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On this occasion I will discuss an ICO cryptocurrency project called Pcore. This project looks interesting and promising, so we should discuss it and we find out more about what Pcore is, what its benefits and objectives are and how to invest in it.

Okay, let’s just discuss it, now what is Pcore? Pcore itself is a Peer To Peer (P2P) project that is integrated in blockchain technology, with the aim of combining transparency, trust, speed and security of the blockchain with registered smart contracts and directly bringing together seller invoices and lenders.

What is Pkore?

Pcore is a peer-to-peer discount account platform that is integrated into blockchain technology, with the support of the transition, trust, speed and security of blockchain with smart contracts that support and support direct purchase of invoices and creditor vendors

Trying to bring together modern technology in the market, but a growing market. As we discussed, the market is currently having a hard time. Because more companies are turning to alternative financing, besides banks, they are expected to provide a platform where they can exchange accounts faster to get the amount needed. In turn, help them grow, grow and compete with business costs.


Get paid faster using basic devices for

Polish account billing teams are working on innovative invoice programs, which will change the way business payments. Link this to the main trading platform. PCC PCC Coins is a convenient payment method. INNOVATION

What does the Pcore provide?

P2P P2P global invoices
allow companies and Pcore investors to trade regardless of their geographical location, eliminating the need for third parties.

High speed and low cost
Eliminating the need for third party companies helps Pcore maintain high sales and high collection and speed costs. No need to wait long, instant income for business development and instant profits.

Closing Security and Pcore
All invoices uploaded by the invoice seller are listed on the Ethereum blockchain, which eliminates errors and misuse. Companies taken from Pcore coverage guarantee the promised funds for this date at the expense of investors.


We base our business on real-life issues in various industries. Thus, Pangkalan is to overcome the obstacles and problems posed by modern compilation companies dealing with liquidity and financial difficulties. In addition, the main issues relating to the market at regular bases are about finance & accounts receivable, invoice verification, and non-transparent / outdated financial statements.

1. Financial Limits & Factoring

SMEs have limited access to short-term financing (working capital). The banks ask for a significant guarantee and ask for a large. Complications issued by the World Bank. Provided by the World Bank in 2009. This is a large agreement for small and medium-sized companies throughout the world, driving global industry growth by 10% every year. Current estimates show that factoring has a value of US $ 3 trillion in 2018, making it a large enough market to be investigated.

Since the beginning of finance in 2009, factoring in the United States and around the world has grown between 11% and 24% per year, adding more than one trillion euros in annual factoring volume in less than one yield. This industry practically doubled its size, even though the modern era of factoring began only a century ago.

SMEs explain compilation losses dealing with capital markets in terms of credit rationing and financial inequality, due to weak financial strength. Sources of differences in alternative financing sources, such as factoring.

2. Invoice Verification

There are a number of steps needed when verifying the authenticity of the invoice sent. This includes a confirmation of the invoice service that was actually sent requested, an inspection operation that has a direct relationship with the invoice service, and includes the material used to meet the requirements specified where the invoice was made.

With the adoption of an ERP system, the implementation platform for automating all processes involved in the analysis of validity, makes checkpoints that users must take when verifying the authenticity of potential partners. The history of invoices sent by the company to the public about automatically to validity and related related.

In modern business, automatic checks are completed with constant automatic checks. In addition, records can be falsified, further seen by investors to uncover the rotten compilation game that occurred. Because there is no real incentive for companies to disclose their finances, the community also exists.

3. Non-Transparent and Old Financial Reports

Problems with financial statements that are not transparent may be as old as the business itself. There are a number of reasons companies ask for actual results, most compilation of invoices is questionable. Business plans and financial reports, in general, and company financial plans now and in the past. However, by playing key data or even manipulating their presentations, companies that discuss this issue are placed in a good position, while the actual discussion is very different.

Although the government really enforces IFRS and GAAP-based financial regulations, many companies continue to look for ways to bypass them. The IFRS model represents a step forward in investigating bribery and illegal activities. However, it cannot explain all possible places where there is no question, especially the compilation of SMEs involved. The need for invoices has increased in recent years, with businesses emerging in the SME sector. However, still asking for approval and asking for the accurate.


As a format for presenting financial data on the platform, we chose XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language). Digital is an international standard that is open to digital business. This is used throughout the world, with companies from more than 50 countries needed in their operations. Millions of XBRL documents are created every year, producing longer paper-based reports with digital reports that are useful, effective and more accurate.

Next about the benefits and objectives of the Pcore project, Pcore itself aims to combine current technology into a niche but a growing market. Because more and more businesses are turning to alternative funding other than banks, they are expected to be able to provide them with a platform that they can exchange their invoices in a faster way to get the right amount. The benefits in return help them grow, grow and follow business costs.

Pcore allows businesses and investors to trade regardless of their geographical location, eliminating the need for any third party. Through Pcore, it can also eliminate the need for third parties to help Pcore keep the cost of selling and buying invoices low and high speed. No need to wait longer, instant income to grow a business and instant profits. And all invoices uploaded by the invoice seller are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain which eliminates errors and misuse. Businesses taken from the Pcore cover will guarantee the funds promised at that date due to investors.

Project name: PCORE
Symbol: PCC
Category: Platform factors Factors
Platform tokens : Erc20
Limited countries: China and AS
PCC Basic Tokens Price: 0.39 USD per 1 PCC
Payment: Ethereum
Total shipping tokens: 52 million pcs.
Backup token: 20 million pieces of tokens
sold: 20 million pieces of
tokens. Prizes: 500 thousand pieces.
Tokens are reserved for the Team: 11 million pieces.
Soft Cap: $ 1 million.
Hard Cap: $ 5 million.

R oadmap

  1. March – April 2019     – ICO Pre-Prize
  2. In our marketing campaign, we have considered the effectiveness and influence of social media makers.
  3. We decided to pay selected social media influencers to the crypto community for their content and for PCC (PCC) promotion.
  4. – Collaborate with safety auditors to complete ICO contracts
  5. May – June 2019     – ICO
  6. 20 million (PCC) will be offered to investors.
  7. – ICO sales coins     sold
  8. by     PCC sold and ICO     issued to     investors. Further information and updates will be announced via Twitter.
  9. – Register
  10. July – September 2019     – New office location
  11. The development of the accounting platform has been completed. Software developers are hired with perfect features and are used for businesses and investors.
  12. – Test the Pcore Platform
  13. In this phase, we want to go through the necessary testing and start a number of companies to upload invoices that will be launched outside the platform.
  14. October 2019     – Start the accounting platform
  15. December 2019 – January 2020     – Starting from making accounting software for China
  16. March 2020     – Start date for core software
  17. April – May 2020     – Starting from market research for pore penetration in China   
  18. – Integration and core software testing in the Chinese billing market
  19. June 2020     – The marketing campaign for the Pcore platform in China begins
  20. July 2020     – Explore Pasar Baru   
  21. – Explore New Software Development for Invoices
For more information, please visit the following link: 
Website:     http://www.pcore.co/
White Paper:    http://www.pcore.co/whitepaper
by ; Ninejera
link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2579434

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