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Hello everyone, especially to the worldwide crypto community, on this good occasion I will introduce a Project that I think is very special, supported by a very brilliant idea idea, This project is P2PS

The  P2PS  crypto-token is a digital asset token ERC20 on a secure Blockchain. This replaces the traditional licenses and transaction fees paid by both service providers and end users on various peer-to-peer network e-commerce platforms. The  P2PS  crypto-token is developed by the P2P  Foundation Solutions team  .

P2PS  Token- Development, Procurement and Proliferation of P2PS Token 

Yayasan Solusi  P2P  is an independent body that is governed by the Foundation Board. The P2P Solutions Foundation   has been authorized to create a worldwide digital service network that includes alternative work models for traditional peer-to-peer networking models. The alternative working model of peer-to-peer networks must be in Blockchain and consistent with Crypto technology that is conclusively recognized as a technology of the future.

The P2PS  Token  will be used on a secure platform. One platform that is committed to embracing the P2PS token  is a secure, interference-free, peer to peer (Push) digital delivery system, promoted by Innovative Solutions International Inc. (ISI). P2PS -crypto  token is  required by anyone who wants to use Push System. The Push system was developed in 2010 by ISI, a research and development company incorporated in the US, in response to a large gap in closed or locked computer systems market segments. The Push system, in short, is the High Speed ​​High Speed ​​Digital Data Transfer System on secure peer-to-peer ownership networks. The P2PS  Token  will assist you in all your transactions on the decentralized, safe, and interference Peer-to-Peer Digital Delivery System used in Government & Defense,

Currently and in the near term, the use of the P2PS  token  will surpass the continent of North America to the Middle East, providing Sustainable Useful Market (SOM) of about 110 million users of 220 million potential users representing Total Available Markets (TAM) size. Current clients of the P2P Solutions Foundation  , among others, Electronic Leaning Inc. (ELI), a pioneer in eLearning solutions (  www.eli.education  ) and the ISI group consortium (  www.isigroup.org ). Because ELI and ISI Group serve education, Government & Defense, Banking & Finance segments P2PS  token has direct acceptance with a ready client base in North America, Europe and Australia as well as Middle East countries. In addition, both the ELI and ISI groups are heading to diversify into other global markets such as Europe, South America, China, etc. Provide  P2PS  token market penetration wider.

Guaranteed business From ELI and ISI client group 

The P2PS  Token  has a high potential growth path through ELI and the ISI client group business only. Both the ELI and the ISI Group command substantial annual licensing fees per user for their respective digital platforms. Because the P2PS  token  will replace their licenses, there will be some advantages gained both by companies through migrating their licensing models to Blockchain technology. On the one hand, migrating to Blockchain and Cryptographic technologies will enhance their security features. On the other hand, positive disruptive steps will provide more freedom from restrictions, and further democratize capital in a meaningful way together by providing peace of mind for all stakeholders. The fairly common copyright infringement in the Middle East countries will not only be reduced but also eventually eliminated.

Where To Buy and Store P2P Token 

Following the pre-sale launch of  P2PS  and ICO, which will take place at the Ethereum Network, anyone who wants to obtain a P2PS  token  can do so using their primary cryptocurrency via the  P2P  Solutions Foundation website. The P2PS  Token  will then register in Bittrex, Poloniex, Coinone, Yobit, Liqui, DEX Waves, EtherDelta and Cryptopia among other leading global crypto exchange. After obtaining the P2PS token  , you can deposit it into the standard ERC20 token wallet such as MyEtherWallet, Meta Mask, Mist, Parity, Imtoken, etc. One of the many reasons you might want to obtain and hold a P2PS  token is to be used on a variety of secure peer-to-peer proprietary network platforms in addition to trading in crypto-exchange.

So my review of this amazing project,

Hopefully adding information that can provide more benefits in investing in the future, Let’s succeed this project

To learn more about the  P2PS token , please  visit the  following link.






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