Papusha Rocket Technology is the world’s first rocket and space technology for receiving fuel from the oil waste of the refinery from the developer of the Energia-Buran program of the academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Papushi AI.

This is the latest technology for the destruction of waste oil refineries around the world. Instead of “killing” flora and fauna, refineries receive gasoline and diesel fuel, which goes on sale.

PRT ICO establishes the production of small-scale installations for the processing of heavy oil residues, with the production of liquid fuels using transonic combustion technology. The daily generated new refinery waste worldwide is 1.35 million tonnes. One installation PRT-2, depending on capacity, processes 30-90 tons of waste per day. The volume of PRT-2 installations required by the market amounts to tens of thousands of pieces. 

This technology was included in the UN list under the name of the author “Papusha Rocket Technology” (PRT). It’s about recycling only new waste, which does not additionally clog our planet. For the processing of already accumulated deposits and lakes, a volume that is several times greater than this value is necessary.

Advantages of PRT installation:

  • Efficiency. Compact PRT units allow to receive up to 60% of liquid fuel from the total processed mass.
  • The cost. The cost of production of 1 PRT installation from 950 000 $.
  • Payback. The average payback period of 1 PRT-2 unit is 5-7 months.

Oil refineries have the following advantages when using the technology of “Papusha Rocket Tehnology:

  • Obtaining expensive gasoline and diesel fuel from the waste remaining from oil processing.
  • Savings of funds, due to the abandonment of the contents of storage facilities and sedimentation tanks.
  • Improvement of the environment.


Papusa Rocketo ICO is the latest technology for the destruction of the remains of an oil refinery around the world. Instead of destroying flora and fauna, the refinery receives gasoline and diesel for sale. 
PRT ICO small oil refineries produces plants for processing black fuel oil and producing liquid fuels using transonic combustion technology. Every day, an oil refinery around the world produces 1.35 million tons of residues. Depending on their capacity, the PRT-2 unit processes 30-90 tons of waste per day. Market needs in tens of thousands of units PRT-2. 
It is important to mention that it is only a question of processing new residues, which does not give additional pollution on our planet. The accumulated storage and processing of lakes require volumes several times higher than this.
Details ICO 
General Information 
Token: PRT 
Platform: Ethereum 
Standard: ERC20 
Qty: 100,000,000 PRT 
Price: 1 ETH = 3,500 PRT 
Payment: ETH 
Hard cap: 13,500 ETH 
Qty: 75,000,000 PRT 
Start: 25/07/2018 
Completion: 25.09. 2018 
After a series of experiments, A.I. Papusha realized that the potential of the technology he created was quite large. As a result of minor improvements, the facility has learned to make a very economically profitable thing – to utilize refined products and to obtain from them a very valuable fuel – gasoline, kerosene, synthetic oil. Over time, a veil of access was removed from the scientist and all of his achievements can now serve the society.

For the continuation of the program and the launch of the project, investments are needed, and it was decided to receive them in the most honest and transparent way – through the ICO.

Papusha Rocket ICO is an innovative project from the real sector of the economy. Its goal is the production of mobile processing plants PRT-2 on the basis of the above-mentioned Papusha Rocket Technology, capable of receiving useful raw materials from unused refinery waste – oil, gasoline, kerosene, etc. 
What problems does the project solve? 
First of all, Papusha Rocket ICO is aimed at improving the environment in the areas of extraction and processing of oil and coal. The fact is that in the process of oil processing a huge amount of waste remains and can not be used, simply merge into tanks or storage ponds.

This causes great damage to the environment and does not bring any benefit to the producers. There are solutions for processing these wastes – thermal and chemical cracking, for example. But they require huge costs, are rather cumbersome and are characterized by low efficiency.

Solution from Papusha Rocket ICO 

The project creates small-scale mobile PRT-2 units capable of quickly turning around and starting the processing of waste. 
At the same time, the installation efficiency is much higher than any other methods, and analogues simply do not exist. The cost of installation is extremely attractive and can afford practically any refinery (refinery).

The benefit is obvious – from the waste is obtained valuable raw materials, immediately ready for transportation and sale. The payback of the installation is achieved not later than after 5-7 months of operation. For business this is a very decent result!

The start of 
ICO project sales starts already in the near future, the maximum amount of fees is limited to 13 500 ETH. By modern standards this is a very attractive metric for investors. The first round – closed sales, only large investors can participate in it. But a public round will soon be launched, in which everyone can take part! 
Road map: 
Q1 2018 – Preparation for the ICO. Creation of team, registration of technical documentation. Development of a smart contract and a token economy. 
Q2 2018 – The launch of the ICO. Marketing campaign. Carrying out a round of private sales. 
Q3 2018 – ICO Papusha Rocket Technology. The output of the PRT token on the stock exchange. Development of operational documentation.
4th quarter 2018 – Manufacturing and purchase of necessary equipment and components. Create and configure the first installation of PRT-2-30. Certification, obtaining technical specifications for connection. 
2019 – Launch of the serial production of PRT-2 units, the first sales. Development of modules for the processing of brown coal. Work to refine and introduce a gas generator that provides cheap electricity for mining.

I consider this project quite promising. Installation PRT can not only improve the state of the environment on Earth, but also recycle oil waste in valuable resources. I advise you to pay attention to it.

More about the project: 
Facebook: / Papusha-Rocket-Technology-241396259943698
Medium: https : //


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