The Crypto currency is one of the most active transactions. The company’s vision is to become a cryptographic organization with the largest number of users around the world. Due to its low volatility and high anonymity, the company’s authorities discover that people think more about Cryptocurrences than money as money. That’s why the idea of ​​PAYERA emerged for the use of anxiety-free Cryptocurrences.

After compiling the original concept – after a short presentation – we provided interested partners and consultants, so we systematically created our team.


RECEIVER protects against criminals because it offers complete consumer protection for all transactions made through the PAYERA. This protection includes all traditional goods and services. You also have the possibility of making the built-in wallet transactions free of charge.

SELLERS get the perfect solution to settle in the crypto scene and increase the appropriate sales volume. We offer full protection against vat on the bail market. PAYERA has lower fees and a shorter retention time than other systems. Sellers also have the opportunity to make internal wallet transactions for free.


It enables merchants and private sellers to offer their services and goods safely in the crypto market.


A crypto payment card should of course not be missing.

Get your encryption-payment card for everyday use to gain even flexibility in offline.

The card will be connected to your PAYERA wallet and you will have the opportunity to shop at ATMs or take Fiat-money as you are used to, except you can use the coins in your PAYERA wallet.


No Change Fees

You can change or sell the crypto currencies as often as you like, and we do not charge exchange rates.

-There is no charge for the loyal

Buyers are completely exempt from paying.

– Low wages for the seller

The seller pays a very low price that can be further reduced by positive suggestions

-Multi-Functional Concept

A provider with which you can manage all your online transactions

-The processes are free

You can send money to friends and acquaintances.

-Safety at high level

In all our services, we apply the latest blockchain technology, which uses the highest level of encryption.

ICO is a method for financing an enterprise. The so-called “first currency offers” can be partially compared with the first edition of commercial documents on the stock exchange. ICO is able to purchase tokens for projects in the blockchain-ecosystem via mass funding. Supporters and investors buy the symbol of the progeny and can trade according to the token lists purchased on different platforms.

Between 30.05.18 and 15.06.18 PRE-ICO

ICO will be held between 20.06.18 – 18.07.18.

During ICO Crowdsale, there will be a 25% application bonus. You will receive a bonus 14 days after the end of the ICO. Follow the ICO site or your social media channels to get the latest information.

What are the main goals in the first three years?

– At least 6 million special users

– less than 100 thousand international registered business accounts

– To establish an international youth force team in the field of distribution and marketing in departments

progress and research in blockchain technology

to build a foundation team

We will use the secure, unbreakable system of blockchain technology to establish an honest structure in terms of marketing, procurement and process. When we record all the data on this number, we will see it instantly. The fact that control circles can not trace without the user is automatically recorded, so those wondering what will happen will build confidence in this process.

not just the performance of the cryptographers, but also the block chaining technology behind the scenes. The banking system will be replaced in the near future by many inefficient tools, intelligent contracts in the investment and finance industries.

new generation investors can meet expectations of technologically advanced platforms as well as freedom of transparency, productivity and innovation. For this reason, the central philosophy of our platform is proof of intra-executive communication, which means that every token owner can vote, participate in referendums and be rewarded for influence.

Payera came as a tool to cut the vehicle by creating a new crypto currency that does not include monetary institutions and avoids unnecessary exchange fees. The Payera platform may disrupt most of these vehicles and act as a similar obligation to central banks; which addresses a major headache that does not carry any obligation.

Although Payera is possible as a whole as the best and best-known online business enterprise in the Asian region, it demands that it be managed significantly less.

PARE is an ERC20 Token based on Ethereum Blockchain, PARE is a Token used by the Payera platform.

Team – Team

Payera allows worldwide customers to offer lower transaction fees. Merchants, likewise, have nothing to do in their pocket, so they have the chance to do wallet shopping as well. Merchants are the ideal answers and legitimate opportunities created in the crypto scene.





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