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From Crypto Newbie to Ship Captain in Parsec Frontiers

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) begins May 15th at 14:00 UTC. This is the time where anyone* can buy Parsec Credits (PRSC), the cryptocurrency that will be used in the upcoming game Parsec Frontiers. The price is fixed but the early your participate in the ICO the more bonus tokens you will receive.

When the ICO is completed all the unsold Parsec Credits will be “burned”, which means they are removed from circulation forever.

  • except residents from Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodia, Mainland China, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco and Nepal and the US (only accredited investors)

Words you should learn if you are new to cryptocurrencies

Ether: A very established cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain

Fiat: currencies like USD, GBP, EUR etc..

Wallet: Cryptocurrency wallets are digital safety boxes for storing your digital assets, tokens and cryptocurrencies.

ERC20: A specific type of ethereum token. Parsec Credits are ERC20 standard.

Gas price: Think of it as a very small transaction fee for interacting with the blockchain. If you the network is congested you need to use a higher gas price to get your transaction accepted. Check out how the network is doing here.

1: Acquire Ether at an exchange

The first step is to get hold of the cryptocurrency known as Ether. This can be purchased at an exchange, and you can find such an exchange at CoinBase.

You will need to sign up, and go through a process of identification to be able to purchase Ether for fiat (USD, NOK, EUR, etc). This usually means providing CoinBase with a picture of a driver’s license, passport or other valid identification, and waiting for approval. This can take anything from 10 minutes to a couple of days.

After this process, you can use a credit card or some other form of payment-option to buy your first Ether, which then ends up in your CoinBase Ether-wallet. This “Ether-wallet” is like a “bank-account” for the Ether currency.

2: Create an account at and pass the KYC (know your customer)

Register for a new account at and a wallet will be created for you. You will then need to pass the KYC to be able to participate in the crowdsale. This step is a legal requirement where we need to verify your identity before we can let you buy Parsec Credits. Click the KYC tab on the top right and provide the documentation needed.

For advanced users and US accredited investors

We recognize that not everyone is comfortable sending their ETH to a wallet where they do not own the private keys and seed phrase. If you wish to contribute in the Parsec Frontiers ICO by sending eth directly to our contract from your existing wallet you can do that by passing the KYC in this document. We will then send information to you in email about how and when you can participate in the ICO.

3: Send Ether from your exchange or existing wallet to the Parsec Frontiers wallet.

Find your wallet ID in the wallet tab. It should look like this:

Send your Ether from the exchange to your address and wait a few minutes until the transaction is successful.

4: Participating in the ICO, purchasing Parsec Credits.

Navigate to the crowdsale tab and select participate. 1 Eth = 1 300 000 Parsec Credits and some bonus credits based on how early you participate in the ICO. Information about bonuses can be found here. You will not be able to participate with more eth then you have in your Parsec Frontiers wallet.

Once you have received your Parsec Credits we recommend that you send them to another wallet where you own the private keys and seed. We recommend buying either a Nano S or Trezor hardware wallet for keeping your cryptocurrency safe. If you wish you can also create a wallet using My Ether Wallet. Simply follow the steps at send your Parsec Credits to the wallet you create.

Do NOT send Parsec Credits to your exchange wallet.

Congratulations on successfully purchasing your Parsec Credits. Continue onto the next step if you wish to participate in the ship auction.

4: Set up a MetaMask wallet to participate in the ship auction.

By using MetaMask as a Browser Addon, you can easily purchase Ships and Plots from the Parsec Frontiers Marketplace, with a few clicks. Once MetaMask is installed, make sure you print out a copy of the security phrase (seed phrase) so you can store it somewhere safe offline.

5: Send Parsec Credits to your MetaMask wallet

Navigate to the Wallet tab and select send Parsecs.

Navigate to the Wallet tab and select send Parsecs. Copy your MetaMask address to clipboard and click send Parsecs to your metamask wallet address.

If you wish you can follow these steps to show how many Parsec Credits you have in your MetaMask wallet:

The name of the currency is Parsec Credits. The official symbol is PRSC. Click on your MetaMask (fox) icon at the top of your browser.

  1. Click on “Tokens”
  2. Click on “Add Token”
  3. Use the following details:
    Address: 0x4373d59176891da98ca6faaa86bd387fc9e12b6e
    Symbol: PRSC
    Decimals: 6

After completing this step, your MetaMask wallet will now display your newly purchased Parsec Credits. Congratulations! You have now completed what might end up being a very rewarding endeavor!

6: Ships for sale from 16th of may 16:00 UTC

Head on over to to participate in the ship auction.

For more information please join the conversation on our Discord or follow us on Twitter




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