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This MMO, strategy-based, 4X game with a virtual economy blockchain is set in the future after Earth’s demise, a post-apocalyptic scenario. Players will explore new galaxies and the Milky Way in spaceships built with advanced technology. Players will be able to expand and develop this new world together. As they explore and exploit, the new world will change and evolve in real-time from decisions made by the player base.

Let’s face it. A lot of us are or have been major gamers at one point in our life, some of us Loves MMO’S other loved sandbox games or even RPG games. But there is one thing that all games so far have had in common which the blockchain technology is going to change. OWNERSHIP!
If you grinded 200 hours in a MMO back in the day if it was WOW or Runescape or EVE- Online, you know that anything you gather in these games are not your property but rather the game develops property. That means when you for example buy a pack of cards in Hearthstone you don’t own those cards you have only ‘rented’ them from Blizzard. You were still able to sell what you had gathered but that came with the risk of your account getting banned which you had more than likely used 500+ hours on. However, with the blockchain technology more and more game companies are trying to change that. In this article I will mostly focus on an upcoming game that is Parsec Frontiers. The reason I have chosen to focus on this game is because it is not just browser based like Cryptokitties and are fully-fledged working games.

ParsecFrontiers.ParsecFrontiers is a space MMO that focus on space exploration, mining and Player driven economy. ParsecFrontiers will be supported by a blockchain, that means everything you gather trade or fight to achieve will be your property. If you wanted to travel to a faraway galaxy to get some rare and unique materials and then trade them in for parsec credits and use those credits to buy bitcoin or ethereum you are free to do so. This is a very ambitious project and I am happy that I have followed it from the start, if you have ever played EVE-Online and want to try an upcoming game that let you own all your assets you grind for ParsecFrontiers is differently something to look out for.


Some information about the game.• Do you have to know about crypto to play this game? No. when I asked a dev this question the answer was the following
” Ideally a person without any crypto knowledge should be able to play the game.”

• If everything is your property can I do what I want with it? Yes, if you want to play the game just to earn money for crypto or anything else you are free to do so if you like the game you are also allowed to invest your own money into it. As the game is using a 100% player run economy there will be plenty of opportunities to invest and make money.

• Is there any requirements to get started on this game? This is something that is not completely set in stone yet. The devs are working on a solution to this problem, it is something they are not taking lightly as they are not only targeting the crypto community but also the mainstream gamers.


what do I personally think about this project?I personally really like this project as I have been a gamer all my life, I have played so many games and always wondered what crypto could do for us gamers. The money I have invested in crypto today all comes from gaming, I have never invested anything from my own bank account as I simply could not afford that. But I have always felt like I did something really wrong every time I sold gold or items for crypto as I was breaking the rules of the games. But now with ParsecFrontier and other upcoming games that utilize the blockchain technology I don’t have to feel like a bad guy when I am selling or buying items in games for crypto or just plain fiat.
In my eyes this is a really good step forward for gamers no matter what you play if you are into trading card games there is another game coming up called Nova Blitz, I will talk more about at a later date. All in all I really enjoy following this games development as if ParsecFrontiers is a success we can be guaranteed that more games will follow in its footsteps.



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