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The World’s First Packet Switched Cryptocurrency Mining Only for Smartphones-Powered by the blockchain for the non-technical user – PacketMining is a cryptocurrency mining platform that is built to operate exclusively on a smartphone application. PAKT coins are mined by users with packets switched through a network of app peers that ensures the technology can be utilized by the entire global smartphone user base.
‘Packet Miners’ earn PAKT coins for performance of tasks during hourly ‘Mining Cycles’ and save their earned coins on a secure wallet. PacketMining allows users new to blockchain technology to easily launch into cryptocurrency mining without all of the technical obstacles normally associated with this domain.

Ease of Use
Global Market
Proprietary Blockchain Coin
Targets Smartphone Platform
Free Application on Android/iOS
Encrypted Storage of Mining Rewards
Bringing Crypto Mining to the Masses
The PacketMining Team is dedicated to being the first globally recognized smartphone only cryptocurrency mining platform.
By providing an uncomplicated solution, we plan to attract a large audience of users and bring PAKT to an exchange Q3 2018. Our users will access the entire services they need from a single device and access our blockchain technology through their mobile wallet. Simplicity equals adoption!
Coin Sale Details
Start : April 11, 2018, Wednesday, 00:01 AM (GMT)
Hard cap : $10m
Soft cap : $3m
Token : PAKT
Pre-ICO Price : $1 USD = 1.7 PAKT
Project protocol : Litecoin Fork
PAKT Coin Distribution
80% of the PAKT Coins will be distributed to the Miners over a 120 month period through rewards. The remaining 20% is allocated to the ICO and management.
Mining Pool : 80%
Seed Stage PAKT Sales : 4%
Pre-ICO PAKT Sales : 4%
Founder and Team : 4%
Bounty Campaign : 2%
ICO- Soft Cap : 2%
ICO – Hard Cap : 1%
Management : 1%
Advisors : 1%
Future Hires : 1%
The development of PacketMining was entirely motivated by the inaccessible way in which high market capitalization cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are prohibitively expensive to mine and that the technical skills required to mine lesser coins or node them is technically out of the range of the vast majority of the public.
Developing Smartphone Mining
We are helping the 2 billion global smartphone users to access cryptocurrency mining. Currently this community of users can’t access all of the benefits of blockchain mining technology so we want to get them an application and provide a very simple solution

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.
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