The affordable peer-to-peer (P2P) platform is integrated with blockchain technology

Hello true crypto fans …
On this occasion I will discuss the ICO cryptocurrency project called  Pcore  . This project looks interesting and promising, so we have to discuss it and find out more about what the Pcore is, what its benefits and objectives are, and how to invest in it.
What is Pkore?
Pcore is a discounted P2P (peer to peer) account platform integrated into blockchain technology to combine the transparency, trust, speed and security of the blockchain with registered smart contracts and directly combine invoices and creditor vendors
Pcore seeks to unite modern technology in a niche, but a growing market. As we know, the market conditions are currently experiencing difficult times. Because more and more companies are turning to alternative financing, in addition to banks, they are expected to be able to provide them with a platform where they can exchange accounts faster to receive the required amount. In turn, help them grow, grow and compete with business costs.
Get paid faster using basic software for
billing Pcore team accounts is working on an innovative invoice program, which will change the way businesses pay. Link to the main trading platform. PCC PCC Coins is a convenient payment method. INNOVATATION
What does Pcore provide?
A P2P global P2P invoice
allows companies and investors to trade regardless of their geographical location, eliminating the need for any third party.
High speed and low cost
Eliminating the need for third party companies helps Pcore to maintain low sales and high collection and speed costs. No need to wait long, instant income for business development and instant profits.
Closure and security of Pcore
All invoices uploaded by the invoice seller are listed on the Ethereum blockchain, which eliminates errors and misuse. Companies taken from the coverage of Pcore guarantee the promised funds for this date at the expense of investors.

the problem is

We base our business on real problems in various industries. Thus, Pcore seeks to solve the obstacles and problems facing modern companies when dealing with liquidity and financial uncertainty. In addition, the main problem that violates a number of markets on a regular basis is the limitation of financial and factoring, checking accounts and financial statements that are not transparent / outdated.


We chose XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) as a format for presenting financial data on the platform. This structure represents open international standards for digital business reporting. This is used throughout the world, and companies from more than 50 countries use it in their operations. Millions of XBRL documents are created every year, replacing old paper reports with digital reports that are useful, efficient and more accurate.
ETH will be adopted on crowdsale. To participate in crowdsale, you must have an Ethereum wallet that is directed to the token / crowdsale address. The development team works with security auditors to complete the contract. When they complete the analysis, Pcore will announce the date. Please note that the Crowdsale PCC parameter will be related to the number of blocks, so time will depend on the mining level of Ethereum. The contract will be transferred to the main Ethereum network 3 days before the start of the crowdsale.
ETH, acquired through mass sales, will be used by Pcore to develop and build a Discountchain-based account platform system that uses PCC as an exchange unit.
Untuk saat ini, crowdsale hanya menerima Ethereum cryptocurrency sebagai alat pembayaran. Selain itu, Anda harus menggunakan alamat Ethereum dengan KUNCI PRIVATE di tangan Anda, dan tidak menggunakan alamat Ethereum dari kantor pertukaran seperti Binance, Coinbase, dan lainnya. Untuk berpartisipasi dalam crowdsale, Anda harus memiliki dompet Ethereum yang diarahkan ke alamat token / crowdsale. Tim pengembangan bekerja dengan auditor keamanan untuk menyelesaikan kontrak. Ketika mereka menyelesaikan analisis, Pcore akan mengumumkan tanggalnya. Harap dicatat bahwa parameter Crowdsale PCC akan terkait dengan jumlah blok, sehingga waktu akan tergantung pada tingkat penambangan Ethereum. Kontrak akan ditransfer ke jaringan Ethereum utama 3 hari sebelum dimulainya crowdsale.
Sales results in the form of Ethereum will be used to develop projects and build a platform system to discount accounts based on blockchains using PCC tokens as an exchange unit.
Detail ICO
Token Name: PCORE
Tricker: PCC
Project Type : TOKEN
Project Platform : ERC-20
Limited Country: CHINA, US
Base Token Price: 1PCC = 0.39USD – 1PCC
Obtained: ETHEREUM
Token Total Offer: 52,000,000
tokens reserve: 20,000,000
tokens for sale: 20,000,000
gift tokens : 500,000 tokens reserved for teams: 11,500,000
Soft Cap: 1.000.000 USD
Hard Cap: 5.000.000 USD
Harga ICO 1 PCC Token = 0,39 USD
For the ICO period from   28 April 2019 – 17 March 2019
ICO Period   18 May 2019 – 8 July 2019
Soft Cap  1.000.000 USD
Hard Cap  5.000.000 USD
Total token   offering , 52,000,000 PCC tokens

R oadmap

  1. March – April 2019  – ICO Pre-Prizes
    In our marketing campaign, we have considered the effectiveness and influence of social media makers.
  2. We decided to pay selected social media influencers to the crypto community for their content and for PCC (PCC) promotion.
    – Collaborate with safety auditors to complete ICO contracts
  3. May – June 2019  – ICO
    20 million (PCC) will be offered to investors.
  4. –  ICO sales coin  sold 
    by  PCC sold and ICO  issued to  investors. Further information and updates will be announced via Twitter.
    – Register
  5. July – September 2019  – New office location
    Development of the accounting platform has been completed. Software developers are hired with perfect features and are used for businesses and investors.
  6. – Testing the Pcore Platform
    In this phase, we want to go through the necessary testing and start a number of companies to upload invoices to launch outside the platform.
  7. October 2019  – Start the accounting platform
  8. December 2019 – January 2020  – Starting from the creation of accounting software for China
  9. March 2020  – Start date of core software
  10. April – May 2020  – Starting from market research for pore penetration in China  
    – Integration and core software testing in the Chinese billing market
  11. June 2020  – The marketing campaign for the Pcore platform in China begins
  12. July 2020  – Explore Pasar Baru  
    – Explore New Software Development for Invoices
Pcore team
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