• One of the main problems facing humanity at the moment is global warming. Every year more and more countries and world organizations are inclined to believe that the temperature level is constantly growing, and the ice in the polar regions begins to melt at a higher rate, thereby increasing the risk of flooding certain regions. There is also a problem of increasing air and water pollution in areas where oil is produced. It’s no secret that the ecology of our planet, unfortunately, is in a sorry state.
  • Oil refineries are usually surrounded by a number of storage facilities that contain a large number of different wastes that pollute the environment. Every day, the amount of such waste only increases, and pollution control measures remain ineffective or not taken at all.
  • Recently, scientists have predicted the emergence of serious environmental problems in many countries associated with environmental pollution through the release of heavy waste after oil refining. Some of these are already palpable today. 
    Despite the fact that mankind has already learned to recycle such wastes, the costs of processing are still quite large. Moreover, the cost-benefit ratio makes such processing an ineffective measure.
  • Papusha Rocket Technology is the world’s first platform and part-time rocket and space technology for the production of fuel using fuel residues at oil refineries, proposed by Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Anatoly Papusha, who also developed the Buran program. 
    What solutions the Papusha Rocket Technology project offers 
    The Papusha platform is working to solve this environmental problem caused by technological progress.
  • The project combines development in the field of missile technology, ecology and detachment. This project will use innovative combustion technologies for the disposal of toxic waste. It should be noted that in addition to waste disposal, this platform will allow to extract from these wastes valuable products, such as synthetic oil, kerosene and diesel fuel.
  • It is necessary to clarify that at present the platform has no competitors in this sphere and the presented technology is unique. Each PRT used for the processing of by-products has a fairly compact size and is designed for high-performance operations.
  • It is reported that the technology allows you to get up to 60% of liquid fuel. It is expected that one mobile PRT installation will cost around 950,000 dollars, which is significantly cheaper than modern systems and technologies, besides, which are ineffective.
  • Unlike most projects that use blocking technology as a basis in their work, the Papusha Rocket Technology platform already has a minimally viable product (MVP). The PRT-1 technology, created by the project team, has already received worldwide recognition and received a patent.
  • In the near future, the development of the second module (mobile installation PRT-2) is expected, its access to the world level, as well as the listing of platform tokens in certain crypto-exchange exchanges.
  • The result
  • This project has a large number of positive sides. One such is an attempt to address the global environmental problem – waste management in the oil industry
  • In addition, the Papusha Rocket Technology ecosystem is the first platform in the world that implements the use of blockade technology for decentralization of waste management in the oil refining industry with a fully working and patented prototype. 
    It is worth a couple of words to say about the project team, which is headed by an academician with excellent work experience and more than a dozen successfully working patent.
  • If the technology developed by academician RAEN AI. Papusha will gain worldwide fame and will find application in the necessary industry, then, of course, it will be able to preserve the ecological state of our planet for many years.
  • For more detailed information about the project and the terms of participation, I recommend to visit the links below:
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