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Large metropolis are oversaturated with machines. This affects not only the level of environmental pollution, but also road congestion. Many drivers leave their cars at the sidewalk due to the lack of parking. Blocking of the whole line leads to large traffic jams. This problem is very acute in all major cities of the planet. Parksen project offers a unique solution to this issue. Artificial intelligence, which is the basis of the decentralized platform, will create a parking map of the city with an indication of available seats. Registration on the platform is fast and convenient. The project was launched in 2016, and has already successfully introduced the beta test. Now Parksen works in the Netherlands and has already won the trust of the residents of this country. By 2020, it is planned to launch the full version of the project with integration into the mobile application, navigators and distribution around the world.

Key features of Parksen

Working on Parksen platform is carried out in real time. To work on Parksen, a user undergoes a regular registration indicating a car model and number. When connecting to the system, parking spaces are allocated in color, and auto data serves to activate the reservation. Payment for parking is carried out using platform tokens – PARQ, which are implemented on the basis of Ethereum, and can be purchased for any cryptocurrency, developed on the same basis. Thanks to the use of smart contracts, payment is fast. When developing Parksen project, the team used Ethereum and API to create an open and universal ecosystem that records and displays data in urban areas. These data allow improving traffic flow on Parksen, reducing the levels of traffic congestion and toxic pollution of the environment. A public API allows developers to create new devices to display information and improve the functionality of existing ones.

Advantages of Parksen

Work on Parksen platform is available both in the web version, and through smartphones and navigators that support IoT. Thanks to such extensive integration, a user is able to plan his/her route from home, without spending too much time searching for parking, and Parksen platform, in turn, will offer the most optimal transfer route to the destination, taking into account traffic jams.

Parksen platform allows companies to optimally use their parking spaces, which are temporarily free. Companies connected to the system can provide them to those wishing to rent and receive additional income.

The platform can also be useful for regular users, providing data on traffic jams, free parking spaces, not connected to the server. Also, if a user has a personal parking space or a garage, he/she can also rent it out for an additional fee.

According to the referral program, each user can earn 5% on each ICO transaction, sharing unique referral link. These links and accompanying codes can be found in any personal account.

Parksen cryptocurrency

ICO project will work more than a year. During the Pre-Sale, the price of one PARQ token will be 0.07 dollars (30% discount). During the public sale, the initial price of the cryptocurrency will be 0.08 dollars (20% discount), then the price will grow until it reaches a fixed price. The total stock of PARQ tokens is 10 billion tokens, of which 2.5 billion will be allocated to the pre-sale and public sale. PARQ token can be purchased for fiat, ETH or BTC. All purchased PARQs will be transferred to participants’ wallets one month after the start of the ICO.


Thus, Parksen project was created with the aim of modernizing the use of the space of a large city. Drivers receive information about the nearest parking near the necessary place. Users receive additional income by renting out their parking spaces and providing information about available places in the city. Companies are able to receive additional profit by renting out their parking spaces. The work of the platform is constantly improving and allows users to save time on searching for parking and money for paying parking fines for leaving their cars in unauthorized places.





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