Payera: a simple and secure multifunctional solution crypto platform

Payera is the first crypto payment platform with a simple and secure multifunctional solution . In today’s world blockchain technology is slowly, but steadily changing the way we do our payments. With extreme fast speeds of transaction, low fees and a highly flexible module, cryptocurrencies should have been the favored mode of transaction, however the reality is quite contrary to this. While the crypto currencies today suffer from extreme volatility in rates, buyers and sellers are skeptical not only to use but are also often put off by the complicated systems in place.
Payera execute the most recent blockchain innovation, utilizing top level encryption over the majority of our administrations making exchanging all around anchored and secured and furthermore without any difficulty of discount in extraordinary instances of terrible exchanging or exchanging turned out badly. Additionally, the venders would need to build their exchange and set up themselves as the main adopters of cryptographic money.

CARDERA: Your crypto‐payment‐card for regular utilize, which offers greater adaptability. The card is associated with your PAYERA wallet and you can to make buys or pull back Fiat‐money at ATMs as you are utilized to, aside from that you utilize the coins in your PAYERA wallet


PAYERA from its structure is extremely similar to the best e‐commerce try in the Asian region anyway extensively less complex to manage. Joined with SHOP& CARDERA we offer a multifunctional game plan which does not exist on the crypto exhibit yet.We will develop on the best credits advanced monetary forms convey to the table ‐very snappy trades and low fees‐ to enable merchants to market to the general creating gathering of spectators of crypto users.This wander, with each one of its features yet then extraordinary in its straightforwardness, will be a unimaginable and unique thing for the crypto world that can be upheld through subsidizing theories.


Our vision is to wind up the crypto undertaking with the best number of customers around the globe, where crypto proprietors can do online‐shopping worry‐free. We are furthermore endeavoring to wind up the fundamental worldwide and comprehensive crypto organize.


Our primary objective is, to be our customer’s first choice. The place, where you in a perfect world buy with crypto. We have submitted ourselves to play out the sum of our exercises fiscally and eco‐ neighborly.

Course of action

PAYERA offers a straightforward multifunctional respond in due order regarding crypto customers and dealers. We will make some other time in the crypto‐payment gateway with PAY‐/SHOP‐ and CARDERA.BUYERS are guaranteed against law breakers, as we offer a full client protection for all trades done through PAYERA. This confirmation joins each common awesome and furthermore benefits. You in like manner have the probability to do inside wallet trades in vain out of pocket.

Merchants find the perfect solution for get set up in the crypto scene and to extend their suitable arrangements volume. We offer a full security against unusualness on the crypto grandstand by offering an optional paymentin Fiat or the requested coin.

PAYERA also has cut down charges and a shorter holding period diverged from various systems. Merchants similarly have the opportunity to do inside wallet trades free of chargeFor Supporters the PERA will go up against a basic part later on concerning the crypto portions, PERA won’t be a hypothetical coin. Our supporter subsidizes a certified arrangement of activity that will be far from pseudospeculations. We are certain, that our token will be set up furthermore on other platforms.PAYERA altruism: A level of the charges we accumulate will normally be put away into a blessing pot, which will be fairly parceled via landmasses. After a particular predestined aggregate has been assembled, our PAYERA foundation gathering will fly, paying little regard to religion or nationality, into any poor area to offer assistance. It is orchestrated, as shown by the adjacent situation, to amass schools and water wells and supply school materials to help the preparation of the adolescents as required in each territory. So as a PAYERA customer you will be subsequently adding to this altruism.

SHOPERA: The user‐friendly online‐shop organize, where shippers and individuals have the opportunity to offer new and used items. We have analyzed the most frequented online‐shop sections and focused on the most user‐friendly features of the providers. We have to guarantee, that SHOPERA will be anything other than hard to work and that you value the best user‐expirience ever.


Simple: We accentuate awesome significance to security and an easy to understand task.

Quick Transactionsl: Transactions will be Less than a couple of moments

Vender and Buyer Protection: We ensure purchaser insurance for all clients

No Exchange Fees: You can change or offer digital forms of money as we don’t charge trade expenses

No charges for Buyers: Buyers are totally absolved from expenses

Low charges for dealer: Seller pay a low expense which can be less through positive proposals

Multifunctional Concept: A supplier where you can deal with all your online exchanges

Exchanges complimentary: You can send inner coins to companions and associates

Secure: We execute the most recent blockchain innovation, utilizing top level encryption over the greater part of our administrations.


Ticker symbol: PERA.
Standard Token: ERC20.
Total Supply: 2,100,000,000
Soft Cap: 8 million USD.
Hard Cap: 60 million USD.
Date before ICO: 05/30 / 2018-06 / 15/2018.
ICO price: $ 0.035 USD.
Date of ICO: 06/20 / 2018-07 / 18/2018.
ICO Price: $ 0.05 USD.
ICO Bonus: Reference 25%

Atakan Ali Yildirim: CEO / Co Founder

Masrur Odinaev: CTO / Co Founder

Delia Teran: Marketing Manager & Recruiter

Gian Luca Struth: Head of Marketing

Benjamin Vogt: Head of Design

Daniel Migrov: Developer

Samet Dogan: Project Manager

Matthias Wernig: Marketing Strategist & PR

Fatih Yildiz: Finance and Strategy Manager

Oleksii Liubchenko: Web Development

Kristina Maisinger: Designer

Maxim Mucharov: CDO


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Eth Acc: 0xC65d4C7255bd678F1B919A8a6F5e154907849688


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