Payera: First crypto payment platform with a simple and secure multifunctional solution

Payera is the first crypto payment platform with a simple and secure multifunctional solution . In today’s world blockchain technology is slowly, but steadily changing the way we do our payments. With extreme fast speeds of transaction, low fees and a highly flexible module, cryptocurrencies should have been the favored mode of transaction, however the reality is quite contrary to this. While the crypto currencies today suffer from extreme volatility in rates, buyers and sellers are skeptical not only to use but are also often put off by the complicated systems in place.

Payera implement the latest blockchain technology, employing top level encryption across all of our services making trading well secured and protected and also with an ease of refund in extreme cases of bad trading or trading gone wrong. Similarly, the sellers would want to increase their trade and establish themselves as the first adopters of crypto currency.

CARDERA: Your crypto‐payment‐card for everyday use, which offers more flexibility. The card is connected to your PAYERA wallet and you have the ability to to make purchases or withdraw Fiat‐money at ATMs as you are used to, except that you use the coins in your PAYERA wallet


PAYERA from its structure is really like the best e‐commerce endeavor in the Asian locale however considerably simpler to deal with. Joined with SHOP& CARDERA we offer a multifunctional arrangement which does not exist on the crypto showcase yet.We will expand upon on the best ascribes digital currencies bring to the table ‐very quick exchanges and low fees‐ to empower venders to market to the overall developing group of onlookers of crypto users.This venture, with every one of its highlights but then great in its straightforwardness, will be an unbelievable and one of a kind item for the crypto world that can be supported through funding speculations.


Our vision is to end up the crypto undertaking with the greatest number of clients around the world, where crypto proprietors can do online‐shopping worry‐free. We are additionally trying to end up the main worldwide and all inclusive crypto stage.


Our main goal is, to be our client’s first decision. The place, where you ideally purchase with crypto. We have submitted ourselves to play out the entirety of our activities financially and eco‐ neighborly.


PAYERA offers a simple multifunctional answer for crypto clients and merchants. We will make another time in the crypto‐payment portal with PAY‐/SHOP‐ and CARDERA.BUYERS are ensured against crooks, as we offer a full customer insurance for all exchanges done through PAYERA. This assurance incorporates every ordinary great and also benefits. You likewise have the likelihood to do interior wallet exchanges for nothing out of pocket.

Dealers get the ideal answer for get set up in the crypto scene and to expand their appropriate deals volume. We offer a full security against unpredictability on the crypto showcase by offering a discretionary paymentin Fiat or the asked for coin.

PAYERA additionally has bring down charges and a shorter holding period contrasted with different frameworks. Venders likewise have the chance to do interior wallet exchanges free of chargeFor Supporters the PERA will go up against a critical part later on concerning the crypto installments, PERA won’t be a theoretical coin. Our supporter funds a genuine plan of action that will be a long way from pseudospeculations. We are sure, that our token will be set up additionally on other platforms.PAYERA philanthropy: A level of the charges we gather will naturally be stored into a gift pot, which will be equitably partitioned by landmasses. After a specific foreordained sum has been gathered, our PAYERA establishment group will fly, paying little respect to religion or nationality, into any poor district to offer help. It is arranged, as indicated by the nearby circumstance, to assemble schools and water wells and supply school materials to help the training of the youngsters as required in every area. So as a PAYERA client you will be consequently adding to this philanthropy.

SHOPERA: The user‐friendly online‐shop stage, where shippers and people have the chance to offer new and utilized products. We have dissected the most frequented online‐shop entries and concentrated on the most user‐friendly highlights of the suppliers. We need to ensure, that SHOPERA will be anything but difficult to work and that you appreciate the best user‐expirience ever.


Easy: We emphasize great importance to security and a user-friendly operation.
Fast Transactionsl: Transactions will be Less than a few seconds
Seller and Buyer Protection: We guarantee consumer protection for all users
No Exchange Fees: You can change or sell cryptocurrencies as we do not charge exchange fees
No fees for Buyers: Buyers are completely exempt from fees
Low fees for seller: Seller pay a very low fee which can be less through positive recommendations
Multifunctional Concept: A provider where you can manage all your online transactions
Transactions free of charge: You can send internal coins to friends and acquaintances
Secure: We implement the latest blockchain technology, employing top level encryption across all of our services.

Ticker symbol: PERA.
Standard Token: ERC20.
Total Supply: 2,100,000,000
Soft Cap: 8 million USD.
Hard Cap: 60 million USD.
Date before ICO: 05/30 / 2018-06 / 15/2018.
ICO price: $ 0.035 USD.
Date of ICO: 06/20 / 2018-07 / 18/2018.
ICO Price: $ 0.05 USD.
ICO Bonus: Reference 25%

Atakan Ali Yildirim: CEO / Co Founder

Masrur Odinaev: CTO / Co Founder

Delia Teran: Marketing Manager & Recruiter

Gian Luca Struth: Head of Marketing

Benjamin Vogt: Head of Design

Daniel Migrov: Developer

Samet Dogan: Project Manager

Matthias Wernig: Marketing Strategist & PR

Fatih Yildiz: Finance and Strategy Manager

Oleksii Liubchenko: Web Development

Kristina Maisinger: Designer

Maxim Mucharov: CDO


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