PERSONA – Make it easy for us to Create Identity Online
Persona uses ARCH blockchain technology and other state-of-the-art technologies to offer secure and complete identity solutions.
This product is in line with GDPR requirements and provides a secure means of storing, sharing, and processing data.
Persona is designed as a decentralized app without a single point of failure, storing all encrypted records Individuals have control over the granularity of the details they want to share, with whom they share it and for how long.
With the launch of Bitcoin at the end of 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto offered a glimpse of the technology underlying his network’s decentralization, blockchain.
What is Persona
Persona is a service to manage all your identity with the latest data protection which also can give the individual to gain control over their own personal data. By using persona, individuals need only a short time to update the data and so the service provider can also access their customer data with the latest version.
Destination Persona
There are several important points that underlie the main purpose of this persona project is established. For more details here are some key points of persona.
1. Utilize individual identity management services using blockchain technology
2. Protecting individual personal data. Often encountered that individuals often provide details of their personal data to various entities but they have no control over the data they have shared. However, persona can place individuals as drivers from their own data so they can control or gain access from their data.
3. Gives power to what and to whom their identity and personal details.
4. Allow third parties who have already been entrusted with personal details to enrich their services.
5. Prevent false news. By providing a decentralized identity management system, the persona can provide confidence with whatever content we need with the advantage that we can track the news directly to the source.
6. Streamlining onboarding because some entities have been registered into the system and the entity is already in check first.
Security and Data Security
Persona is very safe to use because considering the fact there are two layered components. When registering, the physical presence of individuals becomes a prerequisite for sharing their data with the company. And the security personasendiri divided into three segments namely
1. Blockchain and IPFS. Using web apps and mobile apps
2. PIN-based login. Can use fingerprint scanning
3. 2FA Authentication. Once the data is stored, it will be secured directly with the cryptographic algorithm from blockchain.
Persona Token
Persona itself has a token with a PRS symbol which is a token utility used by the platform.
Token Name: Charm
Symbol: PRS
Total Supply: 100,000,000 PRS
ICO price: $ 0.2
Details of Persona Token Suplay
– A total of 70,000,000 PRS will be allocated to TGE
– A total of 15,000,000 PRS will be allocated to the team and founder
– 12.00.000 PRS will be allocated for startup
– 1,000,000 PRS will be allocated to advisers
– 2,000,000 PRS will be allocated to bounty program
Persona Sale Token
Sales of persona tokens are divided into four parts, namely private sale, then proceed with public sale I, public sale II, and public sale III new after it will be held distribution token.
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