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PaxPay aims to provide consumers in the cryptocurrency market an innovative experience by creating an all-in-one global payments system featuring a smart device cryptocurrency bracelet called the Paxlet. Use the Paxlet in place of credit and debit cards at any brick-and-mortar retailer or business to pay with cryptocurrencies in the real world. The Paxlet will serve as a reliable and effective method of payment using cryptocurrencies in brick-and-mortar retailers and businesses, which could have massive implications for the expansion and potential wider adoption of blockchain technology as a source of funds.

Transfer to or pay anyone, anytime, anywhere instantly with fiat currency or cryptocurrencies using PaxPay’s user-friendly payments system. The Paxlet will be a huge advancement for the global implementation of blockchain technology in conjunction with PaxPay’s global all-in-one payments system. PaxPay will also launch PaxPlace, a new concept of an open worldwide virtual marketing platform that accepts cryptocurrency as payment. This consumer-focused marketing platform will include a customizable storefront for merchants and consumers to buy/sell/auction goods globally, a cryptocurrency exchange, and also support an infrastructure that enables the consumer to hire freelancers for any type of work as well as allowing individuals to run their own freelance business for hire on an international level.

PaxPay will be an inclusive, revolutionary, all-in-one platform whose main goals include providing efficient services and solutions that will benefit, influence, impact, and transform the global cryptocurrency community, so join us and be a part of this change.


PaxPay’s success in the overall marketplace and in the specific target markets of wallets and payments will be contingent on the following market trends:

• Continued growth in the cryptocurrency market;
• Favorable and widespread consumer sentiment toward cryptocurrency use;
• Consumer adoption and use of cryptocurrency apps using wallet and transfer features.

Growth in the Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency markets are growing at a rapid pace. According to a 2017 study published by Cambridge University’s Centre for Alternative Finance, “Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have been seen by some as merely a passing fad or insignificant, but that view is increasingly at odds with the data we are observing.” The Centre’s research states that as of April 2017:

the combined market value of all cryptocurrencies is $27 billion, which represents a level of value creation on the order of Silicon Valley success stories like AirBnB.
The advent of cryptocurrency has also sparked many new business platforms with sizable valuations of their own, along with new forms of peer-to-peer economic activity.

The study further shows that the total cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased more than 3x since early 2016, reaching nearly $25 billion in March 2017. Other estimates indicate that the value of ether, bitcoin, and more than 800 other blockchain-based assets is estimated at $154 billion, according to CoinMarketCap with year over year growth 1,240 percent year-over-year.

Consumer Sentiment Toward Cryptocurrency Use

Consumers are gradually and consistently warming up to cryptocurrency use. According to PwC’s 2015 Consumer Cryptocurrency Survey, 6% of respondents say they are either “very” or “extremely” familiar with cryptocurrencies. From this data PwC concluded that that familiarity will increase as consumers begin to have access to innovative offerings and services not otherwise available through traditional payment systems. Further, findings from this survey indicate that 86% of respondents who have used cryptocurrencies in the last year expect their use of cryptocurrencies to significantly increase in the next three years. Furthermore, respondents believe that cryptocurrencies will have a significant potential impact on banking and retail. As such, “a majority (76%) of current users say cryptocurrencies will redefine banking as we know it, and 59% say their banking experience would be improved if they had greater access to cryptocurrencies.”

Consumer Adoption and Use of Cryptocurrency Apps Using Wallet and Transfer Features

Consumers have shown an affinity toward adopting cryptocurrency wallet and transfer applications. Estimates of the use of cryptocurrency for payments varies due to issues regarding the quality of data available to track these transactions. A 2016 report issued by the Boston Federal Reserve estimates that “75% of US consumers who own cryptocurrencies have used them for payments within a 12-month period.” A report issued by Coinbase/ARK Invest indicates a more conservative estimate, stating that “46% of Coinbase users use bitcoin as a ‘transactional medium’ (defined as making at least one payment per year).”

According to the Cambridge University’s Centre for Alternative Finance, the percentage of the estimated 35 million cryptocurrency wallets that are in active use ranges from 7.5% to 30.9%.
Additionally, estimates show that “there at least 3 million people actively using cryptocurrency today with between 5.8 million and 11.5 million wallets estimated to be currently active.” From these data it can be inferred that wallet use will continue to grow.

PaxPay’s Proposed Value in its Target Markets

PaxPay will offer its services into the multibillion dollar cryptocurrency market with massive growth and largely untapped potential by offering consumers a user-friendly method of using cryptocurrency as a method of payment for global and local transactions. PaxPay will target unbanked consumers seeking a safe and efficient way to make financial transactions, existing cryptocurrency users looking for a more user-friendly experience, and late cryptocurrency adopters who will be looking to enter the market for the first time. Further, PaxPay will provide an efficient and low-risk financial platform for underbanked industries that are legal under state laws, but may experience federal restrictions on financial transactions.

Mitigating the Problems Related to Decimal Point Conversion

One of the most confusing problems with cryptocurrencies that PaxPay will seek to address is related to decimal point conversion in exchanges involving Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies; the exchange rate is complicated and confusing, and ultimately inhibits the smooth transfer of cryptocurrency. PaxPay will simplify the conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat currency, and vice versa. The app will be created in order to reduce the hassle of plugging precise decimals; the consumer will be able to view their choice of currency in true value on the screen.
Further, users may transfer, withdraw, and/or deposit from the app directly into their bank account, exchange it into other forms of cryptocurrency and/or fiat currency, send it to any other PaxPay user, or simply keep it in the user’s secure PaxPay wallet.

Smart Contract Capability

PaxPay will offer users an option to make a smart contract with another individual on the PaxPay platform to do any type of work, exchange of services, and/or product(s). Once the contract terms have been met, the funds can be released either automatically or manually for the other party on the PaxPay platform.





PaxPay’s estimated operational expenses are reflected in the figure below:

Operational: 35% of market cap or 350,000,000 PAX tokens



• Duy Tran

• Phuong (Lisa) Hoang

• Annie Pham

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