PayBlok: B2B Payments within the InstaSupply Platform

Greetings to the whole community, I am passionate about the crypto coins and a follower of good projects like PayBlok. In this new publication I would like to present the PayBlok project. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crytocurrencies, ICO… but PayBlok blockchain is the coolest, and for more details we’re going to the following topics:
If we observe how society has evolved, from tribal societies we have moved to a different social structure in the modern world where people work in a specialized way and can do so in a global environment, from anywhere in the world due to the advent of technology and Internet. PayBlok is a social media platform with blockchain-based financial investors.The PayBlok social network will be one of unique and crypto social networks that will find cryptographic enthusiasts on a common platform and allow them to spread the appeal of information, including financial information, without missing any important updates.
It is not easy to get the signals about the crypt money you will invest in being aware of the financial developments in the world instantly. It is perfect that we can see the advice of other investors. It is up to us to trust and trust not with other investors, but at least we can have an idea of how things work on the market.
Traders, Sellers, Asset Managers and Investors. PayBlok will enable all these participants to interact in real time with no problem by publishing updates, blogs, images, analyzes, personal situations, video channels and anything else that could be important

PayBlok Introduction

PayBlok is a token aimed at solving small and medium size business cash-flow by offering an early payment function on top of the existing features within the InstaSupply platform, which already supporting the trade of over 2300 businesses, and is growing daily.

About the company
InstaSupply was founded in late 2014 by Lee Pruitt and Tim Huegdon with the vision to simplify all buyer and supplier business interactions online; born out of their prior experiences. InstaSupply have spent time building and refining a robust workflow that captures, digitizes, and automates all the back-and-forth interactions that proceed payment. Whilst disruption of the problems in business related to ordering, delivering, invoicing, and accounting have been a key focus, managing payments has always been the company end game since inception. Funded through rounds of investor financing since formation, the company has built a team of deeply experienced professionals who develop the platform, onboard and sustain thousands of businesses, and have processed over $60 million in transactional value.

What Is InstaSupply?
InstaSupply is a cloud platform that allows businesses to track and control spend across suppliers. The platform provides purchase ordering, budget control, approval workflows, delivery tracking, secure invoice and credit document storage and data collection, supplier and product management, payment control, and accounting reconciliation services.

Instasupply as a company, including but not limited to: profits, vote, or employment. As an asset, the initial sale of tokens will be subject to sales taxes according to each market. Following this, a token belongs to its owner and can be traded without restriction or the need for consent or participation from InstaSupply.


Real-time tracking: Businesses will be able to track all the spending and payment activities across different locations and currencies
Customer-supplier boarding: The platform offers custom onboarding and training for your suppliers.
Mobile interface: The platform is accessible on mobile, which allows people on the go to use it.
Record all transactions: It is easy to control all orders and deliveries across the business due to the use of blockchain technology
Custom approvals: The platform provides custom mapped approvals for all purchases and invoices
Expert customer care: The platform’s customer care representatives are always available to ensure the success of platform on your business.

iSSUES Faced by SMB:

B2B payments takes a long time to process and business do not get their payments on time due to long processes. Apart from payment problems the SMB are not able to take loans after 2008, financial crisis. Hence, they do not get formal credits. This hinders the growth and productivity of SMBs.

LASTING Solution: InstaSupply

InstaSupply is providing a platform to buyers and sellers to track and manage their money flow. It also allows users to create and place purchase orders, track deliveries, and match orders to corresponding invoices. When the customers receive the invoice, he has the choice to accept or reject it. When the invoice is accepted the payment is done outside the InstaSupply platform. The payments are done outside this platform as the data is sent to the customer’s accounting software where the data is recorded, and payment is done. PayBlok tokens will be used in this platform. This token will solve the above addressed problems by providing

Token Matrix:

Token – PBLK
Total Supply – 250,000,000
Soft Cap – $5M USD
Hard Cap – $15M USD

The Distribution
The distribution of tokens will break down as follows:
1. 60% Token Sale (150,000,000)
2. 15% Blocked for future use (37,500,000)
3. 18% Company, Team and Advisors (45,000,000)
4. 5% Incentives | Rewards (12,500,000)
5. 1% Referral Program (2,500,000)
6. 1% Bounty Program (2,500,00


June 2018
Begin pre-sale of PayBlok tokens to key individuals and early registrants.

July 2018
Open main sale of PayBlok tokens.

Q2 2018
Begin application for regulation and compliance in order to be a fully regulated global business bank and lender.
Begin applications for inclusion of PayBlok on third-party token exchanges.
Upgrade InstaSupply architecture to support full payments.

H2 2018
Build out of InstaSupply team to develop, support, market, and sell the extended product.
On-going development of new features.

Q1 2019
Deliver integrated payment gateway for receipt and delivery of fiat currency between buyers and suppliers.
Deliver PayBlok wallets in the InstaSupply platform.
Provide full in-platform payment runs.

Q2 2019
Provide transfer-in of PayBlok tokens to InstaSupply wallets.
Start providing PayBlok rewards to buyers and suppliers.

Q3 2019
Provide purchase of PayBlok within the InstaSupply platform.
Provide Supply Chain Financing and Asset-based Lending

Q4 2019
Provide transfer-out of PayBlok from InstaSupply wallets.
Provide cash-out of PayBlok tokens within InstaSupply.

2020 and beyond
Further development of the PayBlok token as a reward within InstaSupply.
Delivery of more regulated financial services for businesses.


Lee Pruitt (co-founder/CEO) – 12 years commercial experience selling B2B ecommerce and eprocurement solutions. Lee led global B2B eprocurement solutions for Grainger (the world’s largest B2B e-retailer) and started Tizaro, the largest online European ecommerce B2B distribution.

Tim Huegdon (co-founder/CIO/CTO) – 17 years development experience leading teams across top tech firms such as Yahoo, Amazon, and Betfair. Tim has experience in a huge number of languages, frameworks, technologies, and methodologies.

Riaz Shah (Director/Chairman) – 25 years as partner at accounting firm EY overseen London audit and global talent. In 2016 Riaz began serving in a part-time capacity at EY, dedicating the balance of his time serving as chairman at InstaSupply among many other directorships.

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