The Pbet project is a unique innovation that
addresses the convergence between physical and
online gaming while accommodating the
generation of synergies between these two
channels, thanks to our Unified Gaming Platform’
s capability to embed crypto-currency payments.
Our disruptive business model consists of
partnering with physical casinos to offer online
gaming to highly-valued players for a fraction of
the online players’ normal cost of acquisition.
Given that casinos know their players well, our offer will further result in a seamless
personalized integrated immersive gaming experience across the channels.
Through our special way of combining three pillars; Players, Pbet, and Physical casinos
we create tailored added-value for each of them taking advantage of synergies
generated from this entourage effect.
For instance, players and casinos benefit from zero transactional fees, instant
payments and the benefit of remaining in the same ecosystem among others.
The Omni-channel Pbet Reward Club enables partnerships in the hospitality sector,
increasing free offerings to players while allowing cross-selling opportunities for
casinos and partners.

Terminology and Acronyms
“CMS” is the gaming acronym for “Casino Management System”, a system mainly connected to
gaming machines in land-based venues that ensures compliance with industry protocols,
accounting, payments, financials, reporting services, marketing, loyalty programs and player
“ERP” is the abbreviation for “Enterprise Resource Planning”, a business process software that
manages and integrates all company divisions such as operations, financials, reporting etc…
“Genuina Core” is the brain where all omnichannel features and associated know-how resides,
mainly software allowing taking full potentiality of synergies between land-based and online
gaming. It is the cornerstone of the product, the unifying part that contains proprietary algorithms
and recipes that make a player’s gaming experience immersive across all-channels. Genuina Core
is platform-agnostic, meaning it can easily be connected to third-party casino management
systems from one side and to any online solution on the other side. When an interactive solution is
provided to a casino operator using our Genuina Management system for his land-based
operation, our CMS is simply compiled within the Genuina Core.
“Genuina Interactive” is an online gambling solution that connects to Genuina Core, extending
land-based operations to the I-gaming sector: the Unified Gaming Platform. Genuina Interactive
works also as would any other online gambling site in standalone mode. Genuina Interactive offers
sports betting, live betting, a large variety of games including branded ones as well as live games.
A version of Genuina Interactive allows a fully crypto-based gaming experience.
“Genuina Management System” or GMS is our casino management system, commercialized in
many land-based venues ensuring connectivity with games on the floor, accounting and reporting
as well as many advanced operational modes and features. GMS is highly flexible and modular
allowing efficient operations for small casinos as well as large ones (more than 1500 gaming
machines). This product is also certified by a US-based laboratory in Peru and homologated in
many countries within LATAM and the Caribbean region from a jurisdictional standpoint whenever
“Unified Gaming Platform” refers to the unified land-based and online gaming solution obtained
by combining Genuina Interactive with Genuina Core.
“Pbet” is a Token ERC20 type generated by PBET Ltd. on an Ethereum platform with 70% of all
issued Tokens offered for crowdsale in accordance with the terms of the current WhitePaper.
Executive Summary
PLC Player Loyalty Ltd. (herein referred to as “PBET” and “Our”) is a Cyprus based
software company that provides innovative solutions to the gambling industry. Contrary to
most previously seen ICOs, we have a largely commercialized product: a casino
management system that is deployed in 20 venues across 4 countries.
Our teams of seasoned professionals cover all knowledge-based areas of the gambling
industry with extensive experience in this sector. Having acted in casino operations in
previous realizations, they have profound knowledge of challenges that need to be
addressed to allow physical casinos to take a share of the interactive gambling activities.
Land-based casinos inspire trust and confidence to players through brand-recognition
when compared to foreign interactive sites.
Physical casinos that want to partake in the market opportunity of online gambling are
confined to a poor type of offering when outsourcing for a solution: providers allow them
access to standard online gaming software while asking for an important initial investment
as well as minimum monthly fees in addition to a cut on revenues. Such an option does
not grant small to mid-sized casinos the capacity to capitalize on their key differentiators:
players’ data, the possibility of taking deposits and making payments instantly without
fees and creates a virtual separation between physical and online activities rather than
providing an immersive experience. Basically, they can’t benefit from the synergy that
exists between gaming channels even if it could be their main competitive advantage.
Through our unique solution, we offer a Unified Gaming Platform and an Omni-channel
solution extending Land-based gaming to interactive gaming. Our offer is mainly B2B and
aims to help land-based casinos, among other brick-and-mortar venues, to expand to the
online world. We offer a turnkey, zero-investment and revenue share business
opportunity for our targeted clientele: small to mid-sized casinos (100 to 1500 gaming
machines). Our first targeted geographical area is LATAM and the Caribbean given the
high presence of physical casinos using our products in addition to our business partners
who give us easy access to decision-makers within approximately 150 casinos in this area.
