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The world of cryptocurrency has experienced significant developments in recent years. Although still constrained by regulatory issues and floating interest rate but investment in cryptocurrency is still increasing. Seeing this phenomenon there are some experts in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has an innovative idea and concerned about the effectiveness in transacting using cryptocurrency. They try to include the use of cryptocurrency in performing daily needs fulfillment activities.

As we all know, shopping is one way to get our daily needs. Therefore creating a platform that deals with the world of shopping in new ways using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is their greatest ambition. After going through a long process, they created a PAYERA. It is platform that uses e-commerce concept which is very popular in Asia but with more simple features to understand. PAYERA itself is a tool for circumventing intermediaries by creating a new crypto currency that is not connected with financial institutions, and avoids unnecessary costs of exchanging. The Payera platform can disrupt many of the intermediaries and act as a layout similar to a central bank that overcomes severe headaches for lack of any obligations. To know more about this platform in order to participate in ICO here are some explanations about PAYERA.

Business plan
The main source of revenue is the cost system. Users can change their account for businesses for a fee. Total cost of purchase will be 1% – not 2.9% -5% in competitor market. The cost per article sold is $ 0.05-0.50, depending on the value of the item. Private sellers will be able to sell 10 articles per month for free, by paying additional fees to allow access for sale.

ICO is needed to improve business and build teams, to promote products and markets. The team is targeting 6 million personal users and 100 thousand international business accounts registered on the platform within the first 3 years of work.

Marketing strategy
WP can not produce, no information about the distribution of funds collected. Recent social media accounts, active and responsive teams.

Team Member Team has background and experience in crypto field. Advisors have expertise in politics, strategy, and IT management.

Market Vision
Target market online shopping and cryptocurrency is very saturated and crowded, but there is no market analysis in WP. It is well known that Payera will operate in Asia and move into the global market in stages.

Understanding the Target Audience
Segmentation is very basic and complete two large groups: buyers and sellers. Need for further segmentation (e.g., serving user demographics or by merchandise categories from sellers).

Competitive advantage
There is no strategic analysis in WP. The Payera ecosystem is unique in the way of conservation of three concepts – online payments, online shopping, and credit cards. But there are great players like Alibaba, Tencent (owner of WeChat), Baidu, – just a few names – that have all the functionality to make the ecosystem better and with fewer resources.

PAYERA Project Ecosystem
The PAYERA project will cover 3 key areas on the cost of kriptovalyutnost: a paid platform that with buyers and sellers, an online SHOPERA store and a simple CARDERA cryptocurrency payment card, which also works at ATMs. To find out the most advanced, Ethereum Casper-Protocol Proof of Stake. The amazing thing about PAYERA – replacement of mixing costs will be donated.

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  • PAYERA features
    For the convenience of the user, there is a built-in exchange. The seller will be evaluated by the buyer. A good rating will make a direct payment and entrance fee. Incoming wallet will have fingerprint, facial recognition or pin code. You will have your own private key, PAYERA will not have access to the user’s account.

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    The user‐friendly online‐shop platform, where merchants and individuals have the opportunity to sell new and used goods. We have analyzed the most frequented online‐shop portals and focused on the most user‐friendly features of the providers. We want to make sure, that SHOPERA will be easy to operate and that you enjoy the best user‐expirience ever.The seller will be charged in the amount of 0.05 to 0.50 US dollars, depending on the value of the goods. People who sell less than 10 articles per month can use this platform for free.

Hasil gambar untuk payera project ecosystem

  • CARDERA Function
    Your crypto‐payment‐card for everyday use, which offers more flexibility. The card is connected to your PAYERA wallet and you have the ability to to make purchases or withdraw Fiat‐money at ATMs as you are used to, except that you use the coins in your PAYERA wallet therefore Card payment-Crypto will create instructions even in offline mode. The unique price of this card is $ 20 dollars

Hasil gambar untuk payera project ecosystem

The advantages of PAYERA

  • a convenient menu with all the tools necessary for cryptocurrency operations
  • high
  • Fast transactions
  • the ability to issue tokens at external partner stores
  • selling local internal transactions
  • This is used for the customer
  • Low cost for sellers

It is not the performance of Crypto caught my attention, but the use of blockchain technology in the investment and finance industry, will be replaced by a smart contract. The secure and unbreakable systems of blockchain technology establish an honest structure in terms of marketing, procurement and processes. When we save all the data on this number, we will see it instantly. Tracking the tracks that surrounds the term does not exclude users, which will create confidence in this process.

A new generation of investors, transparency, efficiency and innovation, as well as freedom, advanced technology platforms are the main reason for our central philosophy platform, each of which is the proof that communication in the administration, which means that you will be rewarded can participate in the referendum and the effects .

The Payera platform can disrupt the same obligation for central banks; who treats a major headache that does not involve any obligation.


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PARE is an ERC20 Token based on Ethereum Blockchain, PARE is a Token used by the Payera platform.



PAYERA gives their customers around the world a lower transaction fees. This platforms are the ideal answers and legitimate opportunities created on the crypto scene. Gain your success with this remarkable platform.

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