepted currency — ETH;
  • The preliminary price of a token of ICO — 1 MTO = 0.001 ETH;
  • Soft Cap ICO — 2 500 ETH;
  • Hard Cap ICO — 25 000 ETH.


Processes of regulation and legalization of bitcoin began. More and more commercial organizations use a similar financial instrument for different transactions. Moneto will lead to sharp increase in capitalization in transactions with cryptocurrency. Potential borrowers can become professional traders who specialize in trade of cryptocurrency, a mining or ordinary users who prefer to keep some savings in the digital currency.



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