Furthermore, our sales force is very active in that fast-paced and growing region when it
comes to the online gambling arena and is further enforced by a strong network of
The global market size of online gambling is projected to represent US$ 96.89 bn. by
2024. In LATAM and the Caribbean, US$ 4.9 bn. were generated in 2017 in that sector, an
annual growth rate of 20% when compared to 2016.
PLC Player Loyalty Ltd. (herein referred to as “PBET” and “Our”) is a Cyprus based
software company that provides innovative solutions to the gambling industry. The fact
that you are consulting this document, we assume that you have a given interest in our
project as well as in the crowdsale of Pbet Tokens. The PBET team would like to thank
you for that and promise to put relentless effort and keen business acumen to work to
translate thoroughly thought out business strategies into technological and commercial
Our team of gaming industry professionals and experts combine more than 200 years of
experience in this sector. We have expertise in cutting-edge gaming technologies that
includes areas like platform design and development, operation of physical casinos,
commercializing of gaming products and the development of outstanding games that
include innovative progressive jackpots and bonuses among others. Thanks to our
experience in physical casinos we thoroughly understand industry challenges and are
ready to deliver our online added-value product to land-based operators: the Unified
Gaming Platform, fully empowering synergies between physical and online operations
and allowing the use of cryptocurrencies in both landscapes through the use of shared
player’s wallet.
By appropriately addressing the convergence between land-based and online operations
while using state of the art technologies, we stimulate full potentialities of synergies and
grant our land-based partners sustainable added-value. For us, this translates into
tremendous growth potential. As a matter of fact, multiple studies show that the previous
fear of cannibalization between land-based and online gaming are unsubstantiated. The
reality is that synergies are created between these two worlds and by simply sharing the
same brand name established in the land-based operations with that of the online gaming
site, the results are spectacular: 72% of land-based players play online as well , meaning
that they could be kept within the same ecosystem. Real-life examples in the New Jersey
area for instance (such as in the cases of Caesars and Golden Nugget casinos ) come to
2 3
the same conclusion, cannibalization is only a myth. Even more astonishing, active
players at land-based Nugget casinos increased their land-based spending by 15% after
subscribing to an online gaming site. Previously, we described the success that comes
through sharing brand names across channels. Now,
  • Q1-Q2 2018
Start of the PBET concept; Research and proof of concept ; Design of proprietary algorithms allowing omni-channel loyalty and payment.
  • Q4 2018
Increased footprint of Genuina Management system in LATAM; Acceptance testing on Genuina interactive; Preparation of the ICO.
  • Q2 2019
Launching of the Pre-ICO/ICO;Start developing unified payment; engagement with digital communities; launch of online gaming site.
  • Q4 2019
End of ICO; Cross channel bonus implementation; Commercial B2B2C pilots involving physical venues; PBET listing on exchanges.
  • Q3 2018
Market analysis through focus group regarding usability and utility of branded tokens inclusion in gaming platform; Due diligence for interactive technologies.
  • Q1 2019
Updated market Analysis & Commercial strategies assessment; Finishing ICO preparations and establishment of launching strategies.
  • Q3 2019
Crypto support in Genuina Management system and announcement of exchanges where PBET will be listed; Commercialisation of latest developped features.
  • Frederick Vachon
President and Founder
Frederick is a seasoned businessman who stands behind
multiple successful endeavors undertaken at International
levels. Visionary and highly creative, he intuitively foresees
opportunities and seizes them by being in the right place at
the right time and with the right product. Over 20 years ago,
he identified multiple gaming opportunities in LATAM and the
Caribbean and decided to move to the region to acquire
them. Frederick occupied C-level positions in multiple
companies using his outstanding negotiation skills,
people-orientation and service-drive to succeed while building a strong business network.
Acting as CEO of Sabia Corporation he intensified his experience in casino operations, key
metrics and trends. As CEO of DEK International he deepened his innate skills in B2B sales
and business development to grow distribution channels of gaming products in over 15
  • Bassel Moukaddem, eng., M.Eng, MBA, PMP;
Chief Executive Officer
Bassel is an industrial engineer specialized in innovation
and management of high-tech projects. Cumulating more
than 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, he
has keen business-acumen to intuitively foresee market
opportunities that become the next big thing. He has
occupied multiple executive level roles in gaming
companies as well as high potential technology start-ups,
establishing business strategies and meeting associated
milestones. As a COO of a software platform provider he actively participated in a
successful RTO. He also acted as Vice-president of technology management at Bluberi, a
gaming company where he led the system division among others. His inspiring
leadership, tact and versatility are key assets to his success in start-ups’ environment,
ensuring sustainable growth and benefits to stakeholders. Bassel has proficiency in
multiple knowledge areas such as technology innovation, software development, project
management, merger and acquisition, finance as well as corporate governance.
