P2PS – Digital Communication Platform used to Store & Exchange your digital data

What is P2PS & why do we need it?

Digital Communication is a mode of communication. It occurs when the information is encoded digitally as discreet signals & then information is electronically transferred to the recipients. It allows modern people to connect with each other more easily than ever before. Digital Data refers to a way of representing information so that machines can understand it. Some examples of digital data are private datamedical records & banking dataDigital Communications Platforms are used to Store & Exchangeyour digital data. In our increasingly connected world, digital communications platforms face challenges such as:

  • Lack of security/privacy of digital data
  • Interfering by 3rd parties
  • Centralized communication platforms

This is where the P2PS Digital Communications Platform comes into play. It is a blockchain-based digital communications platform which allows users to securely store & exchange their digital data. One of the unique features of this platform is that it is not limited to an individual country, it has access to the global communications industry. Another unique feature of the platform is that it has a decentralized management system powered by blockchain. No companiescentral authorities or 3rd parties operate this decentralized communications platform, as it is utilizing blockchain technology. In this way, this platform does not hold customers’ information. Decentralization adds the following features to the platform.

  • Control: Controlled by the user
  • The Identity of Users: Anonymous
  • Security: Lesser chances of malicious attacks & very low risk for server downtimes
  • Privacy of Data: Very high
  • Interfering: Very low as no 3rd parties involve

Data security & privacy” is one of the biggest problems in digital communication. The P2PS team is attempting to solve this problem by utilizing the blockchain technology.

Properties & use cases of the P2PS token

The P2PS team has developed a utility token which is known as the P2PSToken. It is an ETH-based token that follows the ERC-20 standard. The P2PStoken can be used for operations on the P2PS Digital CommunicationsPlatform. It has the following features.

The token has the following use cases.

  • The token is used by the members of the P2PS platform.
  • The token assists in transactions on the platform in a decentralized manner.
  • P2PS tokens will replace traditional licenses on other systems.

New projects & tokens are emerging. Most of them fail because they don’t have a real-world and blockchain-based application. P2PS tokens have strong usage & utilization on the P2PS Digital Communications Platform.Therefore, its value will be getting higher as the demand and usage of the platform increase.

P2PS token distribution

As you can see in the pie chart, the majority of the tokens (50% of the total token supply) are distributed in the ICO by giving the most powerful value for the token.

About the team & organization

The P2PS team consists of highly specialized professionals. These professionals have profound knowledge and experience in Blockchain TechnologyDigital CommunicationWeb Design & Development,Business ManagementFinanceMarketing & Software Engineering. The development of the P2PS Digital Communications Platform has been the ultimate result of that experience and knowledge of these professionals.

Final conclusion

I think this is a great project because the team is trying to solve real-world problems in the fields of Cryptocurrency & Digital Communication (Lack of security/privacy of digital data, Interfering by 3rd parties, Centralized communication platforms). The token has real use cases on the P2PS Digital Communications Platform. “Data security & privacy” is one of the biggest problems in digital communication. The P2PS team is attempting to solve this problem by utilizing the blockchain technology. Data security & privacy is extremely important in the Finance SectorMedical Sector & Government Sector. So, this project is very important to these sectors. So, there is a high probability to make a success of the project. It seems that the team members are working hard to achieve their goal. Let’s keep our attention on this exciting project.

Find out more information about P2PS & its ongoing token sale

If you would like to know more about P2PS, please refer to the following available resources or feel free to contact the team members on the following social media platforms.

Username : Ozie94

Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2103066

ETH : 0xDa2F65ea0ED1948576694e44b54637ebeCA22576


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