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Since the emergence of blockchain technology in 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced bitcoin, there have been rigorous efforts to apply the blockchain to several aspects of the global business process, Blockchain technology has been described as having the potential to disrupt many industries with a low-cost transaction, immutability, and enhanced security. In the years that have followed, many other blockchain implementations have been developed with each one exhibiting unique features tailored to specific use-cases.

Blockchain has made it possible to issue just about any asset via a distributed ledger framework. With the aid of cryptocurrency tokens, these assets can be given economic value in order to initiate and validate several transactional processes. Several on-chain protocols have been developed by a number of startups and established companies alike in order to create blockchain-based solutions.


Decentralized Payment Processing

The payment processing framework for global commerce is based on a centralized system which requires the services of third-party authenticators. These third-party agents are responsible for ensuring the fidelity of the global payments system and they charge fees for their services. One of the fundamental philosophies behind the operation of the blockchain is the removal of these third-party agents and their associated cost of trust and replacing them with a robust, functioning distributed ledger payment framework.

Creating an Immutable System of Record

The blockchain is the first successful implementation of the distributed ledger framework. On public blockchains, the distributed ledger constitutes an immutable system of records that is available to all participants. The immutability of a blockchain ensures that it is tamper-proof.

Reducing Cost of Transaction

Payment processing remains the basic level of commerce but it is one that has not seen much in the way of evolution since the emergence of fintech protocols. Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt commerce by causing a paradigm shift in the mechanism by which transactions are carried out. The fees charged by third-party actors and middlemen in the payment chain constitute a considerable portion of the cost of transactions. By eliminating the middlemen, the cost of transaction is materially diminished.

Enhanced Security

Operating on a multinational scale opens up any enterprise to the activities of hackers looking to breach the structural and functional integrity of the platform. Blockchain technology offers a robust security framework that makes it difficult for hackers to make an incursion into the platform. There is no central point of failure and hence no single point of entry for malicious digital attacks. This ensures the safety and security of the data collected by field agents and the payment processing network. that provides an accurate accounting for the entire platform.

As more technological advancements are uncovered, Parksen, a city platform that contains a public API and runs completely on Parksen parking cloud came on board.


PARQ which is also known as Parksen Green, Smart and Connected City Platform, is extremely convincing to reform the urban foundation industry to improve things. PARQ gives a response to demonstrate that this stage will be a jump into the future to give comfort in an ecologically amicable city which is the advancement required in a less created industry in Parking and Transportation that has not been progressed for clients. The INRX consider additionally said that the issues experienced by drivers, one of which was unavoidable blockage, the issue of finding a parking spot and some time without acknowledging we had lost a great deal of gas, a few activities made drivers furious about this.


Parksen combats worldwide traffic congestion and pollution through a Green, Smart and Connected City Platform, which utilizes the IOTA and Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, IoT devices and a real-time parking app.

The Parksen parking app, running in over 100 Dutch municipalities, allows drivers all around the globe to find and pay for their parking spaces in advanced, showing them the closest one to their destination, saving them money, time and frustration, as well as helping to reduce CO2 emissions. They receive a 5% kickback fee on all parking transactions that were activated by the cloud based SAAS solution, and by distributing smart, low priced IoT devices and a free-to-use platform to commercial parking providers and local, regional and national governments, we aim to disrupt a 100 billion dollar industry.

The Goal

The Parksen City Platform will use IoT devices, sensors, drivers, companies and municipalities to gather data and map out where the worst congestion takes place and which circumstances are causing it. This data will be used in the accompanying real-time Parksen parking app, which will then provide drivers of all kind (public transportation, emergency services, etc) with information on how to best avoid these areas. Information will also be shared with local municipalities so that they might structurally improve their city infrastructure.

The Core Features

Real-time Parking App

The Parksen parking app is made for drivers, and it allows them to reserve and pay for parking ahead of time, thus limiting their search and emotional duress. The app also shows them the fasted route to their destination and o ers real-time information on local congestion.

Green, Smart & Connected City Platform

The Parksen City Platform comes with a universal dashboard that tracks congestion, pollution, usage and condition of parking spots, status of connected IoT devices and sensors. It also includes a marketplace for green and smart appliances.

Cloud Solution

The Parksen goal is to connect municipalities and companies to consumers and garages. Offering a one-size-fits all, easily adoptable and cloud-based platform, we ensure that these institutes do not have to depend on expensive third-party soft and hardware updates.

The PARQ Token

Our own special token, usable in the app to pay and receive payment for parking actions, and also in the dashboard and marketplace to pay and receive payment for hard and software that will help your city, company or garage contribute to greener cities.

How Will Parksen Be Used?

The Parksen parking app will be used by drivers worldwide to offer and obtain parking spots in advance, while the Parksen City Platform is going to be the driving force behind smart city innovation and green, sustainable initiatives. The PARQ token will be the payment method of choice for all parking activities and city development actions.

How Parksen Works?

The Parksen parking application allows users to locate and reserve parking spots easily all over Netherlands. The application runs wholly on the cloud and is directly connected to garages and municipalities by use of various APIs thus users have a guarantee of receiving real time information of possible parking spaces near them.

The platform also contains a dashboard for municipalities, parking garages and companies. The dashboard maps the number of cars that are parked in their spots, predicts next activities, and provides the use with analytical insights, which can be used to optimize their spaces.

The multi-functional utility token

The PARQ token is an Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token which can be spent and earned within the Parksen parking app and the Green, Smart & Connected City Platform

Pay for parking

Using the Parksen parking app, drivers can locate, reserve and pay for their parking before ever leaving home. The app then guides them there following the fastest possible route.

