Pbet strategy

the establishment of the Privileged Loyalty Club, which can only be accessed by Pbet players


The PBET project is a unique innovation that addresses the convergence between physical and online games through the Unified Gaming Platform. PBET generates synergies between these two channels while integrating crypto currency instant payments and combining partners in a unique token-based Club Award.

PBET will offer significant benefits for high-quality players who are cheaper than competitor promotions and at the same time better and more attractive to players. Due to intense competition, online gaming sites offer amazing bonuses to attract customers without judging the player’s value for life.

This ends by giving players a lower value that benefits more than a higher or lower value. They attract bonus seekers who want to get free money with their own online casino money.

One example of the Pbet strategy is the establishment of the Privileged Loyalty Club, which is only accessible to Pbet players: they understand their shopping habits and habits, and give them special gifts to enhance their playing experience and social encounter, as they do fair game volume. BENEFITS OF PBET – The cost of online games to get players at a fraction of the cost of competitors through partnership-based business models.

Our innovative business model relies on partnerships with physical casinos and provides them with easy turn-key solutions to grow into online games, thanks to the Unified Gaming crypto-based platform that allows on-site play and online games. Our physical casino management system, Genuina, is currently deployed in 20 land casinos in 4 countries.

Benefits for Players: 
● Advanced promotional capabilities and Player Tracking systems;
● Adaptive and Expandable Prize Systems Combined with
a Personalized Marketing Module;
● Increased Interactivity between players and casino personnel;
● The ability to add Fiat, crypto money, redeem points, and promotions from the
comfort of their seats.
Benefits for Operators:
● Payment Management with full support of the transaction method and
cellular cash station;
● Comprehensive Casino Management for pens and safes, slot accounting,
finance and cash;
● Proactive Marketing Tools with access to real-time data;
● Management modules for several displays including scheduling features, advertisements, and
general announcements;
● Compliance with state-specific regulations and fiscal guidelines (such as
anti-money laundering policies), and provide a means to support Operator efforts
in implementing game strategies and protocols that are responsible for preventing
compulsive behavior.

Unique cross-channel bonuses that slow down the barrier between physical and virtual games.


Products marketed with physical casinos will be expanded to online games.

Industrial experts with a proven track record and innovation portfolio.

Partnerships that give decision makers access to more than 100 physical casinos: Income potential increases.

Information token token sales 
name:  PBET
Plattform:  Ethereum
Type:  ERC20

Pre-ICO Sales
START April 22 – END May 28, 2019
$ 0.11 USD = 1 PBET
45% discount

START June 3 – END 21 JULY 2019
$ 0, 15 USD = 1 PBET
Discount 23.4 million PBET
(up to 3.5 million USD)

ICO Phase II
START July 22 – END 21 September 2019
0.16 USD = 1 PBET
Discount 31.3 million PBET
(up to 5 million USD)

START September 23 – END OF 10 November 2019
0.18 USD = 1
PBET Discount 33,400,000 PBET
(up to 6 million USD)

START November 11 – end December 15 2019 or earlier
0.19 USD USD = 1 PBET
Discount 10,600,000 PBET
(up to 2 million USD)

Latest ICO END on December 15, 2019
Distribution of tokens



Q1-Q2 2018
Based on the PBET concept; Research and proof of concept; Design ownership algorithms that allow loyalty and payment on all channels.

Q4 2018
Increase the presence of the Genu Management System at LATAM; Reception tests in interactive genuary; ICO Preparation.

Q2 2019
Pre-ICO / introduction to ICO; Start with the development of integrated payments. Engagement in the digital community; Start online gaming websites.

Q4 2019
End of ICO; Implementation of cross-channel bonuses; Commercial B2B2C pilot with physical location; Register PBET on the stock exchange.

Q3 2018
Market analysis by groups focuses on the uses and uses of branding on game platforms; Due Diligence for interactive technology.

Q1 2019
Latest market analysis and assessment of trading strategies; Complete ICO preparation and initial strategy definition.

Q3 2019
Crypto supports in the General Management System and exchanges notifications when PBET is registered; Commercialization of the latest features developed.


Frederick Vachon
President and Founder
Frederick is an experienced entrepreneur who is behind
various successful efforts at
the international level.
Bassel Moukaddem, Eng., M.Eng, MBA, PMP;
Canadian Exclusive Supreme Official Marcel Huard, Canada Innovation Chief Officer Patrick Aubé, Canadian Marketing Head Manuel Presa, Uruguay Technology Head Marina Anisina, CPA: Russian Chief Financial Officer Raúl Duque: Panama International Chief of Finance, Rita Jimenez, Accountant Pablo Silva, Operation Director Uruguay

Situs web: https://pbet.io/
🔗 White Paper: https://pbet.io/documents/pbet-white-paper-2019-1.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pbet_Project
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pbetofficial/
🔗 Telegram: https://t.me/Pbetcommunity
🔗 Medium: https://medium.com/@pbet
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com / user / PBET
🔗 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHrrfK1Kool2fw_LizORJtA?view_as=subscriber
🔗 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pbet
🔗 Github: https://github.com / PbetProject
🔗 Discord: https://discord.gg/zTMaSHP

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