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The barriers hindering mass adoption of cryptocurrencies can certainly be dissolved. While the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is still in its infancy, we now have the tools and resources to create a strong ecosystem honoring the core reasons why Bitcoin was created and facilitate a world where ‘crypto-friendly’ applications, websites and devices are commonplace. Adopting cryptocurrency isn’t a seamless user experience and this is the area that needs improvement. The empowering of the global developer community creates the web and apps we use every day.

Bitcoin Air makes the essential Life Ecosystem focused on reducing the Human Footprint, diminishing the run of the mill cost for fundamental things and upgrading all things considered individual fulfillment. The future vision of Bitcoin Air is to decentralize the independent company market and restore the intensity of the fiat, saves, and money related framework back to the general population of business and exchange.

Bitcoin Air is a bilateral dual-chain blockchain developed to deliver a means of indirect carbon emission reductions through decentralized, trust-less merchant/consumer interactions. Bitcoin Air plans to reduce carbon emissions through the development of a dual chain volatile/stable coin pair dedicated to creating the most versatile and scalable solution for merchant and consumer use. Merchants will be able to transact in cryptocurrency without the worry of profit loss due to fraud or technical issues within their conventional credit card processing equipment. Consumers will be able to transact in a multitude of ways including in person, over the web, or via AirCash Physical Currency.

Bitcoin Air’s central goal is to plan and deliver the principal suitable endeavor at handling the key issues related with digital currency, independent company and natural dangers within reach today. Their group claims bitcoin air venture brings estimation of the in uprightness additionally. Using a dually working respective blockchain, we would like to bring the period of advantage upheld stable coins to another level by matching the intensity of double chains with the Lightning Network, Segregated Witness, and Atomic Swap.

Bitcoin Air has reached an agreement with the US Blockchain Association to acquire $210,000,000 in Carbon Credit Asset Reserves to back the minting and burning of USD Air Protocol. This means that every $1 of USDAP (1 USDAP) will be backed by $1 of Carbon Credit Assets. Coupled with this asset backing, Bitcoin Air will be included in the future release of 50,000+ ATM’s worldwide being developed by the US Blockchain Association that will allow users to sell their $USDAP or $XAP and receive local fiat currency at anytime. This will allow Bitcoin Air to be fully asset backed up to $210,000,000 in carbon credit reserves at any given time through the partnership with the Mother Earth Foundation.

Since this is the fork of bitcoin & peercoin so no token sale is happend also I don’t have information if their token sale if I find any news I’ll surely update this blog meanwhile you can earn bitcoin air tokens by participating in their bounty I’ll attached the links below.

Bitcoin Air values transparency, security, integrity, and power to the people. Bitcoin Air feels any and all decisions guiding a communities path should be up to the people themselves. The only thing they should ever ensure is the security and well-being of their community. This in turn brings them to the value of integrity. Ensuring that they are transparent with you all and maintain the same truths to themselves as they do you the people. Bitcoin Air also thrives on the idea that the world can pursue a clean means of growth without destroying the lives of others and the ground under their feet. They at Bitcoin Air strive to produce a truly positive force in Crypto Space that can change things for the good of their future generations.

The Total Supply Of Bitcoin Air Is same as Bitcoin 21 Million but team claims that they will burn tokens which is unclaimed remainder within batches over time like binance coin so it is good for users also I forget to tell their symbol so their symbol is XAP.

Minimum Decent Products

This minimum product demo will display an easy-to-use App Store demo that will give you a feeling of how Bitcoin Air will operate when released. This is not the final product template, also the demo will not be used as a collection of the main features. Bitcoin Air will drastically expand this MVP when they receive feedback on how people react to the use and nuances of the demonstrations.

You can take advantage of this demonstration via a tablet, cellular or desktop interface. This will display the basic features that will come to the Bitcoin Paying Water System that will allow several key features to expedite merchant transactions and consumer usage.

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