PARQA Platform that wants a more effective and ecologically friendly urban area for users

About PARQ

Parksen is an adaptable platform that has a public API and runs entirely on Parksen Parking Cloud, Using the blockchain Ethereum Parksen will offer a variety of smart solutions and contracts that will benefit stakeholders around the world.

This platform hopes to bring together urban communities everywhere in the world. The solutions provided can be easily integrated with several other existing systems.

PARQ is a platform that is different from the others because they want a more effective and ecologically friendly urban area for users. PARQ, also known as Parksen Green, Smart and Connected City Platform, is very persuasive to revolutionize the urban infrastructure industry for the better. PARQ provides an answer to show that this platform will be a leap into the future to provide comfort in an environmentally friendly city which is the progress needed in a less developed industry in Parking and Transportation that has not been advanced for users. The INRX study also said that the problems experienced by drivers, one of which was unavoidable congestion, the problem of finding a parking space and some time without realizing we had lost a lot of gasoline, some actions made drivers angry about this.

The aim of PARQ

Our platform has been created with the aim of dramatically improving the infrastructure of ancient and ancient cities. The aim is to contour regular activities for anyone the UN body finds themselves in the heart of a busy city. To prove on the far side of the shadow of the doubts about the requirements of our platform, we tend to plan regional units to place them in check by overcoming the problem of parking and transportation trade. The first, we will change and expand our Minimum Sustainable Product (MVP): Parksen Parking application. New options can include periodic info about traffic issues, congestion and, most significantly, a system that helps drivers realize the closest and cheapest parking places close to them.

How PARQ works

The Parksen parking application that has been employed in the Netherlands already allows users to find and order time-making parking for every city in the Netherlands. It runs entirely in the cloud and it is directly connected to the garage and metropolitan with some Apis work and with this, users can have an AN guarantee to receive real-time info from a reachable parking area that is very about their problem.

Parksen also includes dashboards for cities, parking garages, and companies. This dashboard is ready to map the number of cars that have been placed in a place, predict the next activity and provide information that might be used to optimize the parking space.

This platform is useful for drivers by giving them the opportunity to find the closest and most cost-effective parking lot around them. This also gives them the possibility of getting the Parksen utility token by sharing their knowledge about the parking offered, traffic congestion and pollution levels.

Features of PARQ

Real-time Application Parking Application
Parksen parking is formed for drivers, and allows them to order and pay money for parking before time, thus limiting their search and emotional strength. This application also shows them fasting routes to their destination and provides period info on original jams.

Cloud Answer
Parksen’s goal is to attach cities and companies to customers and garages. Offering one size for all, easily adopted and cloud-based platforms, we tend to ensure that these institutions do not have to be forced to rely on large third-party software and software updates.

Green, good & Connected city platform
The Parksen town platform is equipped with a universal dashboard that tracks congestion, pollution, usage, and parking conditions, standing from connected IoT devices and sensors. This also includes markets for inexperienced and good equipment.

Token PARQ Token
Parksen’s own specialty, can be used in applications to pay and receive payments for parking actions, and additionally in the dashboard and market to pay and receive payments for hard codes and computers that will facilitate your city, company or garage contributing to a greener city.

Token information

Token PARQ
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20

PreICO price 1 PARQ = 0.07 USD
Price in ICO 0.0800 USD
Tokens for sale 250,000,000

Investment info

Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 30%

Soft cap 15000000
Hard cap 19500000



If you want to know more about PARQ, Below are some useful links where you can find more pieces of information


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