PEOPLES TOKEN : for the people, by the people.

Dear reader, Just as my usual practice of bringing valuable and profitable information across your way, let me quickly give you information about this great innovation known as “PEOPLE’S TOKEN”. Please sit down and relax your nerves as you read. Also, I encourage you not only to read, but also to take an important step as part of this great innovation.


Peoples token is an ERC20 utility token developed for the people and
run by the people. It is a decentralized and transparent token thoroughly
driven by the token community. 7.2 million tokens are available for purchase in
the tokensale for people joining the peoples token community. All unsold
tokens after token sale will be burned. Peoples token is not mineable and is
fixed in number. No tokens will ever be generated later on.
Technical Specifications:
Peoples Token
Symbol – PPL
Decimal – 4
Total supply – 8000000 (8 million)
Contract address – 0xe85B4c53B72c1ddF2D522963ac4596E2A5c8ea37

Peoples token aims to create a fully community driven and
decentralized token free of present day flaws seen in most token ICO and
development. A lot of token ICO fails to fulfil and reach their goals as
promised by the team. ICOs these days are mostly targeted and aimed for
product commercialization and marketing purposes. Most ICOs pay for ratings
and reviews given to them by various websites. Also, in most ICOs only a part
of token is available for purchase for the people and tokens are held by the
team / developer along with the crowdsale fund collected from sale of the
token. This creates a majority control of developer and the team and minority
role of people taking part in the crowdsale and token community with no
decentralization of the token.
PPL token aims to form a decentralized collaborative community that
thrives together with the token and ascertain the development of various
projects that uses “PPL token”. The community will be managed by equal
participation of all PPL token holders and will strive forward for multiple project
developments open for all community members. Such project developments in
the interest of the community are open for development to any / all
participants. Project development funds will be provided from tokensale
collected funds. Any number of community members can form a group and
discuss their project in the forum and avail the community funds through
voting. Such a group can utilize the funds for project development. Projects
will utilize Peoples Token (PPL) and help in token liquidity and community
token holders to be a part of the project and its services.


The PPL Token community forum aims to bring together all people
holding the token and participate in the decentralized development of various
projects based on the token. The community forum will be a core platform for
the following events –

 Discussion on various proposed projects by community
 Project approval through polling and funding of the new projects.
 News and announcements.
 Market trends, trending crypto issues and other topics.
The community forum will be used to organize polls on the funding of
various new projects. These projects and ideas can be proposed by
developers that must utilize peoples token as a mainstream resource. Projects
can be suggested openly by community members and also be reviewed by
the members. Each member holding PPL token will have a right in the
community to vote. Members can express their views and suggestions
regarding the proposed project in the forum.
The community forum will consist of various categories. Guidelines and
rules for various categories and their enlisted threads will be published in our
PPL token community. For updates, there will be a dedicated announcement
category where projects selected for voting and community discussion will be
published. Forum rules will be available and will be updated as the community
grows with time. The community forum will be the platform where all members
can meet each other and discuss future projects.


After the development of community forum, each member who has
bought PPL Token in the ICO sale will be eligible for voting rights and be part
of the core community members.
Each ethereum address taking part in the token sale will have one vote
count. Only those ethereum addresses used in the crowdsale to buy PPL
token will be given voting rights and profiles associated with those addresses
will be part of the core community forum members. Profiles will be verified in
the community forum and a list of profiles constituting the core community
members will be available. Each profile can have only one ethereum address
associated with it for voting.


PPL token ecosystem illustrates the movement of PPL token and token liquidity maintaining price stability and token distribution.

The flowchart depicts the movement of PPL tokens among token investors/holders, exchanges and community developed products/services.

PPL token ecosystem is the main framework for token liquidity which will maintain token circulation, token liquidity and a stable price of token regulated by community members/holders.

PPL token ecosystem will be sustained by the community forum members and developers through their collaborative work towards project development which will be supported by community project fund through voting.


   Q1 2018

Establishment of PPL Community concept

  Q3 2018

Crowdsale and Exchange Listings

  Q4 2018

Peoples Token Community Forum
Q1 2019
PPL community project funding and PPL wallet

  Q2 2019

Community project deployment and promotion, PPL internal exchange 

  • The roadmap details the timeline of events to be carried out till Q2 2019. As more projects will be developed and deployed by the community, the timeline will be updated further on. Community based voting for fund allocation to various projects will be updated to the timeline accordingly.


Name                                                           Peoples Token

Symbol                                                        PPL

Platform                                                      Ethereum (ERC 20)

Price in USD                                               1 PPL = 1 $

Contribution Method                                ETH

Soft Cap (in USD)                                       1800000 (1.8 million)

Hard Cap (in USD)                                     7200000 (7.2 million)

Min. Contribution (ETH)                         0.1 ETH

Max. Contribution                                     100 ETH

Max. Crowdsale (Token)                           7200000 (7.2 million)

Max. Total Supply                                     8000000 (8 million)

  • No PPL token(s) will be held by any team member.

  • No pre-sale or private sale of any PPL token(s) has/will be done.

  • All unsold PPL token(s) after crowdsale will be burned.



PPL Token crowdsale fund will be used to empower a new way of  developing services and products by any community developer. The fund collected from crowdsale will be distributed in the following manner:

  • 40% of the token crowdsale fund will be reserved for funding new projects which will be open for all community members and developers. Anyone can pitch in their project ideas and products to obtain funding based on community voting by members taking part in the tokensale. This will give an opportunity to explore the mass of developers who already have their ideas and plans but lack basic funds for a startup. Projects will have to incorporate the use of PPL Token as a mainstream utility token in it to ensure access by all PPL Community members. Fund allocation will be dependent on community voting. 

  • 11% will be reserved for development of PPL wallet which will also support other erc – 20 tokens and coins. We plan to include an internal exchanger which will be open for development by community members/participants.

  • 10% of the tokensale fund is reserved for exchange listings.

  • 8% has been reserved for PPL Forum Development. This forum will be the main platform where all PPL Token community members/participants will meet and discuss regarding various projects, news, and other issues of cryptocurrency. Community voting will be a core part of the forum essential for funding and development of new projects empowering the community and use of PPL Token.

  • 13% fund is reserved for developers and 6% for advisory team who have constantly contibuted towards the idea behind the project and is working forward for the community development and community forum.

  • 9% of the funds have been reserved for promoting deployed projects and platforms.

  • 3% fund has been reserved for miscellaneous expenses. (eg. – crowdsale token distribution network fees)


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