Parsec Frontiers is an online preoccupation about colonization of people. Parsec Frontiers is by and by being chipped away at Artplant’s studios in Oslo, Norway and Tver, Russia. They are using savvy contracts on Ethereum arrange with ERC 20 idealize tokens. Tokens which are made for explanation behind these wander. This is an undertaking filled by square chain development. The assignment is revolved around giving people better utilization of advanced cash. Parsec Frontiers is a phase for gamers, which will finally bring gamers the thought they justify. Gaming industry is extending every year, with countless worth of wages, an expansive number of watchers and distinctive prizes. The basic thing to see is that all players can exchange out their out beguilement assets for BTC/ETH or fiat at whatever point. Parsec Frontiers will be perfect blend of a web entertainment and virtual economy. There is a lot of potential for its advancement and place so everyone on this stage could join and be compensated. There are an impressive measure of issues with gaming industry, establishment, issues recording to versatility… The decisions for gamers to adjust their capacities are confined. They can have full inside on the amount of things open and their automated assets and trades. That all is possible with a square chain advancement. They give customers utility tokens to various trades. The stage is definitely not hard to use. They have upgraded affirmation system and with direct access customers are feeling to a great degree secured and that is about. Utility tokens you can use on this stage and this tokens will fuel that whole system. In this decentralized structure everything is clear and it will bring back the trust in an old system, which they lost. It isn’t only a phase for gaming and the enjoyment itself, it passes on moreover possibility of benefitting to the gamers. We now can give square chain development brought dynamic contemplations and great exercises. It will secure a dynamic things these field. It is great and amazingly wonderful to see wanders along these lines.

Parsec Frontiers is a monstrous multiplayer online persevering world with a virtual economy blockchain.Players can investigate the Milky Way system, concentrate and exchange assets, cargo merchandise, assault others at their own hazard, make new and further developed items, explore innovation, make or join organizations together and use responsibility for stations and asset extraction rights to at last extend their domain and riches. All in-amusement things and assets are put away on a blockchain.

Parsec Frontiers’ economy is open and player-controlled. The cash for help of exchange and measure of riches are Parsec Credits-an ERC20 token abbreviated to PARSEC. It is utilized for exchanges on exchanging trades all through the universe, for exchanges between the members and for exchanges with the back end framework. Parsec Credits will be exchanged on optional markets against significant coins like BTC, ETH and in addition fiat monetary forms. The blockchain resource straightforwardness gives a protected, confide in less amusement condition, which joined with the liquidity f cryptographic money trades changes the virtuali tems into investable resources close by more conventional resource classes.

Joined with a deflationary instrument identified with monetary action, holders of Parsec Credits should see consistent esteem development. The venture is embraced by famous diversion advancement studio Artplant, situated in Norway and Russia. The group of 15+ individuals have 5-25 years of diversion dev encounter, and broad involvement with MMOs and virtual universes. This report additionally subtle elements how the world will be made, the specialized contemplations and the mechanics of the economy and gameplay.


After Earth’s downfall, humankind is urgent to colonize the cosmic system and revamp development. It is a cosmic system without space stations, travel doors, spaceships and propelled innovation. It is up to the players to investigate, extend and build up this new world together. The diversion universe depends on the genuine Milky Way cosmic system, and the players are allowed to investigate and abuse any side of it. As they do, the tenacious shared world will develop together with the player base, from the newborn child dash for unheard of wealth age of an unexplored system, to later phases of flourishing and player-run interstellar social orders – and war revenue driven, extension and wonderfulness.

At its core all lies the virtual economy blockchain. Where other web based recreations give players virtual incentive to work as they play, the time put resources into Parsec Frontiers will bring about substantial true resources that can be contributed or gotten the money for out. Past amusements have demonstrated that our diversion configuration is one that will empower many hours of exchanging and investigation, and imbue genuine economy into the virtual one. Along these lines, expanding the player’s commitment into amusement play that can be both fun and productive.


VIRTUAL ECONOMY BLOCKCHAINS are upsetting on the web industrious world playing encounters


•Players can put confide in the blockchain, evacuating uncalled for and unexpected virtual economy changes by amusement organizations.


•Consistent move of cash all through amusements makes virtual resources another, troublesome resource class, as the economy can straightforwardly be broke down, confirmed and viewed.


•An open blockchain effectively confirms the assets that are extricated and presented in the virtual economy.


Parsec Frontiers’ economy is exceptionally open and controlled by players. The money that is utilized to encourage exchange and utilized as a methods for estimation of riches is parsec Credits – It is an ERC20 token that is named as PARSEC. This is utilized for exchanges and exchanging trades all through the world. On account of exchange between the members and for exchanges with open backend framework, PARSEC is exchanged on optional markets against real cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other fiat monetary standards.


Web 3.0 gaming is here!. Parsec Frontiers is meant to be a noteworthy grandstand of blockchain innovation in gaming and be the distinct advantage in media outlets. Parsec Frontiers is an extraordinary commitment to the rising Blockchain Gaming trend . Parsec Frontiers will enable the players to investigate any framework in our system in 3D.


Parsec Frontiers diversion empowers early adopters to secure the main beginning resources in the amusement through spaceship and state rights barters, and to likewise have early access into the game . This is a noteworthy favorable position before the overall population get access into the diversion world.


The blockchain resource straightforwardness gives an exceptionally secure, reliable amusement condition, which is joined with the liquidity of digital currency trades transmit the virtual things into unmistakable and investable resources which can offer ascent to riches close by more customary resource classes. Parsec Frontiers is joined with a deflationary system identified with monetary action.


Token name: PRSC

PRSC tokens available for sale: 16,103,862,002 PRSC

Soft cap: 2.500 ETH

Hard cap: 10,759 ETH raised

Price: 1 ETH = 1.300.000 PRSC

Minimum: 0.01 ETH

Total token supply is 30,856,775,800 PRSC

The PRSC token will be an ERC20 token on Ethereum to allow for an easier crowd sale process and ease of trading on external cryptocurrency exchanges. A corresponding PRSC asset will also exist on the game chain for use in the game world.

The foundation for Parsec Frontiers is the Parsec Credit token. All in-game trading will use this, making it the core of the economy. It can also be exchanged for Ethereum. And as the players accumulate wealth in-game, they also accumulate real world money. We aim to get Parsec tokens on as many cryptocurrency exchanges as possible and make it a liquid currency not just in the game, but also in the real world.

The crowdsale starts on May 15th 14:00 UTC.

Token Allocation



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