The PBET project is a unique innovation that addresses the convergence between physical and online gaming through a Unified Gaming Platform. PBET generates synergies between these two channels while integrating crypto-currencies instant payments and combining partners in a unique token based Reward Club.

About P BET

Pbet is to grant significant benefits to highly valued players that cost us less than the competitors’ promotional offers while being better targeted and more exciting for players. As a matter of fact, because of fierce competition, online gaming sites are giving tremendous bonuses to attract clients without assessing player lifetime value.

PBET strategy is the creation of a Privileged Loyalty Club made accessible exclusively to Pbet players: we understand their behavioral and spending habits and will grant them custom rewards to enhance their gaming experience and social encounters while being fair in accordance with their playing volume. Our disruptive business model consists of partnering with physical casinos to offer online gaming to highly-valued players for a fraction of the online players’ normal cost of acquisition.

Given that casinos know their players well, our offer will further result in a seamless personalized integrated immersive gaming experience across the channels.Through our unique approach of combining all three pillars; Players, Pbet, and Physical casinos, we create tailored added-value to each of them taking advantage of synergies generated from this entourage effect. For instance, players and casinos benefit from zero transactional fees, instant payments and the advantage of remaining in the same ecosystem among others.


Q1-Q2 2018

Start of the PBET concept; Research and proof of concept ; Design of proprietary algorithms allowing omni-channel loyalty and payment.

Q4 2018

Increased footprint of Genuina Management system in LATAM; Acceptance testing on Genuina interactive; Preparation of the ICO.

Q2 2019

Launching of the Pre-ICO/ICO;Start developing unified payment; engagement with digital communities; launch of online gaming site.

Q4 2019

End of ICO; Cross channel bonus implementation; Commercial B2B2C pilots involving physical venues; PBET listing on exchanges.

Q3 2018

Market analysis through focus group regarding usability and utility of branded tokens inclusion in gaming platform; Due diligence for interactive technologies.

Q1 2019

Updated market Analysis & Commercial strategies assessment; Finishing ICO preparations and establishment of launching strategies.

Q3 2019

Crypto support in Genuine Management system and announcement of exchanges where PBET will be listed; Commercialization of latest developed features.

For more information

Web : https://pbet.io/

Whitepaper: https://pbet.io/documents/pbet-white-paper-2019-1.pdf

telegram: https://t.me/Pbetcommunity

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pbetofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pbet_Project

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