The market of crypto-currencies is a multi-billion dollar business. Ignore the existence of crypto currency is no longer possible, therefore, all highly developed states are working on a legal basis for their use. However, one of the main problems that does not allow the crypto currency to enter a new level are banks. It is worth acknowledging that most people trust the traditional banking system more than the Crypto currency. Of course, the Crypto currency is still very young, compared to the banking system, and it still has a lot to go through. But now its advantages are obvious:
  • the impossibility of influencing governments and oligarchs;
  • simplicity in mutual settlements between campaigns and entrepreneurs in different countries and regions;
  • high speed of transactions;
  • absence of inflation and lack of transparency;
  • low, in comparison with banks, the cost of services.

And in this regard, I want to introduce you to the project, which is designed to trans- port traditional banking into cryptosystem.

Project Overview:

Pay Engine Ltd. (Paygine) is an open financial platform that is designed to help business and millions of people use crypto currency simply and conveniently in everyday life. Paygine is an international processing company represented under the Best2Pay brand, which was founded in 2012 by experts from the banking sector with successful experience in implementing projects in American Express, SEB, Raiffeisenbank, Bank St. Petersburg, Russian Standard Bank and Sberbank. More than 1.5 million unique customers use the Best2Pay service monthly, and the number of users of the service is increased by 34% every month. 

Advantages of Best2Pay service:

  • start of online payment reception for 1-2 days;
  • implementation of the most complex projects, taking into account the features of business processes and the infrastructure of their customers;
  • Certificate of compliance with international security requirements PCI DSS of the highest level – Level 1;
  • Best2Pay is the only participant of Bill Payments special program from Visa Int., Which reduces the cost price of the tariff by 42.8% and allows Best2Pay to offer the most favorable conditions for its customers;
  • service for services-aggregators to provide services between individuals, such as YouDo, Avito, Airbnb, etc.

Objective of the project:

Paygine aims to build a new system without detaching from the real situation in the Fintech market and the world of crypto-currency. And the first step, on the way to this, the campaign plans to buy two banks in comfortable jurisdictions for working with crypto-currencies. These are banks in the European and Caribbean region, which will ensure the stable operation of the financial platform Paygine around the world. The basis of the idea of ​​Paygine is White Label. The campaign creates a system that will help to develop the business of its customers, without entering into any competition with them. 
The Paygine platform will allow the use of crypto-currencies in transfers and payments using traditional payment instruments, such as:
  • transfers of crypto currency to a payment card
  • payment in sales outlets using the card in the crypto currency
  • to take the crypto currency in payment for goods and services of online stores
  • To perform transfers of fiat currencies through crypto currency with minimal costs
  • to conduct wallets in fiat currencies and crypto-currencies with the ability to conveniently and quickly convert funds between them, etc.

Provision of services:

When creating the Paygine platform, the developers took as a basis the accumulated experience, all the services and technologies used by Best2Pay. Services of the Paygine platform will be provided to customers through a single open API. It is worth noting that the campaign will not provide services directly to individuals. The services will be provided to Fintech-companies, Internet shops and services, sites-aggregators, integrating individuals to make deals among themselves, etc., which provide services to their customers, thereby creating a completely new ecosystem around the platform. 

Description of the PGC token:

PGC (PaygineCoin) – is the main functional tool of the platform. To pay for services, the Paygine platform fixes the cost of one PGC token (1 PGC = 1 US dollar). This equality will be unchanged when paying for the services of the platform, regardless of the value of the token on the exchange. For example, if the PGC token is cheaper than one US dollar, you can still purchase the product or pay for the service based on this calculation. If the PGC token will cost more than one US dollar, you can sell them on the exchange, and pay for the service or goods already with phiatic means, thereby also earning.

Token distribution:


About ICO:

  • Token: PGC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Quantity: 151,750,000 PGC
  • Price: 1 PGC = 1.00 USD
  • Payment: BTC, ETH, Fiat
  • Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 60,000,000 USD
  • Beginning on: 06/18/2018
  • Completion: 08/08/2018
Project Team

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