  • Marcel Huard, Canada
Chief Innovation Officer
Marcel is a successful entrepreneur and holds a diploma in
business and commerce. He has been actively involved in
the fields of business development and sales on an
international level. He has been involved in the hospitality
sector and gaming industry for over 40 years. He initiated
DEQ Systems that became a publicly held Company (DEQ.V),
today owned by Scientific Gaming. Marcel has created
multiple innovative concepts and patents widely
commercialized in the gaming sector. He has a wide range of
knowledge in direct sales and distribution channels across the world. He is entrepreneur
driven and has established multiple fast-paced growing startups that have yielded
excellent returns on investment for involved stakeholders.
  • Patrick Aubé, Canada
Chief Marketing Officer
Patrick is an established businessman having a bachelor
degree in computer science. He is a visionary with
diversified skilled embracing strategic governance, software
development, investment strategies and business processes’
consulting services. . He leads various executive educational
programs and is actively involved with investment firms,
stock exchanges, and law firms while providing consulting
services to many corporations.
Patrick is highly skilled in the e-commerce and digital communities with successful track
record in marketing and advertising of online endeavors resulting in high traffic of
targeted clientele and sales closing rate surpassing expectations.
In early 2018, counting on his large experience in programming, digital marketing and
investment strategies he started active involvement in blockchain projects to quickly
become an expert within these area of expertise. Patrick’s technical, business and
marketing backgrounds allows him to look into a project from multiple angles and analyze
  • Manuel Presa, Uruguay
Chief Technology Officer
Manuel is a system architect and holds a bachelor’s degree
as system analyst. A real problem solver that doesn’t back
up in front of any technological challenge. He is
self-motivated and capable of projecting a positive attitude
throughout his overall environment. He is a great manager
that brings out the best in everyone and team members
perceive him as a true mentor. With his 15
+ years in the
gaming industry, he is the key architect of Genuina Management System among others
and a seasoned innovator behind many gaming innovations. Manuel keeps up with state
of the art technologies thanks to his auto-learning capabilities that allow him to keep up to
speed with a continuously changing technological environment. His versatility in many
technologies/programming languages is a great asset to our organization.
  • Marina Anisina, CPA: Russia
Chief Financial Officer
Marina holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration,
professional accounting and acts as the CFO for PBET. She
has occupied executive positions in multiple industries with
high exposure to internationally based operations and
financial consolidations. In addition, she has had to control
remote activities through financial metrics and trend analysis
along with performing efficient auditing. Marina has deep
knowledge in finance, intangible assets and IFRS.
  • Raúl Duque: Panama
Head of International Finance
Raúl is a graduate in business and finance of Universidad de
Chile and began his career in financial institutions in that
country. After six years in the banking industry, he joined
Enjoy SA, the biggest casino operator in Chile and started his
experience in casino finance, operations and auditing. In
2003, he occupied the position of CFO in Crown Casinos
(property of Enjoy SA), an important actor of the growing
casino industry in Panamá. During this entire period, he
developed strong skills in treasury, accounting, budgeting, reporting and forecasts of
business performances. Since 2011, he is the CFO of DEk International.
  • Rita Jimenez
Rita graduated as a Certified Public Accountant at
Universidad de Panamá. In 2004, after acquiring experience
in different areas and industries, she joined Crown Casinos
Panamá in the position of Payroll Supervisor. After 4 years
of experience, she was promoted to Accounting Supervisor.
Since 2011 until now, she is the General Accountant of DEK
International. Rita’s responsibilities include keeping
accurate detailed records, ensuring compliance of all
business units and lending support to all
financial transactions related to the DEK group of companies.
  • Pablo Silva, Uruguay
Operational Director
Pablo holds a degree as a technician in deployment and
infrastructures. He is the operational manager of PBET in
charge of deployment and support. Pablo is process-driven
and maps business processes, operational requirements
and attributes into efficiently designed procedures to serve
as easy guidelines for his team. Customer satisfaction is not
only his prime objective, it is his vocation. He takes extreme
pleasure in successfully transmitting situational scenarios to
team members. Relying on 10+ years of experience in the gaming industry, Pablo knows
how this sector is rapidly changing and his continuous learning desire and attitude is key
to coping with innovations and presenting creative solutions to the executive team.
  • Pablo Rodriguez, Uruguay
Interactive Architect
Pablo has a bachelor’s degree in software development
and Web design. His 10+ years of experience in the gaming
industry has shown him how competitive this environment
can be and the importance of coping quickly with changes
to maintain a leading position. As a self-motivated,
challenge-driven person, he relies a lot on auto-learning
capabilities and specialized courses to keep up to speed
with technological changes. Pablo used such skills to
quickly jump into blockchain technologies and acquire a
quick understanding making him able to work with specialized resources in this area.
Pablo is very versatile when it comes to technology, is at ease with Windows and Linux,
.Net technologies and web technologies, low-level protocols and high-level APIs.
