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Hello to all and welcome to my ICO review . For those of you who don’t know me yet, let me introduce myself. My name is Funke and I’m an experienced writer who enjoys what he does very much. I’m here to give you all the information you might need or want about the newest platform that enable consumers the ability to buy goods at wholesale prices directly without the middleman. It definitely worth your time and therefore, mine, too. I plan to make them “easy read, to the point” because what’s important to me is that we all comprehend and absorb the information and actually want to be here learning together about something new.

Today, let us all learn and experience together all about PAXPAY. If you don’t know anything about them, don’t run away, that’s why I’m here, to change that within the next few minutes. Before I begin, I just want to quickly mention that I will be including LINKS so that YOU can do your own research or whatever you feel you need. I feel it’s best to have all of the information in one place, in an organised manner, rather than dotted about the page making what you want hard to find or confusing. All these links will be put at the BOTTOM of this page to keep things easy.

I am going to get straight to the point of who they are since this is such an important factor, as I like to put it, “The Brains behind PAXPAY”. If the team behind the product or service in question haven’t the resources or knowledge, then we know the product or service delivered will possibly not have the quality it should have. We need to know two very important things when we look at a new starting up company:Who are the people/team behind this?

What experience and knowledge do they possess?

Okay, so, because I’ve already done all the research needed beforehand and thoroughly PAXPAY I can very happily confirm that this company has a fabulous team onboard. Here they are:

This sort of quality is inspiring. They have made sure to supply us with all the information we could possibly need, on them personally as a team, aswell as them as a company. They are acting transparently and therefore receiving the trust they deserve from investors and potential users, like you and I.

On their website, you can visit the “Team” section and simply by clicking on each team member’s image or name you will be redirected to their professional profiles. Here you may consult and analyse each individual’s expertise as much as you like. It’s all been put there for us to see that they have what it takes to acheive their goals with ease. I might aswell add that they have experience as traders themselves, making this a “Trader for trader” experience and ultimately inspiring more confidence in all of us.

The company aims at providing the various consumers in the crypto market with a new and innovative experience when they are spending, sending some money, selling or merely buying. So the company has seen the solution to this problem that exists in the market is by creating an all in one platform that will cater for all your transaction needs.

With such a promising platform being put in place the company promises they will expand it globally, to ensure all users enjoy the benefits an efficient system is able to offer. Not forgetting, they have ensured they have designed a user-friendly platform that will be able to rid the market of the common monetary transaction problems we have been accustomed to.

The company hopes to create a further expansion of the blockchain technology; thus, this will shape a much brighter and better future for the various participants in the market.


PaxPay aims to provide consumers in the cryptocurrency market a new innovative experience when spending, buying, selling, or simply sending money. PaxPay’s solution to this is to create an all-in-one payments system. PaxPay will expand the system globally, providing a user-friendly platform that will rid the world of the common problems of monetary transactions in the cryptocurrency world. We want to further the expansion of the blockchain technology and believe it will create a better and brighter future


Our goal at PaxPay is to fill a need in this space by offering a more futuristic way for payments for any type of transaction when it comes to cryptocurrency.

PaxPay Cryptocurrency Payments Coin Features

The platform will have a futuristic crypto bracelet. The futuristic bracelet is called Paxlet. It will serve you as a swift and even the most reliable way that you can pay with your cryptocurrency in the real world. All this will be possible by just scanning or even swiping your bracelet on a brick-and-mortar business, while still having the highest security levels to prevent hacking of your account.

The wallet will be super User-friendly. The wallet has been designed with high-security features that will allow you to quickly transfer and also sell your cryptocurrencies by using either your email, name or phone number. This will all be possible through a secure mobile phone virtual card, nothing could get easier than this.

With the crypto-based mobile payments, you will be able to spend your funds either with the brick-and-mortar option or online.

There will be a virtual marketing platform. The marketing platform will allow you as a user to either sell, buy or auction various items using the cryptocurrencies or just a fiat currency. PaxPay will for sure be the very first to launch a marketing platform that will allow users to use cryptocurrencies as their mode of payment; it is definitely something you should be a part of.

You have the opportunity to earn an extra income. It is straightforward, all you will need to do is list your trades and skills that other users could hire on the PaxPay platform. They have definitely thought outside the box on the different ways you can make a little extra money.

The platform has a very simple withdrawal and deposit feature. The platform will allow you to transact the fund to your account quickly. And let’s not forget the bonus structure they have put in place, this is any time you use PaxPay for payments, so get on the platform and enjoy the various benefits it is able to offer you.

Let break it down..


Creation of a sleek and unique futuristic crypto bracelet called Paxlet. Paxlet will serve as a fast and reliable way to pay with cryptocurrency in the real world simply by scanning or swiping your bracelet at any brick-and-mortar retailers and businesses, while integrating the highest security measures for users;


A user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet, which will have great security features, that allows users to transfer and spend cryptocurrencies using a name, email, and/or phone number via a secure, mobile phone-based virtual card. With this cryptocurrency-based mobile payment feature, consumers can spend funds with online or brick-and-mortar merchants, all while incorporating consumer and merchant incentives;


An open virtual marketing platform that allows users to auction, buy, and/or sell items using fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies. PaxPay will be one of the first of its kind to launch a marketing platform that allows the usage of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment;


Opportunity to make extra income by listing skills or trades for hire on the PaxPay platform;


Easily find and hire any type of skills from individuals to complete almost any type of work;


A quick and simple way to deposit or withdraw from/to a user’s bank account;


Send cryptocurrency instantly at a click of a button on Pax platform;


Great bonus structure for businesses who use Pax platform for payments.


A PaxPay virtual market platform is already in the process of development. This platform will allow merchants, big or small, to build a unique and customizable storefront for any type of business to increase revenue by selling goods worldwide. The PaxPay platform will enable consumers the ability to buy goods at wholesale prices directly without the middleman.

Why do you need PAX tokens?

For use in our virtual online market with up to 90% discount for merchandise

Use in real world or online merchants with Paxlet

Send/Receive from anyone instantly

Escrowed contracts for services or work

More features will be announced after beta launch

Incentives of PAX tokens?

In order to have PAX tokens adopted globally, there will be great incentives:

When you use PAX tokens, you will receive up to 10% back as bonus. This 10% is split between spender and receiver.

Referral program with great rewards.

PaxPay PAX Token ICO Details

PaxPay is holding an ICO for their PAX token which will launch on 04/24/18. You will be able to purchase PAX with either Ethereum or NEO.

Token Pre-Sale

30% Bonus

1 ETH = 6500 PAX Tokens

1 NEO = 910 PAX Tokens

Soft Cap = 12,500,000 PAX Tokens

Highlight Bonuses:

Token sale top contributor will receive 500,000 PaxPay bonus tokens loaded into their PaxPay app account and be able to use Pax platform fee-free for 1 year!

Top 5 contributors will be able to use PaxPay app fee-free for 1 year!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s review and my company along the way. Thanks for taking the time and will hopefully see you all in the next one.

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