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Before now, several online businesses and trading had emerged, been the other of the day before the advent and awareness of cryptocurrency. After sometime, many of the so called online businesses could not be sustained for a period of time rather crashed. This has dashed the hope of many customers as the platform originally was not designed and configured to suit the purpose and protect the interest of the customers at large (both prospects and existing).

Though, crypto currency was existing simultaneously with online trading but was not highly recognized based on the ignorance of the populace as it was termed as an illusion to the large populace i.e. a mirage that has no feature in the future of the world market. But today, it’s real no illusion.

On like the online trading, the crypto currencies platform is designed with the interest of the clients at heart, as its transparent with unbreakable functions. This gives the clients opportunity to access real time of all transactions. Also permit the clients’ opportunity apart from crypto exchange, funds exchange is available too.


From survey, it was observed that the new trend in online businesses which made Bitcoin cryptocurrency to become determining factor in the world market, as far back give rise to others with over 1000 crypto currencies with countless exchanges.  Going through the light paper, it was obvious that the new improved generation of cryptocurrency has emerge, known as RUBY-X.

The Ruby-x is a friendly and viable platform for cryptocurrencies which is transparent, expandable and has unbreakable functions.


The fundamental features, merits and the visions of Ruby exchange, describes what the Ruby exchange platform is and how it delivers value to its customers. Considering Ruby as the second most solid gem after diamond has been considered the stone of passion, encouraging passion for life. It is thought that rubies improve motivation and the setting of goal.

Ruby-x uplifting and vital nature is an encouragement to live fully and embrace the joy of life that is missing in many people’s lives.

Ruby-x is not only a crypto currency exchange, but also an exchange for funds, technology and more. Exchange your Passion, Ruby Exchange

Investors and traders would gain and trade their passion with Ruby-x, which promises that embracing the joy of life that is missing in many people’s lives and other exchanges.

From investors to users, Ruby-x platform motivate all to profit especially via the giveaway trading contest. Ruby-x Trading Contest is pegged for $10,000,000 worth Rewards. The Trading Contest period: 17 August 2018–14 September 2018 for the first competition whereas the second Competition Duration(Official service) : 20 September (00:00 GMT) – 20 October (23:59 GMT)

Winner Announcement and prize distribution: for 1st Competition is20 September, 2018 and 2nd Competition is 14 November, 2018.

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Two billion RBY token is available for sale out of the twenty billion and the token price will increase over time so it is advisable to be a holder now.

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