Papusha Rocket ICO :- A Technology to Destroy oil Refineries Residue.

Hello dear readers, it is my delight to bring to your way this important information just as it is my usual practice. I would like you to relax and read through this tips of but enriching information with great benefits and awesome. Friends, it’s all about “Papusha Rocket” It is A Technology to destroy oil refineries residue. Take your time to read through the detail bellow.


All countries in the world with oil refineries (refineries) face the same unsolvable problem. It is about storage and disposal of waste oil refining. In the processing of modern heavy grades of oil, the share of waste reaches a huge value, at the level of 10-20%.

A lot or a little? In absolute figures, we are talking about 10 million barrels of oil per day or about 1 million 350 thousand tons.

Most refineries are currently surrounded by storage facilities and lakes with useless black mass that pollute the planet’s surface. And every year the amount of waste continues to grow.

Existing solutions for waste processing (thermal and chemical cracking) are too expensive and at the same time ineffective.

There is a huge unrealized demand for new technologies,

allowing to significantly increase the depth of oil refining and the amount of petroleum products.

Papusha Rocket Technology -Website: the world’s First rocket‑space technology of producing fuel from coal and waste oil from the developer of the program “Energy-Buran” academician A. I. Papusi

The transonic combustion technology developed by A. I. Papushey for the elimination of supertoxic waste has found its application in the field of oil refining: thanks to small modifications, the innovative installation was able to do the previously impossible – from practically unused waste oil to produce such popular products as gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel and very valuable synthetic oil.

PRT ICO creates the production of small-sized plants for the processing of heavy oil residues, with the production of liquid fuel using transonic combustion technology. The daily generated new waste from refineries around the world is 1.35 million tons. One PRT-2 unit, depending on the capacity, processes 30-90 tons of waste per day. The volume of PRT-2 units required for the market is tens of thousands.

This technology was included in the UN list under the name of the author of “Papusha Rocket Technology” (PRT) and on its basis this ICO is launched.

The author of the unique technology

Papusha Anatoly-author and head of development. Doctor of technical

Professor, Laureate of the state prize of the USSR, Academician of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences; Russian Academy of cosmonautics; Russian ecological Academy; Academy of geopolitical problems.

A. I. Papusha is one of the brightest representatives of the legendary national school of rocket and space industry, as well as a pupil and follower of the brilliant developer of engines for spacecraft V. p. Glushko.

Setting PRT academician Papusi

On the basis of high achievements of the Russian rocket and space technology, a new type of transonic high-temperature combustion was developed and fragmentary brought to industrial use.

Small PRT-2 units allow to produce up to 60% of liquid fuel at the output. There are no analogues of PRT-2 in the world, and several large oil refineries are already very interested in its acquisition.

The price of selling a new and ready-to-use PRT-2-30 unit is about$ 950 000, which is several times less than the cost of less effective competitors ‘ offers. The payback of the installation at the most modest estimates comes in 5-7 months, which is a record for the industry. PRT-2 units will be produced of 3 types of capacity: 30, 60 and 90 tons of processing per day.

Oil refining companies receive the following benefits when using the technology ” Papusha Rocket Tehnology:

Obtaining expensive gasoline and diesel fuel from the remaining waste from oil refining

Cost savings due to abandoning the contents of storage and settling tanks

Improvement of the environment.

Token details:

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC20

Amount: 100,000,000 PRT

Price: 1 ETH = 3,500 PRT

Payment: ETH

Hardcap: 13,500 ETH


Quantity: 75 000 000 PRT

Start date: 25.07.2018

Completion: 25.09.2018



● Beginning of scientific calculations on processing oil products,

● Testing the technology at the base stand in Dolgoprudny, and

● Testing completed successfully, further development and improvement of

the technology.


● Completion of calculations, systematization of the obtained results,

● Preparing a business plan, searching for partners.

2018, Quarter 1

● Preparation for ICO:

● Forming a team, registration of technical documentation,

● Developing a smart contract and a token economy.

2018, Quarter 2

ICO launch:

● Marketing campaign,

● Carrying out a private sales round.


2018, Quarter 3

● Papusha Rocket Technology ICO,

● Introduction of the PRT token to exchanges, and

● Development of maintenance documentation.

2018, Quarter 4

● Manufacture and purchase of necessary equipment and components,

● Creating and configuring the first PRT-2-30 unit, and

● Certification, obtaining technical specifications for connection.


● Launch of mass production of PRT-2 units, first sales,

● Development of modules for processing of brown coal, and

● Work on adapting and implementing a gas generator that provides cheap

electricity for mining.

Dear reader, this is just a brief overview of the purpose, benefits and opportunities that can be gained from this innovative project. After reading this briefing, I am sure you will want to know more, please visit one of these following links:

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