  • Gonzalo Maz: Uruguay
Senior developer – Front-end
Gonzalo has a degree in software development and is a
tech savvy that loves being an early adopter when it
comes to new technologies. Self-motivated while being a
true team-player, he is backed-up by strong knowledge in
front-end software development and enjoys sharing
insights with his colleagues. Since he started high-school,
he loved the knowledge area of marketing and was
always thinking innovation rather than invention. Gonzalo
has 10 years of experience in the gaming sector,
specifically in the casino marketing area where he developed user-friendly applications,
widgets and system-based modules.
  • Aly Santos, Dominican Republic
Sales – Dominican and Caribbean
Aly is a people person that is naturally inclined toward
excellence in servicing. These skills made him a strong
performer in the areas of public relations and he is a trusted
salesman. He has occupied positions in pre-sales and sales
and greatly performed in both areas. He is based in the
Dominican Republic and has occupied sales and service
related positions in the gaming arena with DEK International
since 2001.
  • Raul Solis, Perú
Sales- Peru area
Raul has a solid education background and expertise in the
IT sector, and over 10 years of experience in servicing and
selling gaming products. Having worked for almost 15 years
with enterprise level systems and associated business
  • Miguel Cortez, Mexico
Team leader- Deployments and customer service
Miguel is a system engineer specialized in getting the best
outcome from computational resources performance,
infrastructure security and load balancing as well as high
availability environments. Miguel is customer-oriented and is
naturally driven to exceed expectations and to continuously
bring added-values to customers. He has been in the gaming
industry for more than 10 years and occupied multiple IT
positions both from a gaming machine standpoint and
infrastructure design and optimization. He is process-oriented
and takes initiatives as well as actions such as preventive measures and continuous
improvements. While being meticulously when in problem solving phase he keeps the
focus on overall objectives and achievements. He is highly skilled in supporting others’
weaknesses and promoting their strengths while putting restless efforts to make out of
each team member a top performer.
Advisory Board
  • Vincent Dublois, Canada
Blockchain Development & Investment Strategist
Vincent is a businessman that initiated multiple start-ups over the
previous 15 years. He is naturally inclined toward fintech endeavours
and has been recently focusing on this sector. Vincent is a specialist of
structural optimization and has the knowledge, experience and
practical skills to build strong teams in small companies’ environment
excelling in surpassing roadmap’s milestones and financial outcomes. He managed and
performed hands-on tasks in various areas such as marketing, IT Infrastructure,
e-commerce, financial analysis and human resources management. In 2016, he initiated a
new corporation, North Lion Holding, with its main goal to conceive a fantasy sports
platform. Such platform was achieved in record time, within quality and budget
constraints. Since then, Vincent formally started focusing on blockchain technology and
management of cryptocurrencies’ investment where he excelled. Vincent achieved within
a one year timeframe, through deep research and development, an optimal method and
associated requirements for data mining center to run on low-cost while getting maxed
outcomes. As a matter of fact, his own blockchain data mining center created in 2017, is
today’s world’s best performer when it comes to cost/outcome ratio. This was achieved
by maximizing mining speed, minimizing power consumption, ensuring automated
monitoring and associated alerts as well as streamlining hardware sourcing and costs.
Since then, Vincent acted as an advisor for companies within the blockchain data mining
area and investments’ management of crypto-funds.
  • Lynda Bouchard, B. SC
Legal & compliance Advisor
Linda is a law graduate and has been a member of the Barreau du
Québec for more than 30 years. As a seasoned professional she has
occupied multiple positions within the legal sphere. She has strong
experience and in-depth knowledge of Intellectual Property,
compliance and contractual management. She has been a member of
many Board of Directors, mainly as a special legal advisor. Linda is people-oriented and
has great facility in aligning resources towards shared objectives and vision. With more
than 10 years in executive roles within the gaming industry,
  • Gerald Duhamel, B. SC, Canada
Strategy Advisor- Business Development
Gerald is a successful businessman with more than 30 years of
experience in the gaming industry. He is the founder and owner of
Bluberi Group where he acted as President and CEO from 1994 until
2016, bringing his company from a start-up phase to more than 250
employees. Bluberi is recognized for being fast-growing and is considered to be a
regional success thanks to Gerald’s business acumen and leadership. Gerald is a
visionary and innovative game designer who has created numerous high-earning game
titles and obtained about 20 gaming related patents. He has commercialized products in
over 70 casinos across 8 different States and successfully obtained 78 gaming licenses
throughout the USA. Gerald has excellent negotiation skills and has personally initiated
and signed, between 2008 and 2010, 3 major deals with WMS (today owned by Scientific
Gaming) for a total value of $US 25M. He also initiated and signed 2 asset related
agreements with American Gaming Systems for nearly $ US 30 M.

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