Paygine: The Ultimate Decentralized Financial Platform


Hello friends allow to use the medium to bring to your desk the best strong and fast growing monetary stage that is intended to work with its own particular exclusive managing an account structure and it is intended to suit FinTech and crypto-business needs in the territories of mazuma settlement, digital currency trade, and installment for “genuine” products and facilities under white mark arrangement

Paygine is an open financial platform designed to operate within its own proprietary banking structure and designed to accommodate FinTech and crypto-business needs in areas of mazuma remittance, cryptocurrency exchange, and payment for “real” goods and accommodations under white label solution.
Predicated on the desiderata of international banks and financial organizations, the progenitors of Best2Pay decided to engender an incipient platform cumulated by a single IT system with anopen API.
Paygine’s key competitive advantage over homogeneous projects is that it can leverage off subsisting Best2Pay accommodations and technologies currently utilized by FinTech businesses,e-commerce, and beyond.
The Paygine platform would offer the following accommodations by utilizing Best2Pay subsisting technology:
• Transferring cryptocurrency to/from a bank card;
• Paying in shops and stores utilizing a card in cryptocurrency;
• Accepting cryptocurrency as a payment for goods and accommodations at online stores;
• Carrying out cross-border transfers of fiat currencies by designates of
cryptocurrency with minimal costs;
• Maintaining wallets in both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies with the faculty
to conveniently and expeditiously convert funds between them.

What problems paygine want to solve?
Having studied cryptocurrency use in different countries, we identified key quandaries that deter the cryptocurrency market from reaching the next level – traditional banks simply do not optate to operate in the high-risk zone engendered by cryptocurrencies.
What do we offer?
By engendering the Paygine platform, we will not be making everything from scratch. We bring as a substratum our accumulated experience and all the accommodations and technologies utilized by Best2Pay as a base. We will scale them ecumenically, supplementing them with incipient accommodations that are specially designed to avail businesses who already use (or plan to utilize) cryptocurrency and blockchain in their operations.
All accommodations of the Paygine platform will be provided to clients through cumulated Application Programming Interface. It is paramount to note that we will not provide accommodations directly to individuals. Instead, we will work with FinTech companies, internet shops and financial accommodation providers, as well as aggregator sites, and they in turn will provide accommodations to their customers — individuals and businesses — thereby engendering athoroughly incipient ecosystem around the platform. Paygine does not aim to develop an electronic wallet, a crypto-wallet, bank cards, transfers under own brand. These products would be built by our customers under their own brands, and private individuals and businesses will be able to cull accommodations from among Paygine’s clients.

Our goal is to build an open financial platform to accommodate FinTech businesses around the world, providing accommodations predicated on white label principles.

ICO structure
Token description
Token type: utility token traded on an exchange.
The PGC token will be the rudimental functional implement on the Paygine platform and can be
purchased through the ICO sale or on an exchange following the ICO.
A finite number of tokens (151,750,000) will be engendered. There will be no adscititious
tokens issued.
PGC token policy:

  1. The Paygine platform will provide accommodations to entities only according to a determined
    value to be calculated by the platform by pegging the minimal rate of 1 PGC=1 USD
    and maximum exchange rate determined by market price of the token. In integration
    to that exchange rule, in case of token utilization to pay for platform accommodations, payer will
    receive discount from 10 to 30% (depends on serice type).
  2. The Paygine platform will sanction for utilizing PGC tokens to be utilized as an expedient of
    payment for its clients’ accommodations or goods. In this case, internal exchange rate of 1 PGC
    will be maximum value from 1 USD or market price of PGC. In case if PGC token will
    be acclimated to pay for clients’ accommodations or goods, supplemental discount (from 10 to 30%) will
    be applied that will depend from type of accommodation.
  3. Once the PGC token propagates and gains liquidity, it will be utilized as an internal technical currency in the mazuma-transfer system on the substratum of the Paygine platform in lieu of BTC or ETH.
    27.9% of all tokens will be distributed among the token purchasers.
    14.7% will be distributed among the project team members.
    0.8% will be reserved for bounty.
    56.6% are assigned for reserve (putting on hold for two years, pegged in a smart contract).
    During the ICO, 42,7 million PGC tokens will be presented for sale. All unsold tokens will
    be reserved for future use and will be kept by Paygine platform.




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