PARLAY Decentralized predictive game platform

Coming in tandem with the development of video games in the 1980s, the term gameplay is used only in the context of video games, although now its popularity has begun to be used in other more traditional game form descriptions. In general, gameplay is considered the overall experience of playing video games excluding factors such as graphics and sound. Game mechanics on the other hand is a set of rules in games that are meant to produce a pleasant playing experience. Academic discussions tend to like terms like game mechanics specifically to avoid the game because the latter term is too vague.

Gameplay is a special way in which the player interacts with the game and in particular with the game video.Gameplay is a pattern defined through the rules of the game, the connection between the player and the game, the challenge and overcome it, the plot and the player connection with it.Gameplay video game is different from the graphics and elements audio.

Parlay is a project to pursue a scalable blockchain solution that has PrimeNodes to minimize network blockchain delays and user-friendly methods. In addition, Parlay is an event-driven cryptocurrency that provides a decentralized predictive gaming platform, operated by the public community.Playlay Chain adopts the Proof of Stake (POS) for consensus algorithms to improve and secure network scalability blockchain.Parlay Chain installs auto-scaling nodes that have a unique node management system to stabilize mainnet, the official site

Cryptocurrency with masternode features depends heavily on investors who operate the community for the community. However, managing the masternode is always challenging for non-programmers and investors are finding it difficult to configure their methods. This is the critical reason why we have it decided to build a user-friendly ecosystem in the configuration of masternode .For example, the Parlay team focuses on user experience and easy management system to run the masternode.

Main Service
Use the docker service to package all requirements and the package Parlay system helps the user to run PrimeNode easily. Includes installation and automatic configuration with just a few steps. An easy management system will help knock down the conventional engineering barrier.

Security system in the Parlay
-Hidden PrimeNode program which is dynamically lit in terms of transaction monitoring system.
-Every time the monitoring system detects overflow and network congestion, PrimeNodes initial while supporting to validate the transaction.
This responsive responsive scaling system stabilizes the network and maximizes parlay holder rewards (PAR).

In this program you can either propose your own game or select / play for the games you are interested in to get a gift from Parlay.Live.From Parlay.Live game lets you get a BTC / PAR pair instead by operating your own game or winning a prediction game that you follow.

Live platform Parlay encourages communities to post new events for various purposes. As previously mentioned, the event organizers can post demos for the Parlay event before the actual election begins. Participants may vote for demo elections such as playing games. The voting results are from demo-elections can be used as a predictive sample of the election.

The PoS Parlay consensus algorithm allows each stakeholder to participate in transaction validation on the network. To promote stable and secure network growth, we set more incentives for PrimeNodes holders. Each PoSS ParSS block item is divided into 60% set PrimeNodes and 40% assigned to stalk the node.

Specification Token
Symbol: PAR
Algorithm: Scyrpt
Maximum supply: 30,000,000 Parlay
Block time: 90 seconds
Gift Block: 20 PAR
Gift distribution: PrimeNodes 60% / Staking Node 40%
PrimeName: 2,500 PAR
Difficulty retargeting: each block
Maturity Block: 88 block
Transaction Confirmation: 10 blocks
Premine: 0.5%

Wallet Parlay:
Ann Threads BTT:

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