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Introducing to you a Platform that will handle your data safely and also quickly using technology systems from Blockchain that are popular today. Because we realize that personal data is not well managed right now, it is evident from the many cases of hacking data from companies so that it leaks to the public, and this is a serious problem that can not be ignored, because it concerns the interests of the public. So We intend to create a Platform that will handle your Data well and also more secure with the support of Blockchain technology that has proven the level of security.
The Persona Platform is a solution to personal data management issues that will align with the latest data protection rules. Providing an access to you to manage data privately, allowing you to manage privacy regarding the data you have. With this Platform, other service providers can save time to update your personal data, they can access to your latest data quickly, so they save more time in terms of data management from customers, of course you can also set any Platform who can access your data on the Persona Platform. You also will not be troubled by filling in information on the services you use, because It’s like a log in for all the websites you’ve used.
The main goals of Persona are:
  • To leverage the identity of management services for individuals
    based on what blockchain technology can offer.
  • To protect individual personal details. While it is clear that
    individuals need to provide details to various entities, they
    have no control over it afterwards to share. Persona puts people back into the driver’s seat.
  • Empower each person and to give them power on what it shares and with whom when it comes about their personal identity and details.
  • Allowing trusted third parties who with personal details enrich their services by offering trust as a
  • To prevent false news, by providing a decentralized identity management system, Persona will provide the level of trust we all need when we rely on news Based on the public Persona profile of any content creator, we can trace the news to the source.
  • To streamline the onboarding process since someone may have been checked by some of the listed entity entities in the system
The main points offered by blockchain technology:
  1. Replace the middleman: There is no need for a trustworthy side, which can be and is trusted by both parties involved in the transaction.
  2. Decentralization: there is no single point of failure, when attacking the
    network is almost impossible.
  3. Immutability: notes written in blockchain exist forever,
    can not be changed
Persona utilizes the blockchain feature, enabling companies to offer KYC services to third parties and benefit from their respective services. Verification The process has two levels: Community and Professional KYC.
Security and Data Security
Persona is very safe to use because considering the fact there are two layered components. When registering, the physical presence of individuals becomes a prerequisite for sharing their data with the company. And the security personasendiri divided into three segments namely

1.  Blockchain and IPFS. Using web apps and mobile apps
2.  PIN-based login. Can use fingerprint scanning
3.  2FA Authentication. Once the data is stored, it will be secured directly with the cryptographic   algorithm from blockchain.

Strong points of blockchain

– Replace the middleman.
– Decentralization.
– Immutability.

The Persona Blockchain has the following characteristics:
– DPOS blockchain with 51 delegates forked out of the Ark ( blockchain.
– The blockchain will be public and will feature interoperability with other blockchains through Smart Bridges.
– Persona will integrate natively, at a blockchain level, an IPFS-like solution for sharing documents and files between users.

Token Design

The PRS token is an utility token that is used by the platform in order to issue verifications. For each verification PRS tokens are used. The tokens circulate in the environment and they will be forged through a DPoS system with 51 delegates, similar to Ark. When verifications take place and the initiator is a private partner, they will pay PRS tokens for the verification. The verification price will differ based on the complexity of the verification.

Persona Startup Fund

In order to speed-up the adoption of the Persona blockchain, 12% of the PRS tokens issued in the genesis block are stored for the funding of startups. The fund consists of 12,000,000 PRS, that will help a minimum 10 startups to create their product using the Persona Identity Blockchain.The funding of these start-ups is managed directly by the token holders. The community will be informed of initiatives needing funding and the members will be asked to have their say in the choice of startups.


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