PaxPay: Creating a Better Way to Pay. Send, Spend, Receive, and Repeat

New Age payment processing systems are among the most essential requirements of merchants and store owners. The latest consumer shopping and buying trend indicates that nowadays people want to pay for things purchased through their ATM cards rather than paying in cash.

According to the analysis of modern consumer payment models, it is clearly visible that they prefer to make payments via ATM cards only. Rates of payments made by credit cards have decreased.

In order to provide attractive benefits by making payments using ATM cards, merchants have adopted state-of-the-art payment processing systems that can process ATM card payments.

The merchant benefit on these payments thanks to Cashless ATM Scrip

Merchants can earn money on every transaction made by ATMs through ATMs, such as traditional payment processing systems, they do not have to pay a processing fee for every transaction. This means additional profits for merchants or store owners using such Cashless ATMs.

Customer Benefits on ATM Cashless Scrip Payments

Making payments via cashless ATMs or Scrip ATMs are the most convenient ways. Customers can get money by making purchases. For this convenience, they must pay a small processing fee (usually less than the processing fee incurred in credit card payments). The customer must drag his ATM card through a cashless ATM, then he must enter his PIN (Personal Identification Number), after checking that customers get a coupon / coupon that can be used in stores.

Security Concerns at Cashless Scrip ATMs

As its name suggests, cashless ATMs do not hold money, so there is almost no risk. There is no need for security personnel to keep the ATM (as in the case of conventional ATMs used by banks to withdraw money). So, it is secure for merchants as well as customers. Even if you lose your ATM card, no one can use it without the correct PIN. This means that only authorized persons can use Cashless Scrip automated teller machines.

The Internet has played a vital and important role in encouraging the sale of products and services online, making life convenient for the public, who in an interconnected world, is good, the whole world.

E-commerce has given rise to the concept of fully online shops selling products and services, cataloged efficiently and available for the convenience of the customer. There are several websites that store everything from lifestyle items, collectibles, books, electronics and more.

Payment methods in the early stages of e-commerce were not very numerous and were limited to wire transfers or direct deposit.

Over the past decade, e-commerce has matured and grown exponentially. The result: There are now several types of e-commerce payment methods available online. If your credit is bad and you can not afford a merchant account, there are other payment methods on ecommerce sites that can help you.

One of the most popular online payment methods is to pay via PayPal. PayPal allows anyone to send and receive payments for goods online and offline. The best thing about PayPal is its ease of use and no credit checking limit. All you need to do is check their address and personal information. PayPal account holders can simply redirect their customers to a PayPal order page, or if the PayPal account type allows, payment can be made directly to a PayPal account using only the account-related email address as

Another method of e-commerce website payment is Google Checkout. This service is managed by Google, owner of the famous search engine. Google Checkout is fast becoming a popular and favorite payment method for many ecommerce website owners. The reasons, for starters, are that the service is user friendly, easy to use and extremely reliable. When you think about the end of the business owner, Google Checkout typically charges less merchant fees than PayPal.

New payment methods are also making their presence felt. One of the innovative payment methods available online is iKobo. The way iKobo works is that any customer can choose a payment source, which can be a bank account or a credit card, and block this payment source with an iKobo account.

When a customer wants to pay a site / seller online, all he has to do is specify the amount and pay the service fee in addition to that. The first time a customer does this with a particular vendor, the seller receives a VISA debit card from iKobo. This card issue is a unique procedure. Then, if someone has to pay an online provider who has an iKobo debit card, all he has to do is specify the card number, and the payments are transferred.

Mission Statement

PaxPay aims to provide consumers in the cryptocurrency market with an innovative experience by creating an all-in-one global payment system with a smart cryptographic device
A more detailed look at PaxPay:

Have you ever imagined a world without purses, with bags or wallets? Imagine the simplicity of a single bracelet that can do everything with your fingertips. No clutter, no unnecessary random items, and most importantly no wallets overloaded with plastic credit and debit cards. Say goodbye to useless items and welcome a futuristic all-in-one cryptocurrency payment bracelet, the Paxlet. Take your Paxlet to a retailer or a physical enterprise to make payments seamlessly and instantly with NFC technology or scan and swipe. This high-tech bracelet is used for cold storage that contains sophisticated security. Similar to a Nano Ledger or Trezor, Paxlet stores your private key without disclosing any private information. Therefore, in case you lose your Paxlet, your private information is secure and protected. Never be afraid to lose your bracelet. Join PaxPay on our way to creating a revolutionary payment system. Manage your cryptocurrency with an application interface that synchronizes with your PaxPay payment app with the ability to send your address to the blockchain for your Paxlet in real time and spend it immediately.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own virtual showcase, but because of fear and uncertainty? PaxPay’s virtual market, PaxPlace, offers countless opportunities for buyers and sellers to customize their shop without hassle, hidden fees or financial boundaries. Forget your worries because of unfair results, and trade or bidding on PaxPlace without stress.

In addition, PaxPlace will support an infrastructure that allows the consumer to hire freelancers for any type of work, as well as allowing individuals to run their own independent rental business on an international platform. Do you have a particular skill or occupation of your own? For example, are you an ace at writing or do you have a solid literary experience? On PaxPlace, you can list your skills as a freelance writer for rent to earn extra income! Or have you always wanted to learn how to cook, for example, French pastries, cupcakes or crème brûlée from scratch? Or how about learning how to do body work on a car? Now you can! Just go on PaxPlace and hire a freelancer to come in and not just do the work for you, but you can even hire them to teach you from scratch! Let’s say you hire a freelance freelance, a qualified chef who specializes in cooking or a car mechanic, you can hire locally or in another country. You can receive personalized personal guidance in your own tutorial, whether through a face-to-face home visit or a webcam-based service on our site. It’s up to you! a qualified chef who specializes in cooking or an auto mechanic you can hire locally or in another country. You can receive personalized personal guidance in your own tutorial, whether through a face-to-face home visit or a webcam-based service on our site. It’s up to you! a qualified chef who specializes in cooking or an auto mechanic you can hire locally or in another country. You can receive personalized personal guidance in your own tutorial, whether through a face-to-face home visit or a webcam-based service on our site. It’s up to you!

Whatever the job, the job, the skills, the service you have to offer, you can list as a freelancer or rental contractor on PaxPlace, or as a consumer, you can hire a freelancer of your choice. Not only will your choices be vast on the world stage, but as an independent freelancer, you will reach and simultaneously reach a global audience. Our goal is to move freelance opportunities to the next level. We aim to be the Uber of the independent business.
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