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Whatever we do, whatever the times, but the theme of agriculture is one of the most important in our world. After all, you agree that without food, humanity simply can not exist, absolutely, as without water. But that’s not what we are talking about.

In our time, much has changed and continues to change with respect to technology, climate change and other negative factors that directly affect agricultural activities. Recently, various natural disasters have become more frequent, which destroy crops, completely undermining the entire agricultural sector and the market value of the goods. And as practice shows, such cases are very, very much. Which is sad.

In addition to natural phenomena, the agricultural industry is beset by strict total control, which raises the bar of conducting all land works, from the delivery and submission of various reports and documents, to the use of the necessary equipment for harvesting.

It may seem that there is nothing wrong, but all these problems entail a whole chain of consequences that have to be fought not only by farmers, but also by us. The team of developers, which is actively testing its development in the United States, intends to solve the situation.

Project and its features

The project which will be discussed today is called – Pavo. This project is a blockchain platform that together with IoT sensors aims to create a system for monitoring the agricultural sector. As I said earlier, this project is being tested in the United States, to be more precise in California on the plantations of almonds and walnuts.

With the help of IoT sensors, and decentralized management, farmers will be able to obtain data on the state of the soil, determine the time of planting and harvesting, and also to notify prematurely about possible weather changes. Such an approach would improve the quality of crops and the agricultural sector as a whole. And the most important thing in this project is that it is easily adapted to different countries and crops. That in the future will allow Pavo to spread rapidly around the world.


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To clear the benefits of the project Pavo can be attributed to the following factors:

Due to the fact that IoT sensors are able to be located both on the ground and underground, it will allow them to transmit messages about the conditions of plant growth and soil conditions to such mobile devices as iOS and Android. All sensors are connected to each other and are combined into one common Pavo network. Using this software solution is very easy and simple, making it available to all users.

But above all, the Pavo project will provide farmers with secure payments, secure transactions, transparency of the system, as well as smart contracts, through which they will be able to efficiently and effectively interact with their suppliers and business partners.

Another advantage of the Pavo project is the professional experience of developers, thanks to which the development of Pavo IoT sensors has appeared in the world. Moreover, all developed prototypes are already available in the public domain, which allows everyone to test this system within their agricultural area.

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At the end of the review, we would like to add that the development team has many years of experience in the agricultural industry, knows all its strengths and weaknesses that allowed it to develop such a unique project as Pavo. After all, all its goals are aimed at improving and protecting not only crops, but also the business relations of farmers around the world.

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