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About Payperblock
PAYPERBLOCK is a freelance platform based on blockchain, owned and operated by Payperblock Ltd and used to connect professionals and jobs. The group of main clients for the company includes freelancers who are experts and blockchain organizations.

The freelance base for Payperblock includes blockchain experts who are experts and active in different business fields and in a variety of industries such as contract developers, software engineers, website developers, 3D model artists, writers, staff, digital marketing and remote assistants. The business will start in Finland and then expand to other countries as the business model allows expansion into the global commercial market.

The company’s headquarters are located in Oulu, Finland, as the city is rich in terms of talent and resources for the technology industry.

Freelancing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and the industry is already worth more than $ 1.5 trillion in revenue per year. More than 77 million people on the global scale identify their main employment as independent work.

Despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of independent work occurs on digital independent work platforms, the basic structure and service model of independent work platforms have remained practically the same.

Almost all traditional independent work networks suffer from an inherent problem in the basic model of the independent work model, and this also affects the overall performance of the platform. Some of the most notable and inherent problems with the conventional model of independent work platforms include the following:

There is a centralized authority in the organization that raises concerns among independent professionals about fair resolution of disputes and justifiable policy changes.

Receiving payment can be an arduous task in many cases if the client does not provide support.

The issue of unfair negative criticism left by clients or independent professionals for reasons such as personal bias or frustration.

Payment for work is not always guaranteed.

The fee for using the platform service can be very high in many cases, including the costs related to the creation of a contract, the acceptance of a contract, the part of the payment received, the conversation about the currency and the withdrawal charge.

This white paper presents the business model and the objectives of the freelance platform PAYPERBLOCK, a new and revolutionary freelance platform that says goodbye to the problems faced by freelancers and customers with conventional freelance platforms.

Payperblock operates with the same principles of functionality as the popular Ethereum cryptocurrency. Instead of relying on a centralized authority system, Payperblock employs a distributed network of token holders (ICO investors) in the company

The distributed model is also used to store transactions in the freelancing network and verify each transaction. The growth potential of the Payperblock platform is enormous, since it eliminates the potential for bias in the dispute resolution system, provides more equity and transparency, and offers significantly lower rates.

Leading the way for a smarter future, connecting the right talents with the right jobs, so that each potential blockchain project has the best prerequisite for success.

Our main objective is to offer a transparent and fair platform with the lowest possible rates.

The lowest rates in the industry.
All our customers in Payperblock only pay a commission of 1% if the payment is made with PAYB and 2% with Bitcoin.
Transparent workflow
Our goal is to introduce a total transparency in the independent work industry. Real-time tracking allows a totally transparent workflow and eliminates disputes.
Community-based decision making
Both customers and independent workers at Payperblock have access to a distributed dispute resolution process. The decision-making process based on the community is democratic and fair.
Sale of tokens:

PayB Debit Card
Load your card in local currency using the PayB wallet and pay for your purchases or withdraw cash.

Tokens of tokens sale
We are launching an initial coin offer (ICO) to issue PayPerBlock tokens in the public blockchain. The token is called PAYB and will be issued during the pre-ICO and the ICO. The ICO will be carried out only on the website.

The total supply of the token is 10 billion. Our referral program allows both you and your affiliate to receive 5% PAYB tokens from each ICO purchase made.

SoftCap: 5 million dollars
HardCap: 10 million dollars


10% bonus
Bonus blocking time: 3–6 months

Week one 5%
Week two 3%
Week three 2%
Bonus blocking time: 2–3 months
Sale of tokens:

Distribution of tokens and allocation of funds


Sale of tokens:

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