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Hello friends, I’m Olagoke Gbade. Like my usual practice of providing valuable information in their own way, today’s will not be less, since I have decided to provide information about this Decentralized gaming platform called “ARLAYCHAIN.IO”. Sit and relax the nerves. while you read it. In addition, I encourage you not only to read, but also take an important step to be part of this great innovation.


Entering the tandem with the development of video games in the 1980s, the term gameplay is used only in the context of video games, although its popularity has been used in other more traditional descriptions of games. In general, the gameplay is considered a common experience of video games, excluding factors such as graphics and sound. On the other hand, the mechanics of the game is a set of rules in games designed to create a pleasant gaming experience. Academic discussions tend to be similar to terms like game mechanics to avoid playing, because the latter term is too vague.

The gameplay is a particular way of interaction of the player with the game and, in particular, with the video game. The gameplay is a model determined by the rules of the game, the connection between the player and the game, the challenge and overcoming it, the plot and the connection with it. The game in the video game is different from the graphic and audio elements.

Parlay project chase blockchain scalable solution that has PrimeNodes to minimize network latency and maschable user-friendly blockchain.Selain, Parlay in event cryptocurrency, which provide a decentralized predictive game platform run by the community chain publik.Parlay take proof of actions (POS) to a consensus algorithm to enhance and secure network scalability blockchain.Parlay chain integrate automatic scaling unit that has a single node management system Art abilizatsii mainnet, the official website

Cryptocurrency with manternode functions largely depends on the investors who manage the community for the community. However, managing a macromodel is always difficult for non-programmers, and it is difficult for investors to customize their methods. This is a key reason why we decided to create a friendly ecosystem in the masternode configuration. For example, the Parlay team focuses on the user experience and a simple control system to launch the maston.

Basic service Use the welcome service to consolidate all requirements and the Parlay package allows the user to easily launch PrimeNode. Includes installation and automatic configuration in a few steps. A simple control system will help break down the traditional engineering barrier.

The security system in the program Parlay-Hidden PrimeNode, which is dynamically enlightened in terms of transaction monitoring system. -All the time the monitoring system detects an overflow and network congestion, PrimeNodes starts by supporting the confirmation of the transaction. This responsive sensitive scaling system stabilizes the network and maximizes package support (PAR) rewards.

In this program you can either offer your game, or choose / play for the games in which you are interested in receiving a gift from the game Parlay.Live.Five Parlay.Live, instead, you can get a pair of BTC / BY, manage your own game or win the game with the prediction you follow.

The Live Parlay platform encourages communities to publish new events for a variety of purposes. As previously mentioned, event organizers can publish demonstrations for the Parlay event before the start of the election. Participants can vote for demonstration elections, such as playing games. The voting results consist of demonstration elections that can be used as a prognostic sample of the elections.

PoS Parlay Consensus Algorithm allows each participant to participate in transaction verification on the network. To promote stable and secure network growth, we are creating more incentives for PrimeNodes owners. Each point of the ParS PoS block is divided into 60% of the installed PrimeNodes and 40% is assigned to the continuation of the node.

Symbol: PAR

Algorithm: Scyrpt Offer

maximum: 30,000,000 Parlay

Blocking time: 90 seconds

Block Rewards: 20 PAR

Reward Distribution: PrimeNodes 60% /

Staking 40% PrimeNodes Collateral: 2,500 PAR

Difficulty retargeting: all

Maturity blocks: 88 blocks

Transaction Confirmation: 10 blocks

Premine: 0.5%

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