PARQ – A Green, Smart, and Connected City Platform

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The Problem

Lately, the world has experienced a new problem, parking and transportation. This problem is detrimental to the driver and the environment, including:

  1. Drivers lose time and money to find available parking spaces.
  2. Drivers experience stress, arguing with fellow drivers, even losing/late attending appointments.
  3. Congestion which causes more emissions and health problems.

These problems occur because of outdated technology and lack of modern equipment such as Internet of Things device, universal software systems and clear communication. In addition, the lack of cooperation between different parties resulted in many available parking spaces are unused.

The Solution

The Parksen Green, Smart and Connected City Platform is intended to revolutionize the urban infrastructure industry. Parksen will bring the desired and needed innovation to the parking and transportation industry.

The Parksen platform will run on the Ethereum blockchain and IOTA Tangle to support a large number of transactions and carry out smart contracts, allowing Parksen to compile unchanged agreements between the local city government, companies and consumers.

1. Parksen Parking App

The Parksen application allows users to easily find and book parking spaces throughout the Netherlands. The Parksen application runs entirely in the cloud and is connected via various APIs so users are always guaranteed to receive real-time information about possible parking near them. Here are other uses of the Parksen Application:

  1. Dashboard for municipalities, companies, and parking garages, which maps how many cars are parked in user place, predicts activity in the next hour/week and provides analytical insights to optimize user space.
  2. Import existing and relevant data and add it to the central system for registration and licensing.
  3. Add parking zones by adding additional metadata such as location, status, price, time, conditions, and exceptions.
  4. Check the status of connected smart devices, sensors, parking machines, and access control systems to optimize and improve the available infrastructure.

Parksen Parking Cloud

Individual servers and databases cost a lot and take up the time of developers and maintenance personnel to update the system. That’s why Parksen decided to host the platform entirely in the cloud.

Users do not have to experience inconsistencies and stakeholders are always guaranteed to be up-to-date because everyone uses the same data, the same system, and the same database.

Parksen Features

  1. Registering and offering parking spots

Anyone who has a parking space can use the Parksen platform to make it available to other drivers in exchange for PARQ tokens.

  1. Locating & Mapping Parking Spots

By providing information and the number of unused parking spaces, user will get a PARQ token.

  1. Incorporating Smart, IoT & Green Devices

By buying supporting equipment and installing it in a garage or parking spot, user will immediately contribute to a cleaner and smarter city.

  1. Reviews, surveys and data sharing

Users can leave reviews, comments, and fill out surveys to improve the quality of the Parksen platform and parking application.

In addition, users can also share data such as parking duration, average search time, price range, etc in exchange for PARQ tokens.

PARQ Token

Ticker: PARQ

Type: ERC20 (Utility)

Total tokens:

1 PARQ = 0.1 USD

Hardcap : 19,5 M USD

Pre-sale with 30% bonus is LIVE, 31,7M token sold! For more information, visit PARQ website and download whitepaper.



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