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“Parsona” comes with a new idea
Concept of extracting details of customer habits for a better service is of great importance for the growth of a service provider. Many traditional methods to extract details of customers are in existence even at this time. But due to the less efficiency and high work-force, the fruitfulness of those systems are questionable. So it will be true if we conclude that if a proper system with a significantly higher efficiency comes into effect to extract consumer habits of customers, the system will be able to spread all across the globe in a minimal period of time.
“Parsona” has given birth to a completely new level of fulfilling this need by providing a solution by means of the “Blockchain” technology. The unique characteristics possessed in this technology has enabled “Parsona” to diminish the short-comings that existed in previous attempts to extract consumer habits of customers.
Since recent times, there has been many events reporting that data of one server has leaked to a third unknown party. For example, in 2017, Equifax, a large consumer credit reporting agency in the US was hacked, and over 143 million social security numbers were compromised. This is only one example of such an event. But there are many events where private data has ended up in hands of hackers.
Block-chain, the solution provider
After the rise of bit-coin which is thought to be initiated by “Satoshi Nakamoto” and the crew, a currency of a new dimension and a whole new level of technology was born. The uniqueness of this concept is the block-chain technology which gave solutions to many of the existing issues of the technological era. Aspects such as decentralization and extremely high security are the prominent features that has been exploited by the “parsona” project. The technology is developed in such a way that virtually, penetration through the block-chain to access data without authorization is impossible.
“Parsona” is working to develop a product which will be a safe mean to keep, share and
Process data. This will enable each individual to take control over the data shared among the third parties, which of course will make this technology more convenient for the users and their privacy.
After the influence of “Parsona” on the current system, the population will be benefited in numerous ways.
Although details are exposed to a second party by an individual, the data submitted may not be exposed to a third party without prior permission from the specific individual. And of course the fake news will not be distributed within the network due to the identity provided to each individual.
Know Your Customer
The KYC concept of “Parsona” is comprised of two levels for an efficient verification. One is depending upon peer verification. There is a unique marking scheme presented by “parsona” on evaluating verifications provided by peers. Weight will be put upon the verifiers depending on experience and previous verifications of the new entrees to the community. Anyway the percentage of verification by peers will be limited to 90%. The rest of the 10% of verification will be provided by a professional verification process. The 10% verification may be facilitated by providing necessary documents such as utility bills or ID cards. A detailed description on the verification is provided in the white paper provided by the “Parsona” group. A link for that is attached herewith.
By analysis of the system, it could be understood that the KYC would be efficient and accurate. Due to less consumption of time, the demand is expected to rise with time.
Influence of “Parsona”
Many fields are expected to gain benefits from a concept such as “Parsona”. Which was in need for a longer period of time. Mainly this will be effective in retail service and good providing vendors. But other than that there are many other.
In situations where any type of payments are made or any transaction occurs, the proof of identity can be obtained from “Parsona”. This will even be useful in crypto exchanges where identity cannot be found at all in present times.
And also with expansion of social media, it is observed that expansion of fake news and details throughout the cyber space. This is mainly by hiding the true identity. While the identity cannot be explored by modern technologies, this has become unstoppable. But if “Parsona” comes to control, the identity will no longer be hidden for such intensions.
And also this can be used for public institutions and academic places.
“Parsona” , an opportunity to never be missed
The progress of the project is already at a very high position. It can be said that it is even surpassing the expected progress. Since it will be useful in crucial areas of the modern system, it will be embraced surely
And there lies a great opportunity for anyone to be a part of this massive project by contributing to the startup fund. Even at the moment, there is a great demand for the Initial Coin Offering.
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