Parsec Frontiers

Parsec Frontiers is an online game about humanity’s colonization of the stars and planets in the Milky Way. Starting from Earth, the actions of all players will shape the future of our galaxy. With a persistent game universe and a continually evolving timeline, the race is on to explore, expand and exploit the riches to be found in other star systems.

A fully player-driven economy blockchain will allow players to mine and refine rare metals, build advanced starships and defense systems, and buy and trade resources for profit on the planetary exchanges.
The in-game currency will be Parsec Credits [PARSEC], a utility token which will also be tradable on some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. This lowers the threshold for investing in a virtual economy, knowing that all players can cash out their in-game assets for BTC/ETH or fiat at any time.

All transactions involving items, resources and player spaceships in the game will be registered on a virtual economy blockchain. This enables verification of resources and player items in the economy, enhancing gameplay and the intrinsic value of the virtual assets.

Parsec Frontiers is a massive multiplayer online persistent world with a virtual economy blockchain.Players can explore the Milky Way galaxy, extract and trade resources, freight goods, attack others at their own peril, manufacture new and more advanced objects, research technology, create or join alliances and utilize ownership of space stations and resource extraction rights to ultimately expand their empire and wealth. All in-game items and resources are stored on a blockchain.


Parsec Frontiers’ economy is open and player-controlled. The currency for facilitation of trade and measure of wealth are Parsec Credits-an ERC20 token shortened to PARSEC. It is used for transactions on trading exchanges throughout the galaxy, for transactions between the participants and for transactions with the back end system. Parsec Credits will be traded on secondary markets against major coins like BTC, ETH as well as fiat currencies. The blockchain asset transparency provides a secure, trust less game environment, which combined with the liquidity f cryptocurrency exchanges transforms the virtuali tems into investable assets alongside more traditional asset classes.

Combined with a deflationary mechanism related to economic activity, holders of Parsec Credits should see steady value growth. The project is undertaken by renowned game development studio Artplant, based in Norway and Russia. The team of 15+ people have 5-25 years of game dev experience, and extensive experience with MMOs and virtual worlds. This document further details how the world will be created, the technical considerations and the mechanics of the economy and gameplay.


VIRTUAL ECONOMY BLOCKCHAINS are disrupting online persistent world playing experiences

    Players can place trust in the blockchain, removing unfair and unforeseen virtual economy changes by game companies.
    Seamless transfer of money in and out of games makes virtual assets a new, disruptive asset class, as the economy can openly be analysed, verified and watched.
    An open blockchain easily verifies the resources that are extracted and introduced in the virtual economy.

The Vision
After Earth’s demise, humanity is desperate to colonize the galaxy and rebuild civilization. It is a galaxy without space stations, travel gates, spaceships and advanced technology. It is up to the players to explore, expand and develop this new world together. The game universe is based on the real Milky Way galaxy, and the players are free to explore and exploit any corner of it. As they do, the persistent shared world will evolve together with the player base, from the infant gold rush age of an unexplored galaxy, to later stages of prosperity and player-run interstellar societies – and war for profit, expansion and glory.

At the heart of it all lies the virtual economy blockchain. Where other online games give players virtual value to build as they play, the time invested in Parsec Frontiers will result in tangible real world assets that can be invested or cashed out. Previous games have proven that our game design is one that will encourage hundreds of hours of trading and exploration, and infuse real economy into the virtual one. Thus, increasing the player’s engagement
into game play that can be both fun and profitable.



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