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The world-famous scientist Anatoly I.Papusha, He was a Professor, Doctor of Engineering, Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR.
The most powerful rocket engine in the world created In the 1980s for the Buran Soviet space research program. To be able to test the strength of this rocket engine, as a member of the A.I group of scientists. Papusha has created the most massive combustion chamber in the world. For the development of this technology, A.I.Papusha was awarded a Prize from the State of the Soviet Union.

This amazing technology has various applications. The main thing is related to the processing of oil residues and producing liquid fuels such as diesel, kerosene, and gasoline. After the central part of the development of this project is complete. A.I.Papusha registered a patent for its use. Mass adoption of this technology can globally help planetary ecology and requires support from the world community.

Papusha Rocket Technology

We are the world’s first developer of rocket and space technology to produce fuels that use residual fuel oil from refineries offered by Anatoly Papusha, Russian Academic Academy of Natural Sciences who has developed the Buran program.


Papusha Rocket ICO is the latest technology developed to destroy residues of oil refineries that exist throughout the world. To get petrol and diesel for sale, refineries can also destroy flora and fauna.
ICO domestic workers will produce oil refining units in small capacities to be able to process black oil fuels and produce liquid fuels using transonic combustion technology. Every day, existing refineries around the world will produce 1.35 million tons of residue. Depending on the capacity, one unit of PRT-2 will process 30-90 tons of waste per day. This means the market will need dozens of thousands of PRT-2 units.

It is important to emphasize that this is only about recycling new residues, which do not cause additional pollution on our planet. The accumulation of deposits and lakes will require a volume that is several times higher than this.

How does it work?

  1. Oil processing will produce a lot of residues, which is a threat to ecology throughout the planet. Oil refineries will pour residues into special containers or so-called “storage ponds.” Thus, they will be very damaging to the environment and revoke the most potential benefits of the process.
  2. A small PRT-2 processing unit uses the contents of the pond like raw material. Oil residues processed at temperatures higher than 1,000 0 С at transonic speeds (~ 1,000 m/sec) by adding special impurities. In such conditions, the processed substance will undergo radical physical-chemical changes, most of which turn into synthetic gases. Furthermore, the material will enter the cooling unit, where useful products are synthesized (kerosene, gasoline, oil, etc.). In this case, the water vapor that is harmless and carbon dioxide is painted into the atmosphere.
  3. All valuable raw materials obtained in an environmentally friendly way are collected in special tanks that are ready for transportation and further sales.

With a small PRT-2 dimension, it is possible to work where residues are stored and easily change locations. Autonomy makes it possible to install units as quickly as possible.

Short Project Financial Information

Rocket ICO Papusha is based on three main components, namely:

  1. Patented transonic combustion technology is included in the list of UNEP “Survey of Technology for PCB Crushing that Has No Incineration Currently Available” with the name of the author “Papusha Rocket Technology” (PRT).
  2. Development of conversions based on high-tech solutions used for rockets and space and aviation equipment.
  3. Has scientific, methodical developments in rocket and space and aviation spaces. Design documentation will be carried out by representatives of the defense industry, experimental base and transikik burning industry use experience for last terms and conditions to neutralize the most toxic substances.

At first, we only had PRT-1, a unique experimental industrial unit that can destroy harmful residues (super-toxicants). Then we launched the modernization process and upgraded the unit to make units for processing PRT-2 oil residues.

What is ICO PRT?

ICO Domestic Workers This is a project that creates small units to obtain valuable raw materials from oil refining residues. These small units are based on the unique and patented rocket and space technology.

How do you participate in the ICO?

Previously you need to register your account at by using the instructions and filling in your account balance.

Papusha Rocket Technology Token

Details of ICO

In our case, holding an ICO is the most honest and correct way to continue financing and develop projects. Current offers from large investors are related to the transfer of actual rights and controlling shares of Papusha Rocket Technology to them.

Buying a PRT token means you have saved the planet! And furthermore, your investment will be very profitable. You will receive all the benefits and possible PRT token holders.

Distribution of funds


Our team

The team of the PRT Scientists

Team of ICO


The company aims to expand its business and save the world at the same time by reducing the highly toxic waste produced by oil refineries in the world.
The ICO process is very investor friendly when the project size and target are evaluated together. Adopting a project globally like that has never been easier. Anatoly Papusha will unite Russian scientists in space technology, chemistry, economics, and ecology. Also, there will be dozens of marketing experts and experienced staff in their fields will work to develop this successful project.

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