Papusha, Using the Space Technology to Process Oil Residue

Papusha is a unique blockchain powered platform, named after a world-famous scientist Anatoly I. Papusha. He is a doctor of technical science who has been awarded the State Prize of the USSR for his scientific efforts. The USSR has developed the world’s most powerful rocket engine during the 80s. It was developed for the Buran space program and A.I. Papusha was a part of the group.
Though the rocket engine was quite powerful, it used to release a jet of gases. A ton amount of carbon monoxide was released by that engine during every second, which was a major concern. A.I. Papusha researched the way of reducing that enormous amount of CO emitted by the rocket engine. His efforts reduced the CO quantity in 1kg per second.

Papusha’s work in this field has lead many new innovations. The main innovation came in oil residue process. His solutions made the production of liquid fuels such as kerosene, gasoline, and diesel easier. A.I. Papusha has already worked in the main area of ​​the project and he has been patented that technology. If that technology is globally applicable, we can slow down the environmental disaster and save the ecology of our planet.

What is the solution?

Constant release of polluting gases Global warming has not turned into a major issue and its effects are already visible in the storms and other natural disasters. Papusha is worried about this major threat and it is an important part in preventing the destruction of our planet. There are numerous oil refineries across the globe. All of them face issues related to the residue. About one million bayon oil refineries is produced after processing the oil in the refineries. Many refineries store It is quite expensive to use

Papusha’s goal is to use this residue for producing useful products such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel. Its technology will reduce the residue processing task and produce products that can be used as fuel worldwide. Papusha has released its patent PRT sign that is a reliable and high efficiency cryptocurrency with a low payback period. Although Papusha is facing no competition in terms of technology, all the leading oil refineries is taking into interest in this project.

Final thoughts:

Papusha is providing a technology The refineries will no more store that black waste and use Papusha’s technology to process it as affordable cost and sale in the form of various products such as gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. Papusha has won awards for his scientific efforts and now he is inviting the investors to be a part of his new innovations. You can get the PRT token online during the ICO, which is starting from 25th July and lasting till 25th September.





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