Pay for equipment

Using the Green, Smart & Connected City Platform, municipalities, parking garages and companies can purchase and integrate new system and hardware upgrades from our partners.

Earn by collecting data

All types of users can earn PARQ tokens by collecting and submitting data on local congestion and pollution levels, parking space availability and a wide variety of surveys.

Earn by renting out parking spots

Using the Green, Smart & Connected City Platform, all users can earn PARQ tokens by registering and renting out individual and corporate parking spots that belong to them.

The Benefits

For Drivers

Real-time information

Always know where to find the closest available and most affordable parking.

Spend and earn PARQ

Share data on available parking, local traffic congestion and pollution levels to earn PARQ tokens.

Constant innovation

Directly benefit from IoT and other Smart Parking solutions as they are being developed and released.

For Providers

Enhanced services

Enjoy an effortless one-size-fits-all universal dashboard to manage your available parking spots.

Save time & money

Sustainable and smart IoT devices will save you energy, maintenance and repair costs all across the board.

Create smart cities

Get in on the ground floor of technological innovation within city development and transform your dumb city to a smart city.

Token Sale and ICO Details

In order to guarantee a strong, healthy growth of our community and the participating municipalities, we have decided to issue a total of 250M PARQ tokens for the ICO. After careful consideration, we believe that this will allow us to come through on the long-term goals of both our platform and parking app.

ARQ tokens can be bought with fiat currency via bank transfer, Paypal, creditcards and both ETH and BTC. Despite having both a discount for the pre- and public token sale, the base price of PARQ will be: 1 PARQ = 0.10 USD

ICO Details

Token: PARQ

PreICO Price: 1 PARQ = 0.07 USD

Price: 1 PARQ = 0.08 USD

Bounty: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat

Soft cap: 15,000,000 PARQ

Hard cap: 19,500,000 USD

Country: Netherlands

Whitelist/KYC: KYC

Restricted areas: Myanmar, North Korea, Afghanistan, Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Lybia, Mali, Somalia, Syria, Zambia, Yemen

Token Distribution

Pre-Sale (5%)

Public Sale (20%)

Airdrop & Hodlers (5%)

Bounty Program (2%)

Charity Fund (1%)

Private Sale (3%)

Business Development (4%)

Founders & Team (5%)

App & Platform Development (15%)

Marketing (20%)

Smart City Project Fund (20%)

Use of proceeds

Business Development (10%)

Global Expansion (15%)

Marketing (30%)

Research & Development (45%)


Q1 2016 Development of the Parksen Cloud and Parking App

The parking app was developed and connected to 113 cities in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Q2 2016 Beta Testing of Parksen Cloud and Parking App

We tested the app with thousands of end-users and municipalities across the Netherlands.

Q3 2016 First Round of Private Funding from Dutch Government & Investors

We received funding to develop a nationwide platform with support from both angel investors and the local governments.

Q1 2017 Alpha Launch of Parksen Cloud and Parking App in the Netherlands

Parksen app became available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for end-users in the Netherlands.

Q1 2017 Started Research for Green, Smart & Connected City Platform

Given immediate success, we started conceptualizing the Green, Smart & Connected City Platform and dove into Market Research for global expansion. Idea for ICO took form and the company started preparation.

Q2 2017 Hired Additional Team Members Towards ICO

Localized and recruited specialists to aid and assist us with ICO preparation.

Q1 2018 ICO Prep, Website, Smart Contract and Whitepaper Development

With a complete team, we continued our ICO preparation, drafted our first official whitepaper and built the ICO website. We have also started the development of the first few Smart Contracts for parking prices and actions.

Q2 2018 Start of the Pre-Sale and Public Sale

Interested parties are able to participate in our Pre- and Public ICO Sale.

Q4 2018 Setting Up Offices and Expanding Teams for Global Expansion

Targeting the USA, UK, Europe, and Asia for our first round of Global Expansion, locating new offices, expanding our teams and conducting further market research.

Q4 2018 Start Development of IoT Devices for Smart Parking Solutions

Collaborating with third parties and partners towards the creation of innovative IoT devices, which will be integrated in participating cities and connected to our platform.

2019 Start Development of Beta Parksen City Platform

Creation of (micro)APIs and integrating them with Parksen Cloud for easy implementation in our Selected Test Cities, localizing app and services in 5+ different languages. Mapping of parking zones, environmental issues and outdated systems.

2019 Launch Beta of Parksen City Platform

Selected Test Cities get full access to the Beta of our Green, Smart & Connected City Platform. Extensive testing will follow thanks to close cooperation with local municipalities and end-users. Collecting data, identifying areas of improvement and gathering community feedback.

2020 Final Product Launch in Selected Cities

Rolling out the end-product in all of the selected Test Cities after improvements. Continuing to gather data and feedback from the communities and municipalities to ensure a healthy growth of our Platform and Ecosystem.

2020 Global Release of Green, Smart & Connected City Platform

After extensive testing, our Platform and app will be rolled out globally and be made available to all participating cities and their citizens. During this stage we will continue to work on the platform based on feedback from different markets. We will rely heavily on community input to make sure that our product works the way that it should.

Meet The Amazing Team

Eddie Postma: CEO

Paul Heath: Chief Security Officer

Fokko van den Bosch: IT Architect

Arjan Douwes: Senior Developer

Massimo Bensi: Senior Developer

Joost Platje: Global Sustainability Strategist

Roy van Pamelen: Urban Development Specialist

Tanna Heath: Risk Assessment Manager

Cor Alberts: Legal Counsel

Maarten Voskuil: Legal Counsel Consumer Privacy

Wilhelm Roth: Marketing and Communication Manager

Jan Heemskerk: Content Manager

Marc Garcia Abellan: Social Media and Community Manager

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