The joy of any organization is to grow in development, and having a different look and also a new dimension, the different country today are drastically moving from developing country to the developing country, despite we have the developing country, or call some sets of country a develop one, does not mean that such country has totally developed and experienced no form of development anymore, the development of both the human being and also the society including a nation, occur each second and days, through the circulation of information and also the process of making use of the present technology.

The more a country develop,the more problems to encounter, and also the more problems individual encounter, the stronger such individual or the country grows, the lives in the city are always rough and also become unbearable for the majority of the people to live, mostly the expenses in which the individual need to set up, especially in term of transportation.

The transportation lives of the city are always so difficult in controlling, and also taking much of money especially the drivers, by the act of paying different tax, and also, finding parks difficult to get, many times the driver will be in the city without having done any necessary work throughout the day, and which doesn’t stop such drivers from been delivered according to the agreement made to the owners of the vehicle or car, different drivers moving at the same time into one park, and possibly when there is a park in which people need their services, and also this is applicable to the park’s owner, whereby, the people will be congested to the extent of finding nowhere to move with different passengers, and which may not contribute effectively to the lives of the owners of the park. And these are taking much money than it supposes to be from the drivers, in the base looping country, majorly in the U.S.A and also in the U.K

The development, as it might have caused some harmful and negative action in the human ecosystem, it also stays in providing solutions to all the problems been caused, the development of blockchain. In the human society has contributed to the better living of the human existence, the traffic problem, pollution experienced by the inability of the drivers to locate an available park, also the difficulty by the park’s owner to manage their parks, can now easily be solved, just only by the PARKSEN platform.


The PARKSEN platform can best be called a revolutionary platform, this is a platform that bases on the blockchain technology, and making use of the Green Smart Connected City Platform, the PARKSEN has been created to put an end to the pollution and the challenges facing the infrastructural industry, majorly the Parking and the Transportation system.

The PARKSEN platform has decided to put an end to all the inconvenience facing by the drivers in term of Economic impact on the negative side, the PARKSEN platform has made a provision to put an end to this, most of the drivers make use of their time in finding a suitable parking place, majorly in USA and UK, and which lead to a great economic negative impact, for instance this was estimated in the USA as over $2,243 per year, and which they are consuming more than 107 hours per year( according to the research conducted) just on the reason for looking for a park, and in which it goes a long way in affecting the amount of money that would have gotten in a daily bases.

And also one of the missions of the PARKSEN is to put an end to time been consumed by the driver, bade on the fact that they could not have a specific park at a particular time, and also which also lead in one way the driver’s income, but with the help of the PARKSEN, The parking will not be a problem for any drivers anymore.

One of the research conducted by INRIX, says that the desired features for all the drivers to have less stress on the parking issues are-Real Time Parking Availability, Advance Parking Reservation, Advanced Payment Of The Park To Use, and also, Parking Navigation.

One of the main reason for the PARKSEN is to bring development and improvement to the underdevelop companies, and in initiating the lives of the drivers in the urban environment, the PARKSEN has made a provision for a reduction in the carbon footprint, the utilization of IoT devices and also offering One size fit, cloud base solution, with the consideration of been adapted to it by the cities, different company, the individual consumer, and also the parking garages, and many more by the PARKSEN platform.

And some of the problems been faced in our different country by the drivers and the Parking owner are




And PARKSEN platform has made every proper solution in solving all these.


The PARKSEN has made up an application which will stand as a locating factor, with this all the drivers will be able to locate the parking sports, (mainly throughout the Netherland, as of now) and which will help all the drivers to locate the nearest park to wherever they are.

And the creation of the dashboard by the PARKSEN platform, which is meant for the municipalities, company, and also packing garages.

The PARKSEN GREEN SMART AND CONNECTED CITY PLATFORM, will help in creating peace and also, put an end to all the urban drivers parking problems.

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