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Payment Porte is a fintech startup that is building The NEW WAVE of a digital payment solution, using a decentralized public blockchain, and distributed ledger technology.

Faster, cheaper and brighter technology will enable individuals and businesses to modernize, while taking advantage of increased efficiency and profitability.

Don’t worry if you are not a genius or technology developer. With Payment Porte, sending money abroad, or transferring virtual assets to your wallet is an exciting and educational new exciting adventure!

We envision a near future where Payment Porte will become a fast, affordable, safe, cross-border payment gateway for modern companies, maritime port industries, importers and exporters of global trade cargo.

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We aim to bring a platform that securely transfers money and virtual assets to individuals and companies directly to a digital wallet or bank account at no charge.


  • PORTE token, off-ramp (multi-currency) to a bank account
  • Buy PORTE, use virtual assets BTC, BCH, ETH, XLM, or USDC
  • Transfer virtual financial assets to a double wallet to transfer payments and store them in a free wallet
  • Multi-signature option for payment transfers
  • Smart contracts are generated and keep payments in escrow until the requirements for release are fulfilled.
  • KYC & AML verification integrated in user account setting

                                              PRODUCT APPLICATION

Porte Token

PORTE tokens are utility tokens, and Virtual Financial Assets (VFA). The token will be used as a platform liquidity and value transfer tool for users. Buy tokens on, SDEX and several global exchanges.

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Bifold Wallet

The bifold wallet network application is made for your temporary escrow, long-term storage or for transferring your funds to a bank account. You have it! Non-containment storage means the Payment Port platform has never had access to your account. You have full control over the private key for your assets.


BitFurnace is a burning mechanism application that is triggered on the platform when your token is used to complete transactions. When the BitFurnace firewall reaches a fixed minimum supply of 200 million, the guaranteed amount of deflation from the token supply that is met will be met.

 How does Payment Porte work?

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Get on board and pre-register for your account
Strategic partnerships and great teams are what make a big company. Payment Porte strives to continue to develop mutually valuable partnerships with other companies, foundations, governments and regulatory commissions, technology and payment companies.

New strategic partnership
A partnership has recently been formed between Payment Porte Inc. and The Chainzilla team is a technical advisor, and will bring years of blockchain expertise to our web application, platform and development applications. We are very pleased that the PORTE token will be implemented into the Chameleon Pay wallet and their trading platform.

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The PORTE token foundation is a non-profit organization, based in the city of Panama, Panama. Led by a team of cultured individuals, who desire to create positive change in their lives in need, throughout Latin America. The PORTE token foundation is the publisher and maintainer of the PORTE token reserve, which will be stored in escrow, and recorded on the blockchain, for future needs.

Members will develop educational programs and community efforts. Aimed at elevating Panama by helping individuals and disadvantaged families with social projects such as environmentally friendly housing (, computer education, blockchain programming, and cryptocurrency technology.

The PORTE token foundation will work with Payment Porte Inc. for fundraising and contributions, to community organization programs, grants, donations, and token drops.

Nonprofits will invest in local communities, contests, and technology think tanks to further develop new technologies. With Panama, our home in our minds, the PORTE token foundation targets sophisticated public and private blockchain, smart contracts, documents, titles, electronic signatures, notaries, AI, and new public decentralized applications for creating Virtual Finance assets.


Hasil gambar untuk payment porte

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