PBET’s 1st Round of IEO with P2PB2B is Live Now

PBET’s 1st Round of IEO with P2PB2B is Live Now

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� Greetings Everyone, �

� PBET’s 1st Round of IEO with P2PB2B is Live Now !!�

Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/pr-pbet-ieo-launches-on-p2pb2b-ex…/


Thanks to our experience in physical casinos we thoroughly understand industry challenges and are ready to deliver our online added-value product to land-based operators: the Unified Gaming Platform, fully empowering synergies between physical and online operations and allowing the use of cryptocurrencies in both landscapes through the use of shared player’s wallet. PBET taps into this new opportunity in the gaming space that is not yet addressed by others: the convergence of land-based and i-gaming operations. Most online providers supporting crypto-based technologies do so as a means for online gaming payment.

At PBET we provide a hybrid payment and rewards solution that addresses both land-based and online gaming. In other words, our Unified Gaming Platform allows land-based casinos’ players to use their casino account to play online while benefiting from unified loyalty club and rewards which is not the case for online competitors. These benefits translate into casino operators’ capability of having better control on players’ gaming dollars.

�Greetings PBET Community�

�One of the best Crypto Influencer – “Crypto Mentor99” is going to interview our CEO – “Bassel Moukaddem”

�Stay tuned here for more updates �

✅Please check it here: https://youtu.be/vKHHIMQ0Ui0

What is Pbet?

The PBET project is a unique innovation that addresses the convergence between physical and online gaming through a Unified Gaming Platform. PBET generates synergies between these two channels while integrating crypto-currencies instant payments and combining partners in a unique token based Reward Club.

The PBET project is a unique innovation that addresses the convergence between physical and online gaming through a Unified Gaming Platform. PBET generates synergies between these two channels while integrating crypto-currencies instant payments and combining partners in a unique token based Reward Club.

How PBET Boosts Social Networking of Players

  1. The dynamic interaction between players occurring through organized activities will generate a snowball effect thus stimulating new registration and higher game play.
  2. Players will get to know each other and this will generate a snowball effect with new registrations through online or land-based channels.
  3. Online qualified players getting together at the casino for prize-win events with all of the bells and whistles around such an event.
  4. Our unified gaming platform has a set of social networking features that allows adding friends and creating groups of interest, meeting new people that might live in the same neighborhood and sharing common interests.
  5. The networking features contain efficient tools to connect people and increase social communication between friends and acquaintances. We enable instant-chat messages between friends and groups while sharing some profile related insights.
  6. We will have an intuitive user interface with an easy single-click button allowing the share of information across Social Media. An optional preview prior to posting feature secures players regarding what is shared and with whom.

Next Level Casino Management System (CMS) by PBET 

Our CMS along with Genuina Core contains state of the art marketing and promotional tools, advanced analytical capabilities, an interface allowing quick-connection to any online gaming platform and entertaining mini-games.


  1. An immediate way to generate revenue.
  2. An i-gaming enabler through footprint within land-based operators.
  3. A unique first system supporting crypto-currencies.
  4. An effective way for a 360-degree view of players’ expectation to tailor offering accordingly.
  5. An effective tool to handle fund transfers and allow any physical venue to act as the bank of the corresponding online site.

� Greetings Everyone, �

� PBET’s 1st Round of IEO with P2PB2B is going Live Today !!�

� Original Token Price : 0.020 USD
� Offer – 35% Discount
� Discounted Token Price : 0.013 USD

✅ PBET website: https://pbet.io/

�Check out more information :

✔️P2PB2B’s twitter : https://twitter.com/p2pb2b/status/1143501853042368512

✔️P2PB2B’s telegram : t.me/p2pb2b_news/478

✔️P2PB2B’s facebook : https://business.facebook.com/…/a.4412634…/629080717558606/…

✔️P2PB2B’s website : https://news.p2pb2b.io/ieo-session-of-pbet-starts-on-july-2/

Benefits of PBET on Different Ecosystem

  1. Players:  Whether they currently use Fiat or crypto-currency, Pbet users will be granted additional promotions, bonuses and exciting private events. The Privileged Loyalty Club specifically addresses this promotional strategy.
  2. Game Content Provider:  Our approach to accelerating the adoption of Pbet is through partnerships with small but specialized gaming studios that integrate Pbet into more games. We grant these studios better exposure and advertising on our online gaming sites which translates into higher profits from revenue share. Furthermore, a percentage of PBET net profit will be distributed to innovative game content studios developing blockchain based games that support Pbet.
  3. Physical venues: We are proud to provide a unique casino management system that supports cryptocurrencies and we have the expertise required to address this opportunity. Physical venues paying for our Genuina Management System license fees in Pbet will benefit from interesting discounts.
  4. Hospitality sector:  Points accumulated in the casino could serve for example, as discounts within participating hotels and restaurants and vice-versa. The issue is that different organizations have different loyalty clubs and they miss out on a common way to compensate clients. The Pbet club is designed to serve that purpose as it offers a unique and standard approach to bridge together multiple businesses in the same geographical areas through a shared loyalty club.
  5. Affiliation program: Online player acquisition is accomplished mainly through appropriate affiliation and the same occurs in physical casinos.

They all share the potential of bringing higher traffic, targeted clients and credibility to online sites. Our affiliation managers will tap into a lot of affiliates that have high potential and reward them with premium Pbet based compensation.

� Achievements of PBET prior to Roadmap-2018 �

�Here is the briefly present implementations from previous achievements that we feel important for grasping the overall picture :

● Certification of Genuina Core buy BMM labs, a US-based gaming certification leader.

● Technical assessment and fine-tuning of the previous version of the unified solution: resulted in successful fund-transfers and related operational procedures.

● 2 commercial pilots using the unified platform that have demonstrated important revenue potential: key successful marketing elements to promote the unified solution.

● Multiple partnership deals for the distribution of Genuina Core in LATAM



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Online gaming cost of players’ acquisition at fractions of competitors’ cost thanks to the business model based on partnership. Unique cross-channel bonuses braking barriers between physical and virtual gaming

Now is the time to join!









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